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Motorcycle season opens in Minsk with large-scale biker rally
Motorcycle season opens in Minsk with large-scale biker rally About 1,500 bikers from Belarus, Russia, the Baltic and Western European countries gathered in Minsk April 23. This is not the first time a motorcycle rally has been held in the Belarus capital. Bikers love Belarus and continue to come here! Maxim Slizh reports. Tasya has been driving a motorcycle for more than 20 years. She began driving experience from the Soviet JAWA motorcycle. Today her iron friend is much more powerful. But the basic principle remains the same, she says.


How Stalin’s stay in Minsk changed city’s fate
How Stalin’s stay in Minsk changed city’s fate These are shots of German newsreels from August 1941. Adolf Hitler is flying over occupied Minsk. He is looking towards the Government House and campus buildings from the window of his plane. In four years, the same region faced another protagonist of World War II who stayed in Minsk. It was Joseph Stalin. The head of the Soviet Union rarely left the country, but it was a special case then.


Nesvizh Castle claims Europa Nostra 2016 award
Nesvizh Castle claims Europa Nostra 2016 accolade Nesvizh Castle has won a high award. The national historical and cultural museum-reserve was awarded the prize Europa Nostra 2016. This is a pan-European federation of organizations working in the field of cultural heritage. The jury was impressed by the monumental work done in just a few months. The project to create the museum included the beautification of 30 halls and stock storing 20,000 items.


Road through reeds: Nature trail appears in Minsk's center
Road through reeds: Nature trail appears in Minsk's center A road through reeds. An ecological trail has appeared in the center of Minsk. A small bridge connecting the Loshitsky Park and the neighborhood Serebryanka has been decorated with natural materials. It is noteworthy that it was ordinary Minsk residents who came up with an idea to frame the structure with tall reeds. Several young people have turned the bridge into an art installation within a short time.  The guys say the initiative did not cost a lot of money. They needed only reeds and ropes for the modest but really spectacular decoration.


Safari park to appear near Belarus' Naroch Lake
Safari park to appear near Belarus' Naroch Lake The population of red deer is being revived in the Minsk region. As many as 45 adult deer were brought to the national park Narochansky almost 2 years ago. The animals seem to have loved the local natural environment and this year, young deer appeared in the park.  During the winter, the fawns matured and now can come to the feeder without parents. The deer have already become accustomed to park staff but when guests come, the animals are still on alert. 
Belarus may cancel visa fees for tourists coming to festivals
Belarus may cancel visa fees for tourists coming to festivals Belarus plans to introduce free visas for tourists who come to festivals, said Alexander Shamko, Minister of Sport and Tourism, at the opening of the international fair of tourist services Holiday 2016 in Minsk. Belarus has already introduced a similar practice for participants of sporting events. They can get a Belarusian visa free of charge in 5-7 minutes at the airport.
Best street art works of Belarus
Best street art works of Belarus Belarusian street art has a worthy place on a global scale. Our artists are well-known overseas; foreign graffitists enjoy their participation in street art contests that are held in our country.


Andrei Kobyakov, Belarus Premier
Belarus seeking for better motorway services The development of roadside service in Belarus was the main topic of the April 12 meeting of the government. The geographical position of the country, located at the intersection of international traffic routes, requires Belarus to adhere to high standards in the service sector, be it hotels, eateries or gas stations. The transport ministry faces the task of creating comfortable roadside services.


Russians name Belarus the most friendly country - poll
Russians name Belarus the most friendly country - poll Russians have named the most friendly countries in an opinion poll. Belarus tops the list, with China and Kazakhstan following.  The three leaders have not changed for 2 years.  Other nations in Russians' friends list include India, Cuba, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, Germany, Iran, Israel, France and Italy.


Minsk’s Church of Saint Roch: interesting facts
Minsk’s Church of Saint Roch: interesting facts Did you know that there is an ”invisible” church in Minsk? It is Church of Holy Trinity, or Church of Saint Roch, situated at 44a Independence Avenue. Today, the sacred place is hidden in the courtyard of the Palace of Arts, located on Kozlova Street, and the metropolitan newspaper editorial office, located on Independence Avenue.


Minsk in vicinity of Kirov Plant: history and architects’ plans
Minsk in vicinity of Kirov Plant: history and architects’ plans At first, the famous Kosharskaya square was situated in the vicinity of Minsk’s Pervomayskaya Street and Krasnoarmeyskaya Street (earlier Skobelevskaya and Okolnaya, respectively). Its name derives from the Polish word ‘koszary’, which means ‘barracks’. It was a kind of a military town. The entire necessary infrastructure was located there, including a small smithy. Later, in 1881, that smithy turned into the future Kirov plant.
Minsk police: History of Main Internal Affairs Directorate of Minsk City Executive Committee
Minsk police history March 4 is a memorable date in the history of Belarusian police. In 2017, law enforcement officers will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the service.


Belarus wants to make Augustow Canal visa-free
Belarus wants to make Augustow Canal visa-free Belarus may introduce visa-free regime on Augustow Canal. The relevant document is already under consideration by the government, said April 6 the Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus. Alexander Shamko believes that the tourism product that Augustow Canal offers today meets the requirements of similar resorts in the world.
Gold coins of Nicholas II found at Minsk subway construction site
Gold coins of Nicholas II found at Minsk subway construction site Not once did Minsk subway builders find ancient coins and other artifacts of bygone eras. At the construction site of the subway station Vokzalnaya, the builders found coins of Nicholas II, the last tsar of Russia. A handful of gold five-ruble coins were extracted from underground near house No3 in Lineiny Side Street.


