Uzari and Maimuna: We devote our Eurovision song to such courageous people as Andy Taranik

Uzari and Maimuna: We devote our Eurovision song to such courageous people as Andy Taranik

Uzari and Maimuna: We devote our performance and our song “Time” to Andy Taranik and such courageous people as he is

Time can save and heal, but sometimes it literally breaks a person’s life. Belarus’ Eurovision representative Uzari said this in December. He still doesn’t go back from his words. Nevertheless, during the preparation for the contest, Uzari and Maimuna decided to devote their song Time to people who continue to fight despite anything.

After the first rehearsal, Uzari and Maimuna emphasized that the idea of the Eurovision performance is not a P- trick, but appeal to a real problem. If you have a possibility to talk about important things to the whole world from the Eurovision stage, then you have to do it.

Our song is about people, who fight for their lives. It’s devoted to those people whose time is limited.

At first we have had an absolutely different idea for the performance, but everything changed after we met Andy Taranik. He is a young man, who lives in Minsk, Belarus, and he has cancer. However, he is fighting against it successfully. For his courage and desire to live, we did change our performance. We would like to devote our song “Time” to Andy Taranik and such courageous people.

During the performance, the stage is black and white. Maimuna wears a gorgeous white dress. It is decorated with an ornament, which is represented on all the promo-products of the Belarusian team. The ornament depicts the capital letters of the singer’s and the violinist’s names. Gentle and harmonious, Maimuna is holding the violin in her hands.

Uzari is dressed more conservatively. This style never goes out of fashion. The performance will be very laconic and emotional at the same time. It doesn’t include any dance elements or special effects.

As many as 40 countries take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. It’s a record. There are songs about love, faithfulness and sense of live. But that is not surprising since the contest always boasts a lot of lyric songs.

Besides Belarusians, Romanians’ performance is also connected with social themes.

Song of the rock-band “Voltaj” is about hard destinies of children whose parents went abroad to find a job.

 “Voltaj” band (Romania):
Our song is called “All over again”, but it is even more than just a song, it’s a manifesto. There are a lot of dramatic cases in Romania when children suffer. Lack of love and attention affects them badly, though they receive presents from their parents. The world should know that Romanians are not idlers and thieves, most of us are hardworking, honest and self-sacrificing people. It is necessary to respect them, not discriminate. Our goal is to let the whole Europe know about our campaign “All over again”.

Sweden representative Måns Zelmerlöw is the main favorite for the victory, according to handbook men. He will present a song named “Heroes”. The topic of the song is that everyone can become a hero and make the world better.

Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden):
In this song I tell people that we all can be heroes and improve the world around us. We should serve as examples for our children. When I was 11-12 years old I had problems with finding friends. My performance shows how a lonely child tries to adjust and finally he manages to do it and gets back all his friends, just like me.

Polina Gagarina represents Russia this year. Her song is called “A Million Voices”. Gagarina calls her song a rock-ballade about world peace.

The singer is sure that this “kind, vivid, symbolic song” will win hearts of many people.

Polina Gagarina (Russia):
This is a peaceful song, it’s for all people – for children, the aged, the pregnant.

According to bookies, “PKN” band from Finland is among the top five. The musicians of this band have different mental development disorders, such as cerebral palsy (Pertty), Down’s syndrome (Samy and Tony), autism and learning disability.

Their song "Aina mun pitää" tells us about the man who can’t enjoy his life because of established rules and standards.

“PKN” band (Finland):
Our band includes four mentally challenged middle-aged men. Our music is Finnish punk. We are not going to change ourselves, we just want to be the way we are. However, we don’t want people to vote for us out of pity, we are not so different, as other people. We are ordinary guys, even though we are mentally challenged.

“PKN” musicians are sure that participation in the Eurovision Song Contest will help to attract attention of the whole world to the problem of people with Down’s syndrome and autism, and will help to support new social programs for people with mental development disorders, who continue doing arts despite anything.

“Eurovision 2015 will take place in Vienna. As many as 16 countries will perform in the first semifinal on 19 May and 17 countries in the second one on 21 May. The ”Great Five”(Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Great Britain and Austria as a last year winner) get automatically into the final, which will be hold on 23 May. Australia also gets to the final, as it takes part in the Eurovision Contest for the first time.