2015 Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk opens tomorrow

2015 Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk opens tomorrow

Vitebsk plunges into the atmosphere of the Slavic Bazaar festival. The opening of the art forum will be held in a day. The city is already expecting the grand show.

Star guests began to arrive in the festival's capital. It is expected that no less than 4 thousand people will come to the festival. In 2015, they will represent 42 nations.

Pirates from the Atlantic landed in Vitebsk. Olga and her son Radomir from England are trying to show that "Slavic Bazaar" is not just a festival, but a state of mind.

Olga Goodwin-Klepik, tourist (UK):
Greetings from English pirates! We came here to the "Slavic Bazaar" for fun. Once I myself participated, so my emotions are special. Memories... you know...Everything is changing, and changing for the better.

The Englishwoman with Belarusian roots danced on the stage of the Summer Amphitheatre several times. More recently, she has been helping other artists.

Vitebsk authorities had to install additional flagpoles since this is the first time so many singers have arrived in Vitebsk.

Yanina Shibanova, registration specialist of the International Art Festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk":
We are already hosting the festival program. These are concerts, performances, exhibition projects, and an interesting film program, which will be shown in cinemas. I see a lot of visitors and participants of the "Slavonic Bazaar".

We have accredited 1.5 thousand people to date, and all in all we expect more than 4 thousand. They come to be accredited in a very good mood. We are happy to see them all! Today, for example, [artists] Oleshko and Gaft came. Yesterday we welcomed [singer] Grigory Leps. Everybody is happy.

Alexander Oleshko, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, showman:
There are a lot of colorful costumes. With flowers, of course. Because Slavic Bazaar is like a fair. Like a patchwork quilt with a lot of talented people. Everyone represents his or her own color. There are plenty of things to do. So all my childhood dreams have come true!

Sergey Bezrukov, Russian actor, was not that emotional. Though he admitted that he admires the city of Marc Chagall.

Sergei Bezrukov, People's Artist of Russia:
I have visited the Chagall museum. The organizers said it is closed but I just went there on foot and it turned out that today is the birthday of Chagall. And today everything that is connected with Chagall is open.

The opening ceremony of Slavonic Bazaar in Vitebsk will take place tomorrow on July 9.