From KGB building to Dinamo Stadium: How post-WWII Minsk was rebuilt
From KGB building to Dinamo Stadium: How post-WWII Minsk was rebuilt Minsk was literally restored from ashes. Famous architects Mikhail Parusnikov from Moscow and Mikhail Barshch from Leningrad came to Minsk, destroyed after WWII, to create sheer miracles. Together with Belarusian architects, they began to create a city, filled with the spirit of rebirth and triumph of the victory. The idea was embodied in the architecture.


Belarus among top 5 most promising tourist destinations in CIS
Belarus among top 5 most promising tourist destinations in CIS Belarus is one of the top 5 most promising tourist destinations in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Belarus was visited by more than 300,000 tourists in 2015, with more than half of them from Russia.  The most popular destinations are Minsk, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, Brest, the ski resort Lahoisk and Lake Naroch.  Tourists from Russia are attracted by infrastructure, visa-free entry, Russian-speaking population and reasonable prices.


Minsk tourism posters to appear in Riga, Tallin, Belgrade
Minsk tourism posters to appear in Riga, Tallin, Belgrade Social advertising invites to the capital of Belarus. Posters of key tourist destinations were presented in Minsk. 10 such billboards have already appeared in St. Petersburg. They will soon appear in Minsk's other twin cities. Such as Riga, Tbilisi and Belgrade. The Minsk City Executive Committee has launched a project for the exchange of social outdoor advertising with the assistance of mayors and administrations of other cities. It is planned that posters promoting tourism in other cities will also appear in Minsk.


Minsk rides to open April 15
Minsk rides to open April 15 Minsk rides will soon dance their first waltzes in 2016. Minsk amusement parks are being prepared for the new season. Experts are checking the strength of steel. If necessary, the damaged parts are changed for new ones. In 2016, you can try as many as 60 state-run rides, not including private services. A novelty will be a Belarus-made carousel installed in Gorky Park.  By the way, if the weather is favorable the new amusement season will open already on April 15.  
Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus
Belarus steps up security measures after Brussels attacks In connection with the terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belarus has boosted security measures at the border with Belarus. In particular, boundary shifts have been reinforced. Special control is in force at air harbors.  A more thorough examination is being conducted in the country’s airports. Belarus pays particular attention to foreigners that arrive in the country.


Belarus' bell-ringing into UNESCO spiritual heritage list?
Belarus' bell-ringing into UNESCO spiritual heritage list? Belarus is a unique country with deep-rooted bell-ringing traditions. Rare technique of bell-ringing may become part of the intangible spiritual heritage of Belarus and UNESCO. Studying these techniques for a long time has been Elena. By blessing of Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret, she has been at several expeditions and visited 300 countries.


The Palace of Sports Uruchcha
Counting the new history of sports complex Uruchcha The Palace of Sports Uruchcha is open. Nevertheless, the history of this place  began almost 40 years ago. The modern complex has appeared on the basis of a small athletics arena. Sportsmen in only a few disciplines were training in the old arena.


Belarus to offer tourists new kinds of holidays
Belarus to offer tourists new kinds of holidays Belarus will offer tourists new kinds of vacations. Among the priorities are medical services as well as agro-tourism sector. Gaining popularity is inbound tourism. According to statistics, in 2015, vacation at home was chosen by almost a million Belarusians. The number of weekend tours has doubled. It is possible that a simplified visa regime will apply to some tourists. Now such agreements are valid for visitors from China. They can remain in Belarus for three days without a visa.


Sophia Macharashvili
Being a guide: is it a profession or lifestyle? A guide knows how to avoid getting lost in Belarusian forests, find much of interest in the central capital’s avenues, and generally fall in love with Belarus. They tell us about Belarus and show the country’s guests its beauty. The weather is poor. Nevertheless, the mood in this bus is created by a tour guide. She is bright not only externally and wise not only internally. Her name is Sophia, as the capital of Bulgaria. She has helped tourists discover the known and unknown corners of Belarus for almost four decades.
Ice rink in Minsk
Ice rinks in Minsk: history and present-day state The history of Minsk ice rinks started at the beginning of the 20th century. The rink in the children's park named after Maxim Gorky was flooded every year. At that time, there were few entertainments in the city. And skating was awaited with impatience. This rink was paid. Tickets cost a lot. Minsk residents from poor families went to skate on the frozen River Svislach. Nevertheless, well-dressed women and gentlemen were enjoying skating under a brass band amid multicolored lights.


A new look at Nesvizh: Students develop original tourist route
A new look at Nesvizh: Students develop original tourist route In Nesvizh, there has been developed an original tourist route that allows both travelers and residents of the district center to have a new look at the town with a rich history. The route has been created by the district association of trade unions with the participation of students of the Nesvizh State College named after Yakub Kolas. The exclusive path was presented at the republican sightseeing and tourism exhibition in Minsk.


