TV presenters

Igor Pozniak (Week, News 24 Hours)

Author and presenter of the program News 24 Hours.

Preferences in information: economy and social sphere. He thinks that the news is a creative thing. He has everything to be happy: a favorite job, a wonderful family and true friends. The only thing he lacks is free time.

Hobbies and interests: Igor likes instrumental music, an evening city, the Internet and sweets. But he does not cook himself. Better work on TV and do what you are best at, he jokes.

Attitude to life: he considers himself the architect of his own fortune and is sure that there are no hopeless situations.

The main principle: if you cannot change the situation, change your attitude towards it.

Irina Martyanova (News 24 Hours)

CTV reporter, presenter of the program News 24 Hours. A real perfectionist: even when colleagues praise her, she is rarely satisfied with her work. Irina believes that it is necessary to build a life so that everything both at home and at work was at the highest level. She is married and has two children: son Grisha and daughter Varvara.

Hobbies and interests: due to lack of time, the main hobby is communication with her loved ones. She likes camping, which is a family tradition, and according to the number of picnics even in winter Irina Martyanova can easily compete.

Attitude to life: Irina has no motto, does not like vociferous and pretentious words and tries to live at her own pace.

Ekaterina Zabenko (News 24 Hours)

Being in the news studio she feels like at the epicenter of world events. She likes when traffic policemen recognize her, but cannot stand it when she is recognized in line at the store. She does not travel by public transport, but she is close to the people. She is a Pisces, but does not eat fish. She rarely has books in her hands, but reads a lot. She often changes her haircut and its color, but on the screen she keeps the same image for several years.

She is not a careerist, but a workaholic. Ekaterina separates personal and television life. She tries to take all the subjects of reports from her own observations.

Attitude to life: "If it's interesting to me, then it will be interesting for my viewers."

Irina Rombalskaya (News 24 Hours, Big Breakfast)

She has been working on CTV since 2006. Curiosity is not a vice, but an opportunity for self-realization in a favorite job. To be in the center of events without weekends and holidays, to work in any conditions, at night and at dawn - all this is no longer an obligation, but a vital necessity. A young mother who most of all values ​​freedom and independence. She is a successful model with a law diploma and a second higher education in journalism; she loves to read, but works on television; she loves people, but cannot live without even a couple hours of loneliness. Irina believes that life is so multifaceted and contradictory. The presenter dreams about one thing, the one that Boris Pasternak wrote about in his poem.

In everything I seek to grasp
The fundamental:
The daily choice, the daily task,
The sentimental.

Her dream is that there are at least 48 hours in the day.

Hobbies and interests: reading: from labels on products to works by Nietzsche; she also collects brooches - cameos; writes poetry, articles, stories, reports. But much of it remains a private matter. The rest can be heard and seen on the CTV channel.

Attitude to life:
The goal of art is one’s self-giving,
And not the racket of success.
To be a fable with no meaning
Retold by all is shamefulness.

Evgeni Gorin (Week)

Reporter of the program News 24 Hours and presenter of the program Week. He has been working on CTV since 2008.

He is rarely satisfied with the results of his work. To the question: ‘Do you prefer the Rolling Stones or the Beatles?’ Evgeni will certainly answer - The Who. Sleep is the best pastime. He collects music videos. As a university student, he tried to use a minimum amount of paper for notes. He hoped that this will help to preserve a few trees from cutting down. Because of the habit of typing texts, he almost forgot how to use a ballpoint pen. So sometimes it's hard for him to understand what he wrote. He also buys books and reads them in electronic format.

Evgeni is sincerely convinced that every time a person watches TV, the TV is able to look inside that person, too.

Sergei Prokhorov (News 24 Hours)

He was born in Minsk in 1979. He received higher education in the Belarusian State University, graduated from the journalism faculty. After studying, he worked on radio for about 10 years. For this time, he was a reporter, presenter, and he led the information service.

He has been working on the CTV channel since January 2013. He started as a presenter of the program CTV Sport, now he is also an editor of News 24 Hours.

Hobbies and interests: Sergei's greatest passion is family. This is his main incentive for self-realization. Job in the media can also be called hobby. Here he is lucky: he combines business with pleasure. Sergei also likes literature, guitars and sports cars.

Natalia Nadolskaya (News 24 Hours)

Natalia has been working on CTV since 2000. She has only one note in the employment record: a place of work is Stolichnoe Televidenie (CTV). In 17 years of her journalistic experience on the CTV channel, she managed to work as a reporter and presenter of the program News 24 hours, head of the correspondent network and international information service, author and presenter of the program Theme of the Day, head of morning television department and head of the program Morning. Studio of Good Mood, deputy director of the Directorate of Art Programs.

