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Princess de Bourbon brings gastronomic campaign to Belarus
Princess de Bourbon brings gastronomic campaign to Belarus Great news for gourmands! A gastronomic campaign in the traditions of the family de Bourbon will be held in Belarus from December 13 till January 10 in Minsk. French Princess Tania de Bourbon has come to Belarus to share the recipes of the most loved dishes of her family. Belarusian chefs Oleg Kovalenko (Bistro de Luxe) and Kirill Polukeyev (Kronon Park Hotel) have prepared a Christmas menu for a festive dinner under the tactful guidance of the Princess.


Minsk shops and cafes working hours during New Year Eve
Minsk shops and cafes working hours during New Year Eve One of the most important celebrations of the year everyone is expecting is coming very soon. New Year is the time when family and friends gather at one table, enjoy their festive meals and simply have a great time together. But what if this time you are planning to meet New Year somewhere out? How will the restaurants and cafes be working in Minsk?


Belarusian Cuisine Week starts in Minsk
Belarusian Cuisine Week starts in Minsk The Week of Belarusian Cuisine will start in Minsk restaurants and cafes today on June 27. This time it is being held on the eve of Independence Day. About 100 cafes and restaurants promise one menu and prices for snacks, dumplings and traditional drinks. Cucumber holodnik (Russian Cold Soup) is expected to be especially popular these days. The traditional Belarusian dish satisfies not only hunger but also thirst.


International fast food brands coming to Belarus Minsk expects the emergence of large fast food chains, including global brands, which means serious competition for the existing market players. A significant reduction in the cost of renting premises should promote the development of public catering facilities. Experts forecast changes in the restaurant business in Minsk in the next two years: small cafes and restaurants with weak brands will be replaced by well-known fast food chains.


Belarus President warns Minsk mayor against price hikes ahead of Christmas Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko supported the idea to establish a municipal trade network in Minsk during the meeting with Minsk mayor Andrei Shorets. Mr President also asked the recently appointed mayor to make sure that prices don’t go up in stores in the run-up to New Year, one of the main public holidays in Belarus [December 31 - January 1].