Belarusian dish
History of Belarusian cuisine: holodnik, krupnik, yoghurt, syrniki and potato dishes From making pickles and natural cosmetics to pet care. In the XIX century, Belarusian women have an excellent guide, a sort of a book on household management titled "Lіtouskaya gaspadynya". Its author was the mother of many children, a model housewife Anna Tsyundevitczskaya. She was born near the capital, in Korolischevichy village (Minsk region, Minsk district). Her maiden name was Prushinskaya. It was a well-known family, which also owned Loshitsa estate (Minsk, Loshitsa neighborhood).
Stained-glass windows
Creative couple from Minsk making stained-glass windows Stained glass windows come to life in the sun glare and make unique the architecture and interiors. Painting on glass appeared in the XII century in Russia. Stained-glass windows have become a major focus of Gothic cathedrals. Most often, religious and everyday scenes were depicted on stained glass windows. Emperor Nicholas I was bringing the stained glass painting into fashion in the Russian empire in the 1820s.
Minsk subway construction to be 3 times faster
Minsk subway construction to be 3 times faster The first meters under the ground. A historic event for Minsk subway construction. A new tunnel complex has been put into operation in the capital. The giant underground machine with French roots was named Alesya and was decorated with the colors of the Belarusian flag. It took nine months for the Franco-Belarusian alliance to build special equipment that would greatly facilitate and accelerate the process of construction of the third branch of Minsk subway. A similar tunnel shield built the famous tunnel under the La Manche between France and England.


Belarusian tradition. The Christmas game "Tsyareshka's wedding"
Belarusian tradition: Christmas game Tsyareshka's Wedding From the ancient times, Belarusians have the ritual game Tsyareshka's Wedding. Today it is fun, but a couple of centuries ago it was a serious ritual. This game is preserved only in the Lepel region and is held only once a year for the Christmas holidays. It is accompanied by folk songs, dances and tons of humor and positive emotions.


Minsk Fraternal Cemetery
Minsk Fraternal Cemetery: return of historical significance The history of the Minsk Fraternal Cemetery in the Storozhevka neighborhood starts with the first official written requests and petitions to the city government, dating from 1914. Subsequently, the Minsk City Council decided to establish a common large fraternal cemetery. In 1915, the first burials were made in the Perespa district between Starovilensky and Dolginovsky tract. The Perespinskoye cemetery was later renamed the Storozhevskoye. Nevertheless, the fraternal cemetery was forgotten after the First World War.


Petting zoo in Minsk
Debates surrounding petting zoos in Minsk To be completely happy Minsk’s children need raccoons! That thought came to the organizers of the recently opened petting zoos, which opened in Minsk. Over the last six months, 4 petting zoos opened in Minsk. Soon, 10 more petting zoos will open their doors in other cities of Belarus.
Renovated Central House of Officers
Renovated Central House of Officers The renovation of the theatre hall of the Central House of Officers in Minsk has ended. The Officers’ House is now prepared to welcome its audience. The opening of the hall was celebrated by holding a number of cultural events. Now, students of the Suvorov Military School can march there again, and the Military Orchestra can give their performances.


Lift at the Oktyabrskaya subway station
Lifts installed at Oktyabrskaya subway station in Minsk Minsk subway expands the boundaries of barrier-free environment. February, 8 vertical lifts started their work at the Oktyabrskaya subway station. Such lifts have been successfully tested at the Pervomayskaya station. When the Oktyabrskaya station was opened, such lifting platforms were not part of the initial design. Now experts had to make new ones - about four meters high.
Spring-like and sunny February expected in Belarus
Spring-like and sunny February expected in Belarus Rain instead of snow and sun instead of cold. Spring has come to Minsk ahead of time, which weather forecasters call abnormal.  According to forecasts, in February 2016, we will feel all the charms of spring. The entire February will be warm in Minsk.


Minsk among top 100 cities with best hotels
Minsk among top 100 cities with best hotels Towards the tourist Olympus. According to one of authoritative international online services, Minsk got in the top 100 cities with the best hotels. The capital of Belarus took 49th place. The Turkish town of Goreme was called the leader. The drafters of the rating took into account the feedback of millions of tourists on more than 200 booking sites. They analyzed not only the comfort and cleanliness of rooms and a convenient location, but also the work of the staff and the quality of food.


Parking lot problem in Minsk still acute
Parking lot problem in Minsk still acute The future schedule of public transport in the capital of Belarus, Minsk, was the issue that last week seriously alarmed residents of Minsk. Information appeared that public transport in Minsk would no longer ply after 11pm, by analogy with Helsinki and Shanghai. On the internet, there was information that subway times would be reduced too and Minsk residents would have to use expensive taxis. On weekday, at 11 o'clock at night, we go down in the subway to see whether there is demand in subway at this hour.


Baby shark born in Minsk's OceanographyCenter
Baby shark born in Minsk Oceanography Center A baby shark was born in Minsk Center of Oceanography. The little fish was called Baltika, which derives from the name of the Baltic Sea.  During more than two weeks Belarusians could watch online how the baby was born. It hatched from an egg, which was presented to the Minsk oceanography center by the World Ocean Museum of Russia's Kaliningrad. The 9cm baby shark is now swimming in a small artificial pond, called Belarusian Sea, and, according to an employee of the center, feels good.
Minsk during the rule of Czapski
Count Czapski’s contribution to Minsk’s development He gave Minsk residents an opportunity to read the first local newspaper, called Minskiye Gubernskiye Vedomosti (Minsk province news), wander in paved squares under streetlights, and even use a telephone. All that was possible thanks to Count Czapski, who was the governor of Minsk from 1890 till 1901. During his governorship, a lot of economic and cultural reforms were carried out. That period of rapid development in the city’s history will be remembered for a long time.


National Airport Minsk 2nd runway to be suitable even for Airbus A380
National Airport Minsk 2nd runway to be suitable even for Airbus A380 The new runway at National Airport Minsk will be 60 meters longer than the existing one and the concrete cover will be two times thicker, which will allow Belarus to take the world's largest passenger aircraft Airbus A380. "It will be capable of receiving all aircraft types that exist today. Moreover, the equipment installed will be the most modern, and thus aircraft will be able to land at virtually any visibility," said representative of the Department of Aviation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications Valery Bolbotunov.