Today, she is one of the authors and a presenter of economic news in the program News 24 Hours.

In 2001, she graduated from the Belarusian State University with a degree in journalism.

In 2016, Natalia graduated from the Institute of Public Service of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus with a degree in personnel management.

She is married and is mother of three children.

Yana Taran (News 24 Hours)

Yana is a TV presenter of the program News 24 Hours as well as reporter.

She was born in Minsk in 1993. Graduated from the Lyceum of the Belarusian State University and then studied on the faculty of intercultural communications (public relations) at the Linguistic University.

She loves cinematography, appreciates inspiring people and believes that it is necessary to study every day, using every available opportunity. She looks strict on the screen, but it's only an artistic role. She believes that even a single smile can make the world a better place.

Attitude to life: any business should be done with love. Well, and sense of humor is also very important.

Elena Tikhanovich (Minsk in Detail)

Elena is a TV presenter of the program Minsk in Detail. She had been working as a special correspondent in Belteleradiocompany for 5 years. As a TV presenter for the first time she appeared in the weather forecast programme on the VTV channel.  She is on the team of the CTV channel since May 2014.

Elena was born on December 31 and she does not doubt that New Year wishes do come true. She loves sports, cannot imagine her life without traveling and prefers Russian classical literature.

Life motto: "Those who sleep see only dreams!"

Natalia Mikhailik (CTV Sport, Sports Week)

At the age of 16, when I had to choose a future profession, there was no doubt.

In 2006, I entered the Grodno State Music College majoring in music studies. And in 2010 I ventured as a stage director of a drama theater in the Academy of Arts, where I'm still learning the basics of this profession.

In 2013, Natalia joined the CTV channel as an assistant director of news programs. There, she realized that she would like to try herself on the role of TV presenter, but dared to do it only after three years, because working on the air is very difficult and exciting. The desire was stronger than the difficulties, so she tried and her dream came true.

Her hobbies are raising a pet, reading books and outdoor activities.

Life motto:

Oh, I so want to live insanely:

To make immortal all of being,

To make the human from the faceless,

To realize all the might-have-beens. (Aleksandr Blok)

Yaroslav Pisarenko (CTV Sport, Sports Week)

First time I hosted sports news in 6th grade at school. The teacher said I did skillfully like famous Georgian sports commentator Kote Makharadze in his youth.

Since then, many things changed - my voice broke, then I broke my arm and leg. But the sphere of interests has remained the same.

In 2017, I graduated from the BSU journalism faculty and now I host sports news on Stolichnoe Televidenie professionally. Soon I began hosting the Sports Week program, too.

In addition to that I love Dovlatov's books, LEGO, the 2005 final of the UEFA Champions League and potato pancakes.

Irina Smolskaya (Minshchina [Minsk region])

She has been working on television since 1992. Irina started her TV career as a news caster and the TV presenter of entertainment programs of the Belarusian TV. On the CTV channel she hosted "Afisha" and "Hit-Moment". In March 2008, according to the results of the Fourth National Television Awards Televershina, Irina was named the Best TV Presenter of an Information Program.

Her hobbies are driving, ice hockey and her beloved dog.

Irina believes that dedication and belief in destiny are the main part of success. Thanks to them, cherished dreams come true.

Sergei Manko (Minshchina [Minsk region], Central Region)

Sergei does not like dilettantism at work. As for personal qualities, he simply wants to be a good person. Television is a new step for him. There he tempers his inner world and changes his world outlook. Sergei always keeps his life separate from his work.

Sergei believes that the main thing is to sort out priorities correctly and do things in a big way.

Kristina Momot (CTV Sport)

Kristina was born in the village of Ross, Grodno region. She dreamed of becoming an astronaut. She wrote down her thoughts about different philosophical themes diligently and sent out to all the newspapers. Such a hobby she had!

Newspapers not only printed some of them, but also responded with postal remittance.

It was then when she decided to become famous.

Kristina graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the Belarusian State University. She started working on TV while was a student. As a freelance writer she collaborated with magazines and published a book of her poems. Once she decided to start a new life and in 2009, she became an employee of the CTV channel.

Kristina loves her work and the music band Korol i Shut more than anything in the world. Yes, and she believes in miracles.

Oleg Usachev (Dobro Pozhalovatsa! (Welcome to Complain!))

He is the author and the TV presenter of the program Welcome to Complain. He created the project in December 2001. Since then, viewers have been able to send their complaints about particular aspects of city life to the program. The number of persons involved in the program is over 2,500 – so many people Oleg helped!

The main motto of the program and the author is that you should stand your ground, not sit on it.

