Sign language to be used at Eurovision 2015 for first time

Sign language to be used at Eurovision 2015 for first time

The organizers of the music contest Eurovision 2015 translated into sign language all the 40 participants' songs. Also in the course of the broadcast, all performances and dialogues of TV presenters will be translated into sign language.

Eurovision organizers: 
Music is the language that should be available to all, including people with disabilities. This fits in with our concept of "building bridges".

Building Bridges is the motto of the song contest this year. 

However, the additional broadcast in sign language is not available in Russia, as well as in most of the countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Only TV channels in Finland, Germany, Latvia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Slovenia have joined the innovation.

Sign language interpreters who worked on the project said that it took from 6 to 10 hours to translate each song. However, they did not stick to the original lyrics but focused on the actual experience of music.

Sign language interpreters working on the project:
First, we translated French lyrics in German, then in the Austrian sign language and only then into the international sign language.  

In March this year, sign language interpreter from Sweden Tommy Krångh became a star of the Internet after translating songs of the Swedish Eurovision national selection into the sign language.

He added dancing to sign language translation. The recording suddenly spread over social networks . Tommy's video collected a few million watches. Krångh now has thousands of fans around the world.

Måns Zelmerlöw at the opening of Eurovision 2015

Incidentally, the representative of Sweden at Eurovision 2015 is the most likely winner, according to bookmakers. 

The first semi-final will be held on Tuesday, on May 19. The second one will be held on May 21. And on Saturday, the whole world will be watching the grand finale, after which the current "Queen of Austria" Conchita Wurst will hand over the "Crystal Microphone" to Eurovision 2015 winner.