Tourist flows in Belarus up thanks to visa regime relaxation
Tourist flows in Belarus up after visa requirements simplified Over 50% of Minsk's residents are engaged in sport on regular basis. Running, hardening and street workout have become more affordable and accessible for young people.
Travel cards in Minsk for 10, 15 or 30 days now available from any date
Travel cards in Minsk for 10, 15 or 30 days now available from any date Tickets for public transport in Minsk for 10, 15 and 30 days can be purchased from any date from February 5, said Deputy General Director for Economics of the state enterprise Minsktrans Irina Yakubovskaya. At present, you can purchase tickets for certain number of days and only from a certain date. For example, a monthly pass is valid from the 1st of each month. A pass for 15 days is valid from the 1st and 15th of each month. 
New information boards in Minsk subway Minsk subway has presented new information boards. A map of the area with a detailed description of neighborhoods, the main lines of ground transport, shops and utilities now greets passengers on subway stations. Each subway exit has its number (generally 1-4 but there can be more if a station has more exits).


Public transport hours to be reduced in Minsk in 2016?
Public transport hours to be reduced in Minsk in 2016? The working hours of Minsk's public transport may be cut later this year, said director of Minsk Transport and Communications enterprise Valery Shkuratov.


Polish tourism industry interested in cooperation Brest region's health resorts Poles are interested in cooperation with the health resorts of the Brest region. Representatives of tourist agencies of Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz and Bialystok want to engage with Belarusian health resorts and wellness centers.  They are interested in the Brest region's medical facilities, health centers and medical opportunities. The first agreements on cooperation have already been concluded. The parties plan to establish further contacts. 


Snow castle built in Park of Peoples' Friendship in Minsk
Snow castle built in Park of Peoples' Friendship in Minsk A new castle has appeared in Minsk. However, the royal house has not been built for centuries. Apparently, the snow castle in the Park of Friendship of Peoples will disappear in a few days due to warmer weather. The creators used the cold weather in Minsk as an opportunity to show their skills. To carve out the white castle, which height is three meters and a total area is 12 square meters, the snow was compacted into a cube during two days, and then sculptors carved out of a wall, a carriage and a little princess.
Year of Culture in Belarus: Main events in 2016
Year of Culture in Belarus: Main events in 2016 Belarus has approved a plan for the Year of Culture. Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk, the International Film Festival Listapad and the theater art forum TeArt will be the highlight of the year 2016 in Belarus. The material and technical base of cultural institutions will be further strengthened. Restoration works in the Church of Corpus Christi in Nesvizh will be finished.
Intellectual transport system for Minsk
Intellectual transport system for Minsk Minsk is going to use the intellectual transport system. The road project is being developed on the initiative of Minsk's traffic police together with their Chinese counterparts. The first example of the smart technology is a device detecting incidents and helping in route orientation.  Its work in the test mode at the intersection of Partizansky Avenue and the Minsk ring road has already proven its worth, experts and drivers say.
Flu epidemic not expected in Belarus in 2016
Flu epidemic not expected in Belarus in 2016 Flu epidemic in Belarus is not expected, doctors forecast in 2016. Over the past seven years, the number of flu diseases has decreased in 52 times thanks to vaccination.  In 2016, flu shots were used by more than 40 percent of Belarusians, which is the best result not only of the post-Soviet space, but also in the European Union. For comparison, in Ukraine the number is only 0.3%. In Belarus, the peak of the disease usually comes in late January and early February.


Zaslavl becomes Minsk's satellite town: What does it mean for tourism?
Zaslavl becomes Minsk's satellite town: What does it mean for tourism? Chairwoman of the Zaslavl city executive committee Svetlana Kartasheva has given an interview to the TV program Week on the CTV Channel. Svetlana, what does the status of a satellite town mean for Zaslavl?


What is so appealing in Belarusian health resorts?
What is so appealing in Belarusian health resorts? The tickets to the holiday centres by the river Neman are sold out despite the winter season. Furthermore, one third of holidaymakers are from abroad. Why are western visitors lured to Belarusian health resorts? Lyubov Kopteva from Moscow Oblast came to the Neman recreation centre for the first time. She claims her friends have spent several vacations here, and rumour mill is known to be the best advertisement.  


Biggest exhibition of exotic birds in Belarus underway in Minsk's Botanical Garden
Biggest exhibition of exotic birds in Belarus underway in Minsk's Botanical Garden Exotics at arm's length. The greenhouses of Minsk's Botanical Garden are hosting Belarus' largest collection of exotic birds. Parrots are from far away: Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Africa and South America. Some birds can utter whole sentences. For example, the macaw parrot named Kesha. It is the largest in the collection, with a height of more than a meter. By the way, these birds live up to 70 years. The smallest one is Katarinka. The emerald baby is only 16 centimeters long. Other birds are a few species of cockatoos and Rosella.


Kaliadny Kirmash fair in Minsk to run until March 13
Kaliadny Kirmash fair in Minsk to run until March 13 Kaliadny Kirmash fair in Minsk continues. The fair near the Sports Palace will continue to run until March 13. The fair is open from 12 pm to 9 pm. Now the product range will change depending on a particular calendar holiday. Anastasia Primakova, public relations specialist of the Main Department of the consumer market of Minsk City Executive Committee:We are monitoring the calendar of various events and celebrations. Accordingly, we will offer different products each time. For example, for February 14 or Women's Day.
Parade of planets to be seen from Belarus January 20
Parade of planets to be seen from Belarus January 20 The parade of planets will be seen today, January 20, in Belarus. The five brightest planets visible to the naked eye will form a single line. The unique phenomenon, which was last seen 10 years ago, can be observed during about 30 days. The only thing that can prevent you from seeing it is bad weather or deep sleep.