The project proves every week that television works wonders. After appeals to the program Welcome to Complain, 70 percent of complaints are resolved in favor of viewers.

Oleg has a large family with many children.

Olga Sakharova - Minsk and Minsk Residents

Television has become sense of Olga's life. After graduating from the Faculty of Journalism of the BSU, she worked as an editor of the talk show Karambol, was a host of the youth channel PIK and also hosted programs Dobryya Vestki [Good News], The Top of the World and the show Good Morning, Belarus! 

In 2002, Olga became press secretary of the new ONT channel. Over the years of work in the ONT team she won the professional contest PREMIA-2004 in the nomination Best PR specialist and received a diploma of the National Award Serebryanyi Kamerton 2005 (Moscow).

Olga joined Stolichnoe Televidenie in 2006. She now successfully combines administrative work with hosting the renewed Stolichnoe Televidenie project Minsk and Minsk Residents.

Yulia Shpilevskaya (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

Yulia was born in Minsk. After school, she got to the Belarusian State Pedagogical University Faculty of Psychology. Though, did not graduate from it and instead entered the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. After finishing the Academy in 2000, she was working in the Yanka Kupala National Theatre. Also, she took part in plays of the Belarusian State Academy of Music and of the national film studio Belarusfilm. Since 2003 she has been working as a host on the CTV TV channel and as a radio host.

Hobbies: She is fond of music. Blues and reggae are her favorite music genres. Yulia likes dancing and walking for long distances. She appreciates humanity and doesn’t like dullness and indifference.

Life creed: The main thing is to choose a path which will lead to yourself, to understanding of the uniqueness of your own life.


Alexandra Kashtanova (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

Alexandra is the host of the program Morning. Studio of Good Mood on CTV. She has a higher education in journalism. And it helps her not to overlook important and interesting things. Since 2007 she has been working on the CTV channel.

Alexandra is an active supporter of a healthy lifestyle. She is keen on swimming and cycling and reads nothing but paper books.

Life creed: Our doubts are traitors. We shouldn’t be afraid of doing something new. It’s better to do than to regret about the undone.


Olga Burlakova (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

Olga was born in Baranovichi, Brest region. She graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts. She is an actress in the national film studio Belarusfilm and a radio host. Since 2006, she has been working on the CTV channel. The most important thing for her is to send out positive vibes and to make all people feel better.

Hobbies: Olga raises her son Ilya. In her spare time she is fascinated with cooking and dancing.

Relation to life: Olga is translated from Greek as ‘wisdom’. She doesn’t like when people lie.

Yuri Tsarev (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

Yuri graduated from the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the Minsk State Linguistic University. He is a polyglot and speaks German, Spanish, English and a little bit Japanese. Also, he received the second higher education in the International Management Institution.

He dedicated to mass-media more than 13 years. Earlier, he worked under the pseudonym of Klaus Muller.

During 27 years, he has practiced martial arts. He has a black belt in karate.

Yuri is married and has two children.

Alexander Mezhennyi (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

Positive is his second name. And his life creed is ‘Always!’

Alexander is the ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. He is a choreographer of concert and television programs, a director of the dance school SHTAM. In 2007, he was awarded a Letter of Thanks by President of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

Alexander is very passionate about the world. Nevertheless, he strives to learn something new every day.

On television, he was always on different channels and in different roles: a guest in the studio, a choreographer, a jury member, a host and just a good person.

Now, he hosts various programs on the CTV and RTR- Belarus channels.



Tatiana Borodkina (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

In 2004 Tatiana graduated from the Belarusian State University Faculty of Journalism. During her studies, she worked as a journalist in newspaper and as a radio host. As a result, she started career on TV. She had been working on The National State TV and Radio Company for eight years.

In her free time, Tatiana is looking for extreme sensations. Sports sauna in autumn, mountain skiing in winter, jeep-trophy in spring and traveling to different countries in summer. However, the true sense of her life is daughter Lyubasha.



Anton Martynenko (Morning. Studio of Good Mood)

Anton says: “CTV is the channel which gave me the opportunity to work with TV professionals of Belarus. And am I really proud that I’m among the team of talk-show Takova Sudba [Such Is the Fate]. When an unknown woman comes to me in a shop and says ‘Your tie is not even this time’, this is a moment of sheer joy!”



Olga Ratkevich (CTV sport)

Since 2016 Olga has been working on CTV. She is an editor of the TV program News 24 Hours and host of the program CTV sport.

Olga was born in Minsk. She graduated from the Belarusian State University Faculty of Law. But her dream was to become popular on TV. And she is doing everything so her dream comes true.

Hobbies: Family, job and sport are the vital components of her life.

Attitude to life: She believes that there are no accidents. So she takes everything seriously.