Belarusian New Year's wizards

Belarusian New Year's wizards

Every country has its own New Year's wizards.

But Belarusians forgot authentic Ded Zimnik.

Anastasia Dekhtyar, New Year commentator:
You need to go eight miles along the forest and swamps on a horse sleigh to get to the real Ded Moroz, who is hiding in the deep.

You can still meet ‘guerrillas’ in the Ivatsevichi district. There, in the forests, they are already celebrating New Year.

Khovanshchina is a unique memorial complex of partisan glory. A headquarters of the people's resistance and underground newspaper Zarya was located here in 1943-1944.

Raisa Gorbach, head of the Ivatsevichi Historical and Cultural Museum:
Beads were made from German leaflets, painted with green antiseptic and beet juice. Students of flattering school made the airplanes. This is the decoration out of the shot lenses.

The commander of the platoon, who is also the head of the cultural department, is trying to give joy to the ‘guerilla’ children.

A festive menu of traditional Belarusian dishes is on the New Year's table.

Raisa Gorbach:
We dried berries, gathered honey specially for the New Year.

But the most important surprise is the guerrilla gingerbread prepared according to military recipes.

Raisa Gorbach:
Those who received this gingerbread said they have never eaten such tasty delicacy.

Guerrilla Ded Moroz:
Not everyone knows that there is guerrilla Ded Moroz. We will tell people that he really exists.

Belarusian authentic Ded Zimnik (Eng: Winter Santa) is out of work now. But even at home Nikolai remains a cheerful person.

Teacher Marina, unlike her husband, is not a public person.

Marina Zavadskaya, wife of Ded Zimnik:
We are proud of Nikolai.

Nikolai became Ded Zimnik at 20.

Nikolay Zavadsky, Ded Zimnik:
I have been the main Ded Zimnik of the Ivye district since 1989.

Ded Zimnik is the oldest legend. According to legends, he is 587 years old. But Baba Zavirukha is 200-300 years younger than him.

Baba Zavirukha:
Work is a holiday for me!

Ded Zimnik:
We made a performance last year, and one child did not receive a gift. I already changed clothes and was going home, but the child was sitting and crying. I put my costume back, called the boy and he recited me a poem. I gave him a gift - my magic phone. And asked him to call me on New Year's Eve.

Belarusian Ded Moroz from Belovezhskaya Pushcha became the leader in the rating of competitors from the CIS.

Ded Moroz from Belovezhskaya Pushcha is a fan of BATE football club and Dynamo Minsk ice hockey club.

Ded Moroz:
All Belarusians love sports. And I convince children to spend their spare time in fresh air.   

Most of all, Ded Moroz likes to collect bells from around the world. Also he likes to travel and often visits international colleagues.

Ded Moroz:
You should drink a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. You'll see how much energy you have in a month. Also you should eat oatmeal and Belarusian honey - it is very healthy.

New Year's wizards are very busy at the end of the year and each of them wishes a happy New Year!

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