Minsk among the most popular cities for Russians' New Year holidays
Minsk among the most popular cities for Russians' New Year holidays Minsk has been named among the top 10 New Year holiday destinations for Russians.  This ranking has been compiled by a Russian online travel service. Together with the Belarusian capital, Prague, Tallinn, Riga, Berlin, Helsinki, Rome, Vienna and Warsaw got into the list. In addition, Minsk has become the most popular city for trips to the CIS countries. The rating was compiled using the number of hotel bookings for January 1-10 by tourists traveling on their own.
Free admission to history museum of National Academy of Sciences until end of January
Free admission to history museum of National Academy of Sciences until end of January The Museum of History of the National Academy of Sciences is open to everyone. Until the end of January 2016 admission to the museum is free. The 100% discount is timed to the Day of Belarusian Science, which is celebrated on January 27. The museum contains more than 3,500 exhibits that reflect the history of the formation and development of science. The outstanding achievements of scientists are presented here too.  Of particular interest are models of unique devices and samples of new materials created by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


Bison life in Bialowieza Forest available online
Bison life in Bialowieza Forest available online Now you can watch bison online. A live broadcast camera has been set up in Bialowieza Forest near Bialystok. It is located near a forage area in the Polish part of the primeval forest.  You can watch the behavior of animals even at night. Along with bison other animals can be seen, like deer, wild boars, foxes, martens, and hares.


Minsk ahead of Rome and Moscow in Life Quality Index
Minsk ahead of Rome and Moscow in Life Quality Index Scientists have ranked European cities in terms of quality of life. The top three includes Zurich, Munich and Edinburgh. Minsk is ahead of Rome, Kiev and Moscow.  According to the index of safety, Minsk is 6th. Topping this list are Munich and Zurich. Warsaw is in 9th place, Kiev in 34th and Moscow in 39th. Turin is at the bottom of the ranking.  


Decreased penalties for drivers in Belarus? The Belarusian Interior Ministry has initiated the liberalization of the Administrative Code for motorists. In particular, it is suggested not to punish drivers for minor speeding (from 10 to 20 kilometers per hour). Another proposal concerns car accidents about which drivers have the right not to inform the traffic police. Now drivers can settle the problem not calling police after a minor car accident if material damage does not exceed 400 euros. This amount may be increased up to 1,000 euros.
Minsk 2015
Minsk 2015: Major Events of the Year Belarus emerges from winter holidays - Catholic and Orthodox Christmas and the New Year’s Eve - so it’s perfect time to look back on 2015 and remember the major events of the bygone year. In 2015, Minsk became a city of the world’s hope. The leaders of Russia, Germany, France, and Ukraine came to Belarus to find a way to solve the Ukrainian crisis. Everything was meticulously prepared by the President of Belarus for hosting the talks between President Putin, Chancellor Merkel, President Poroshenko and President Hollande.
Belarus makes gastronomic map for tourists
Belarus makes gastronomic map for tourists Belarus has made a map of the country's gastronomic tourism. There, you can see place where you can taste authentic national dishes. The electronic version will be available on the Internet.  The map also has an appendix with a culinary collection, which will include about 100 recipes of Belarusian national cuisine.


Largest ice rink in Minsk near National Library
Largest ice rink in Minsk near National Library Want to feel real freedom? Are you a lover of winter fun and hockey? Here's a perfect activity for you near one of the most famous sights in Minsk, the National Library. The largest skating rink in Minsk has recently opened here following a streak of really frosty days. The ice rink is 140m long and 80m wide. Young hockey players often hold tournaments here. By the way, the rink will be working around the clock.
300 artists and 16 nations at January Music Nights festival in Brest
300 artists and 16 nations at January Music Nights festival in Brest More than 300 artists from 16 countries have gathered in Brest for the international festival "January Music Nights". It is carried out for the 28th time. The classical marathon was opened by world-class stars: the first flute of the opera houses in Milan and Rome Antonio Amenduni and choir Cantatrix from the Netherlands.   Not only academic classics are in the festival program. The American Jazz Quartet of Gary Guttman will devote their performance to the creativity of the famous pop singer Anna Herman.
Сonfectionery factory tours
Belarusian industrial tourism: potential profit Well-developed industry in Belarus could have brought unexpectedly large profits. On the other hand, if one digs deeper, such an outcome isn't surprising. Industrial tourism is popular in many countries. However, in Belarus, it is rather underdeveloped, despite the presence of scores of plants and factories that could lure sophisticated Europeans. One may just as well take advantage of such prospects. No doubt a master class in driving a BelAZ truck or making the famous local marshmallow is rather pricey. The correspondent Yana Shipko calculated the potential profit.


