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Alexander Lukashenko addressing BRSM Youth Union congress delegates
Alexander Lukashenko: We will increase housing construction outside Minsk At the 42nd Congress of the Belarusian National Youth Union in Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko said that support for young families remains one of the priorities of Belarus. In general, the younger generation has a weighted and serious attitude toward family planning and education of children.  According to the head of state, the new state program "Big Family" has been created for such families. The program started at the beginning of 2015.


Brest becomes Belarus' cultural capital
Brest becomes Belarus' cultural capital The ceremony of the transfer of a certificate and a plaque to the mayor of the city was held at the closing of the festival of classical music "January Music Nights". By the way, this is one of the most exciting cultural events in the Brest region. Grodno was Belarus' former cultural capital.


January Music Nights open in Brest Lovers of classical music gathered in Brest these days. The 27th international festival January Music Nights was opened. In 2015 more than 300 performers came from 11 countries.  The geography of the festival expands every year. Legendary baritone, People's Artist of Russia Sergei Zakharov took part in the opening ceremony.


CTV correspondent Olga Makei receives Special Prize from the Belarus President
CTV staff awarded Special Prize of Belarus President On January 9, the President of Belarus presented the award "For Spiritual Revival". The awards were conferred on five winners - labor collectives - for their outstanding work in the humanitarian, spiritual and creative fields. Alexander Lukashenko also presented the President's Special Awards. CTV correspondents, Alexei Adashkin and Olga Makei, who authored the documentary series "We want a goal!", were among the recipients.
Flowers near French embassy in Minsk after gun attack on Charlie Hebdo Belarus strongly condemns all forms and manifestations of terrorism and extremism. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko sent condolences to President of the French Republic Francois Hollande over the gun attack on the magazine Charlie Hebdo.


Alexander Lukashenko, with son Nikolai, marks Christmas in Minsk Holy Spirit Cathedral President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, has wished Orthodox Christians merry Christmas. In his Christmas greetings, he reminded of the core values ​​- mercy and compassion. Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus President:Let your heart be filled with a jubilant joy of Christmas, let work be fruitful and let happiness and mutual respect reign in families.


People about President Lukashenko's New Year address Traditionally Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Belarusians on the New Year a few minutes before the upcoming 2015. The president's words, as well as entourage of the New Year's address can sometimes say more than many hours of talking with journalists.
Uzari not afraid of going unnoticed at Eurovision After being selected in the national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Uzari, the frontman of the duo Uzari & Maimuna, has already started making plans to shoot a music video and introduce changes to the song and the arrangement.


Income tax increased to 13% in Belarus from 2015 In 2015, Belarus will face with some novelties in legislation: a maternity capital of $10,000 for large families and a decree that strengthens responsibility of managers are only a few of them. Maternity capital – a novelty of 2015 – is a helping hand for the future.


Belarus celebrates 2015 New Year (video, photo) Belarus met the new year in a bright, funny and memorable way. More than 350,000 Belarusians took part in magnificent firework displays, congratulations and celebrations for the coming Year of the Goat. Minsk turned into one big holiday venue. Thousands of residents of the capital Minsk met the most beloved and massive celebration in the streets. Minsk residents:I wish you all health! I wish it to all Belarusians, both young and aged. Do not forget your relatives! Feel this happiness! 
$10,000 maternity capital in Belarus from January 1 A nice bonus is waiting for those moms who are going to have a third and subsequent children in Belarus. From January 1, 2015, the so-called maternity capital is introduced in Belarus. When a child is born, $10,000 is transferred to a bank account. The family can use the money when the child reaches adulthood. In Minsk alone, in the midst of the New Year's Eve, 15 children were born, 7 girls and 8 boys. In comparison with the year 2014, this figure has almost doubled. 
Alexander Lukashenko's New Year address (video) Dear compatriots, Human life is often compared to a road. It is the road with special rules. A person can travel this road only once and cannot turn back. Ancient wise men taught to treasure every happy and joyful moment of life. Do not allow petty chagrins and anguish to distract you. Do not get carried away by envy, grievance, and ill-wishing. Then you will live your life to the full and find sheer happiness. We sometimes complain about instantaneous difficulties and overlook the most important things, do not value the gifts of life.


Senior government officials of Belarus partake in charity campaign Our Children Chairman of the Presidential Sports Club Dmitry Lukashenko visited the Shklov Correction and Development Training and Rehabilitation Center to congratulate students on December 30.  Together with his family, he came to the children with gifts to wish them happy New Year. Kids got a new TV and Christmas sweets.
Alexander Lukashenko's son visits takes part in charity campaign Our Children On December 30, children from an orphanage home in the town of Uzda, Minsk region, received Christmas gifts and congratulations.  Assistant to the President for National Security Viktor Lukashenko visited the Korshuk family, who are bringing up eight children. The kids got sweets and greeting cards.