New transit registraction plates in Belarus from February 14, 2016
New transit registraction plates in Belarus from February 14, 2016 Belarus has introduced a new form of temporary car license plates. The relevant document was published on the National Legal Internet Portal. The new transit number is significantly different from the 2009 version. The letter "T" will be replaced by the "BP" (temporary admission to participation in traffic). The series BA will replace the AB series. Sample of 2016 Sample of 2009
-25°C and northern lights in Minsk
-25°C and Northern Lights in Minsk Residents of the western outskirts of Minsk for several nights are watching a unique natural phenomenon to our latitude. Outwardly, it resembles the aurora borealis. This amazingly beautiful optical phenomenon was explained by scientists. Almost polar -20°C complements the picture of the first days of January in Belarus. 
New technologies for Minsk ring road
New technologies for Minsk ring road Minsk ring road will become literally intelligent. Such an intelligent transportation system is being introduced on this road. Inspectors are convinced that the new technology will help reduce the number of accidents. Minsk traffic police have big plans to ensure the safety of all road users. This is why about fifty traffic lights all over Minsk have been recently installed.  One of the main objectives is to keep safe children who go to school and back home.


The movie theater Pobeda
Stalin-era architecture in Minsk (1933-1955) Minsk is famous for its post-war architecture in the style of Stalinist empire. There are lots of perfectly preserved house facades but the number of interiors in the 1950s-style is scarce. As time goes by, buildings change their purpose, but only original interior preservation together with architecture gives us a complete idea about the Soviet era. High ceilings, panoramic windows, elegant molding, huge chandeliers on chains as well as curtains make such places cozy. The cinema Pobeda is a striking example of the Stalinist architecture period.


Billboard in Minsk
“This is Me Who…” billboard project in Minsk Billboards with the photos of Minsk‘s citizens have recently appeared in Minsk. The Minsk Executive Committee has presented its new social project called “This is Me Who…”. Billboards are featuring the posters with the photos of people from various professions: metro station workers, sound engineers, artists, and creators of street art.
New Year in Georgia
New Year in Georgia: CTV correspondent meets 2016 in Batumi This New Year's Eve on the planet was marked by a mass of weather surprises. This was also the case in Batumi. The city's airport was closed and the CTV crew, who went there to make a report about New Year in Georgia, were not able to make it home on time. Food market in Batumi has food for every taste: Ajarian tangerines, churchhela and all kinds of meats and cheeses. And you can try all of this and also get spices as a gift.
Tourist event calendar for 2016 created in Belarus
Tourist event calendar for 2016 created in Belarus A calendar of tourist events for 2016 has appeared in Belarus. It includes events in the capital and regions, which may be of interest to visitors to our country. These are concerts, exhibitions, theater forums, folk festivals and sports events. Each month there will be about 10 of them in the calendar. In the course of the year this list will be updated.


Ski resort in Belarus
Belarus' major ski resorts open season as snowy weather comes The major ski resorts of Belarus have opened the winter season as the snowy weather has finally come to the country. On December 30, the Logoisk resort opens doors for winter sports enthusiasts.  However, for now, only the training side and track No4 will open.Other slopes are to open in the nearest future. The ski resort in Logoisk entered the top three in the CIS, according to Russian tourists.
MTZ tractor parade to be held in Minsk December 30
MTZ tractor parade to be held in Minsk December 30 In the evening of 30 December, an unusual New Year parade will take place in Minsk. A colorful procession of MTZ tractors will be held near the MTZ plant. The latest and the most famous examples of agricultural machinery with a festive tuning will appear in all their glory. A concert is then planned at the Christmas tree near MTZ. An unusual laser show will adorn the spectacle. A spectacular fireworks display will be the highlight of the celebration. MORE: MTZ plant in Minsk


New Year show in Upper Town
3D New Year show staged in Upper Town Fabulous metamorphosis. The concert hall Upper Town became a multimedia platform for numerous Christmas scenes. The audience could enjoy flying walls, facades and dancing Santa Claus, who gladly communicated with the public despite being only a 3D model.  This was a New Year gift of the city's leadership to all residents and guests of Minsk. Please watch video for more details.
Security tightened in Belarus ahead of New Year celebrations
Security tightened in Belarus ahead of New Year celebrations During the New Year holidays, Belarusian law enforcers are going to tighten security all over the country. Public event venues will be traditionally cordoned off. You will be able to get there through special security checkpoints.  
New Year illumination in Gomel
Belarus' brightest New Year symbols Catholics celebrated Christmas, not only Catholics. This is the uniqueness of Belarus that one family can celebrate with pleasure both Catholic and Orthodox Christmas and also the New Year's Eve.   Children:We want snow! We would like to go sledding but there is no snow at all! No iPhones or tablets. In 2015, children have much more earthly desires. December was almost without snow. Instead of snow drift there were puddles everywhere with grass again turning green. Santa Claus even had to replace a sleigh with a coach.


Renovated sports complex in Uruchcha neighborhood to open in March 2016
Renovated sports complex in Uruchcha neighborhood to open in March 2016 Two swimming pools, a gym, sauna and spa will be available in the renovated sports complex in the Uruchcha neighborhood, which is going to reopen to welcome the first visitors in March 2016. Minsk residents and guests will be able to use the whole package of services: all kinds aqua procedures, fitness classes, aerobics, football and table tennis.
Dmitry Ryabov, meteorologist
Fabulous weather, 2-8 degrees below zero on New Year's Eve in Belarus Chief of the hydrometeorological forecasts department of the National Center for Hydrometeorology Dmitry Ryabov told the TV program Week about the weather on the forthcoming night. Dmitry, good evening. First and foremost, of course, we would like to know about the weather in Minsk on 31 December, the New Year’s Eve.


Children's railway
Children's Railway launches Christmas Express in Minsk Christmas Express is available in Minsk thanks to the Children's Railway, who opened a season of holiday travel for kids and their parents. The daily Christmas train will operate from the station Zaslonovo station Sosnovy Bor. Animators will be working in festively decorated cars and at the terminal stop children will met Father Frost, Snow Maiden and other fantastic characters.
Turkey airport
Explosion in Istanbul airport not to affect Belavia schedule An explosion occurred at the airport of Istanbul on December 23. It is possible that it was a terrorist attack. One woman was killed after being wounded in the head. Another person is heavily injured. According to one version, the explosive device could be in the cabin. The other version has it that the bomb was brought in a car. Now the police are looking for it. No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion.


Igor Marzalyuk, doctor of historical sciences, member of the upper chamber of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus
Belarus adopts black diggers decree Belarusians are now forbidden to buy, sell, give, exchange and put in pawn archaeological artifacts. Excavation with the use of metal detectors is now possible only with a special permission. This week the President signed a decree, which is designed to help preserve the cultural heritage lying literally under our feet and, of course, to deal with so-called "black diggers". For the man in the street a "black digger" is anyone who takes up a metal detector and a shovel but for real hunters such term is akin to a personal insult.  
Winter photos of Belarusian nature by Anatoly Dribas
Winter photos of Belarusian nature by Anatoly Dribas Though Anatoliy Dribas is not a poet, he can be safely called a "scribe" of Belarusian nature. With a camera, he traveled almost the whole Belarus in order to capture the beauty of "the land under the white wings." Among the thousands of different images winter landscapes occupy a special place. Looking at them you feel light frost sneaking through the skin, and the cool breath of wind. It is hard for photographers to work in winter. This is not only weather but also remoteness of some places.
Mysterious underground passages of Minsk's Upper Town
Mysterious underground passages of Minsk's Upper Town Favorite Minsk, with numerous churches and temples, is familiar to the eye of every citizen. Few people know that underground life was also in full swing in the Minsk center once. Secret passages connecting the main buildings of the historical center of Minsk, Upper Town, were a sure refuge in case of war. Secret passages appeared in the central part of Minsk in the second half of the 17th century, when the Uniate and Catholic authorities began to build up the area with their monasteries.
Father Frost residence to open in Minsk December 23
Father Frost residence to open in Minsk December 23 Today, on December 23, a residence of Belarusian Santa Claus, Father Frost, opens in Minsk. The house of the fantastic character will be open for visitors in the Gorky Park daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Young visitors can read poems, sing songs, dance and solve puzzles. Every child will get a gift from the magic chest.    The Santa Claus house will be open until January 7.
Political satire exhibition opens at National History Museum
Political satire exhibition opens at National History Museum The National History Museum is hosting an exhibition of political satire and caricature. It presents the works of the graphic artist and columnist of the newspaper SB - Belarus Today Oleg Karpovich.  His texts and pictures appear in the press weekly. The artist chooses the most pressing themes of each week. You can see the artist's vision of politicians, diplomats and well-known major world events.   
New border crossing point Peschatka to open at Belarusian-Polish border December 23
New border crossing point Peschatka to open at Belarusian-Polish border December 23 The latest technology and engineering controls. Today, December 23, the new crossing point Peschatka will open on the Belarusian-Polish border. Representatives of the Customs and Border Committee of Belarus and the European Commission will get familiar with modern technical means of control and dog services.  There will be demonstrated a new automated system of admission of persons, goods and vehicles, which main feature is the absence of necessity to issue paper vouchers. 


'Belarus. Country for Life' promotional video
'Belarus. Country for Life' promotional video On December 21 in Minsk, the Ministry of Information presented the video "Belarus. Country for Life." A large team of professionals were working on the video, including young and talented actors with experience in movies and advertising. Cast: Pavel Shepyolkin, Olga Reptukh, Darya Soroko, Matvei Rubin, Galina Kukhalskaya and Alexander Brukhatsky. The video is, in fact, a mini-movie about Belarus. This clip will be broadcast by national and foreign TV channels.


Belavia launch Minsk-Kharkiv-Minsk flight
Belavia launch Minsk-Kharkiv-Minsk flight A new flight of a Belarusian national carrier will connect Minsk and Kharkiv. This will be the third city in Ukraine Belavia makes flights today, after Kiev and Odessa.      The new flight is going to become beneficial for the air carrier.  There have been no regular flights between Minsk and Kharkiv since the late 80s. Special focus is on transit passengers from Russia to Ukraine, who have cut all air ties due to the ongoing conflict.
2nd branch of Museum of Minsk History opens in Upper Town
2nd branch of Museum of Minsk History opens in Upper Town A new art space has opened in the historical center of Minsk. The second branch of the Museum of the History of Minsk is in Gertsena Street. The two-storied museum offers a variety of art objects related to Minsk's history. The lower level is under the ground. The museum is already open to the public. MORE: Museums in Minsk and Belarus


Bolshoi National Academic Theater
International Christmas Opera Forum kicks off in Minsk Opera enthusiasts have been waiting for this event for one year! The International Christmas Opera Forum kicks off in Minsk on December 16.  The grand celebration, which will last five days, will gather performers and musicians from 22 countries.  They will present to the public the best performances of Belarusian and world famous theaters.  The opera forum will open with The Tsar's Bride by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The immortal work will be performed by soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia Venera Gimadieva. 
Tamer Mallak, cameraman of the CTV Channel
Syria's destroyed monuments exhibition underway in Minsk An unusual photo exhibition in Minsk features real look at the events of recent times. The exhibition is dedicated to the destruction of historical monuments and relics in war-torn Syria. The militants have no respect for millennial heritage, while for peaceful Syrians the destruction of the sacred places is a real tragedy. By the way, filming the material was the CTV Channel's operator who is from Syria.    Ayman Abazah, businessman:The word painful is too mild a word. This temple was not only destroyed, it was just torn apart.


New Year tree in the center of Minsk
New Year and Christmas firs lit up in Minsk The New Year tree illumination in Minsk has more than 700 light motives. About an hour ago, the main Minsk New Year tree was lit up and appeared before passers-by in all its beauty. About 500 large garlands have been used to light the tree. Each year new designs are used. New bright lights can be seen also near the Loshitsa park, Komarovsky market and Pobediteley Avenue. By the way, the lights on the main Christmas trees also lit up in Gomel and Grodno. Photo:


Belarus' Bird of the Year 2016: Goldeneye
Belarus' Bird of the Year 2016: Goldeneye This black and white duck is recognized by a large head, short beak, resonant voice and whistle of the flapping wings. It does not build a nest on the ground but occupies hollows of old trees along lakes, rivers and forest ponds. It dives to a depth of 4 meters and eats aquatic invertebrates. The surname of the famous Russian writer also comes from the name of this duck - Gogol (English: goldeneye). Ordinary goldeneye became bird of the year in Belarus in 2016 overtaking Sand Martin, swallow and rook!


Ice Room in Minsk
Ice Room opens in Minsk ahead of New Year's Eve The first icy room was opened in Minsk on December 7. This is a fairy tale residence of Father Frost. All the furniture here is made from ice. Father Frost is going to receive his guests here during Christmas and New Year time. Olga Tishkevich, author of the idea:We all want some fairy tale, some magic, snow, frost on the New Year’s eve. It all can be found here, in this icy room. The forecast for the New Year day is rain and slush. It seems to me that this room will be the coldest place in Minsk.


3D mapping show in Minsk's Upper Town in December
3D mapping show in Minsk's Upper Town in December A 3D mapping show will come to Minsk for the first time. On the eve of the Christmas holidays, this 3D mapping will adorn the facade of the concert hall Upper Town.  The protagonist of the interactive program will be Santa Claus.  All in all, more than 200 celebrations will be held in the Belarus capital. In the New Year's Eve, concert venues throughout the city will work from 23:00 to 24:00.  Minsk may extend the working hours of eateries and some services, including transport.
Belavia suspends flights to Sharm el-Sheikh from December 10
Belavia suspends flights to Sharm el-Sheikh from December 10 The Belarusian national air carrier Belavia has suspended flights to Sharm el-Sheikh. They will be temporarily stopped from December 10 for commercial reasons. The airline has not said about the length of the pause. On December 9, an aircraft will fly to Egypt to take tourists from a resort. The decision was made about a month ago, on the basis of applications of travel agencies.  The number of those wishing to go to holidays to Sharm el-Sheikh has reduced. The air company says it it now unprofitable to make flights on half-empty planes.
National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus in Minsk
History of Belarusian science The history of Belarusian science began at 15 Revolutsionnaya Street, where today the Embassy of Sweden is located, in the1920s. On 30 January 1922, the Institute of Belarusian Culture (Inbelkult) was opened. It was a period of the humanities’ prosperity and impressive researches of Belarusian ethnic group, its history and culture. The substantial contribution was made by the historian, the Moscow State University graduate, one of the organizers of Inbelkult, Vladimir Picheta. He published more than 150 works on Belarusian history.
Winter weather extremes in Minsk and forecast for New Year’s Eve
Winter weather extremes in Minsk and forecast for New Year’s Eve First weather forecasts for Minsk and observation of weather fronts changes started in 1846. However, there was no precise data as the equipment was very simple. Everything was changing with the lapse of time. The weather as well. Modern equipment permits to control temperature changes online. For the years of observation, Minsk was recognized as the warmest city in Belarus. It’s a bit colder in the residential districts next to Minsk Beltway. Tsentralny and Zavodski Districts are the warmest.


Belarus 2nd best in farm tourism development
Belarus 2nd best in farm tourism development The world famous magazine National Geographic has noted Belarus’ achievements in the field of rural tourism. Only Italy runs ahead of Belarus in the world list of farm tourism development. Belarus’ 2nd place is absolutely justified. There are 20,000 rivers and 10,000 lakes in Belarus, meanwhile forests occupy 36% of the territory and national parks 7%. In Belarus you can relax in a sauna, ride a steppe horse, and forge a bow and arrows.


Minsk embroidery girl graffiti into world's top 10 November graffiti
Minsk embroidery girl graffiti into world's top 10 November graffiti A popular Minsk graffiti on the wall of the building in 15 Rabkorovskaya Street, painted by British-Australian street artist Guido Van Helten, has entered the top 10 most popular graffiti in the world, according to Streetartnews. The image made by Guido during the festival of monumental art Urban Myths finished in eighth position. Another recent graffiti, Angel of Death, has divided the local residents.
Belarus and Serbia expanding cultural, tourism ties
Belarus and Serbia expanding cultural, tourism ties Belarus and Serbia are expanding their cultural and tourism relations. The sides agreed to hold the Days of Minsk in Belgrade. They will take place in the spring of 2016. The return event - Days of Belgrade - will take place in Minsk in the autumn.  This will strengthen trade and economic relations between the two countries and expand cooperation in culture and tourism. According to experts, all conditions have been created for this. Belarus and Serbia enjoy a visa-free regime. In addition, public transport links have been established at a high level.