Uzari & Maimuna. Time. Belarus Eurovision entry 2015 Uzari and Maimuna, Belarusian participants of Eurovision 2015, told the CTV channel more about their Eurovision plans and themselves.
Alexander Lukashenko: Children and the elderly are our major concern On December 29, the Belarusian head of state designated the state's priorities in the social sphere during a visit to the capital's home for seniors and the disabled. The President got acquainted with the living conditions, visited the dining room and auditorium of the Minsk rest home. This orphanage is now home to 391 people. Most of them live only on state support. Minsk rest home


Uzari & Maimuna to represent Belarus at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest Singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna will go to Austria in May to represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The duo won the Belarusian national Eurovision selection final at night on December 27. Their song is called Time.


Belarus Eurovision 2015 selection final: live broadcast links The national Eurovision selection final will be broadcast live on Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 TV channels on December 26 at 22:00 Belarusian time. The Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 TV channels, as well as the EBU website, will host a live broadcast of Belarus’ national selection final for Eurovision 2015. The song order is as follows:
Pope Francis' Christmas address broadcast in 3D Christmas was celebrated on December 25 by the Catholic faithful in all parts of the world. The heart of the celebration was the Church of St. Peter in the Vatican. It played host to the main Mass. Pope Francis addressed the congregation with the traditional Urbi et Orbi message, in which he called for tenderness, warmth and mercy.  Modern technologies were also used in this traditional ceremony: the service was broadcast live, including in 3D - for the first time. So anyone could get into the epicenter of the holiday.
Belarusian Catholics mark Christmas (video) Catholics around the world celebrate Christmas on December 25. This is one of the most important religious dates. It is dedicated to the birth of Jesus the Son of God by Virgin Mary. Church services all over Belarus began late on December 24. The main mass was held in the Archcathedral church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was held by Archbishop Monsignor Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, the Belarusian Roman Catholic Archbishop of Minsk and Mogilev.  Thousands of parishioners received the blessing of the Archbishop.
Alexander Lukashenko sends Christmas greetings to Catholics in Belarus The Belarus President has wished Catholics in Belarus merry Christmas.  "Bright Christmas holidays motivate us to do noble work and good deeds. This is the time to service others, help those who are most in need of support and assistance," reads Alexander Lukashenko’s greeting.  
Santa Clause parade in Minsk December 25 (video) A parade of the main New Year characters, Santa Clauses, was held in Belarus' capital Minsk on December 25.  Dozens of Santa Clauses marched through the streets of Minsk, turning them for a few hours into the road from a magical world of childhood. Taking part in the parade were 700 fairy-tale characters - polar bears, clowns and puppets. They all gathered near the main Christmas tree of the capital in Kastryčnickaja Square. 


Eurovision 2015: Belarus' national selection finalists about their numbers Belarus will select its Eurovision 2015 entry on December 26. All 15 finalists of the national selection, which is called Eurofest in Belarus, are putting finishing touches to their numbers. All of them are looking for glory. correspondents found out more on their preparation.     Darya will perform the song Love is My Color, which she wrote herself.
Alexander Lukashenko, his son Nikolai attend New Year charity festival It is necessary to discover talent and ability in children as early as possible, said Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko during a New Year charity festival which was held as part of the ongoing annual nationwide campaign "Our Children". The head of state touched on the reformation of the Belarusian education system. In particular, the introduction of the five-day school week. According to the President, school children need the sixth day to do their favorite useful things - sports and industrial arts.


Belarus President: Establishment of State Forensic Enquiry Committee was a correct decision A decision to establish the State Committee of Forensic Examination was a logical continuation of the process of reforming Belarusian law enforcement system. This statement was made by the President when visiting the institution on December 19. Alexander Lukashenko was told about the institution's performance. He was shown a modern laboratory, where drugs, plastics and petroleum products are studied. Meeting with the employees of the Committee, the President stressed that the decision on the formation of the new structure was justified.


New rules for online media in Belarus Online media in Belarus will work according to new rules. On December 18, the Council of the Republic, the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament, approved amendments to the law on mass media. From now on, information on websites will be treated as information in ordinary media (printed media or TV). This means that websites will be fully responsible for data they post. The document also spells out information that is prohibited from being spread. For example, propaganda of war or extremist activities. 
Belarus at Eurovision 2015. Uzari & Maimuna - Time Singer Uzari and violinist Maimuna is a song project that fits into the Eurovision format well and can rarely be found among the participants of the Belarusian national selection. The guys presented an unusual combination - a synergy of violin and voice, without any solo or backstage: two bright talents are performing on an equal footing. Today, the duo, created specifically for the national selection, is one of the main favorites to win the trip to Vienna. The song Time has cemented its place at the top of Eurovision selection charts in Belarus.  


Belarusian cinema turns 90 Belarusian cinema turned 90 years on December 17. On the same day in 1924, the Belgoskino company was founded in the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was back then part of the nascent Soviet Union.  The first Belarusian feature film was Lesnaya Byl [Forest Story] directed by Yuri Tarich. This film is a classic one. It is known even by the young generation of Belarusians.
Belarus changes tax, criminal codes, law on mass media The draft law on the national budget for 2015 has been adopted by Belarusian MPs in the second reading.  Traditionally, the main financial document of the country retains social orientation. It aims to reduce external debt and increase the salaries of state employees.  In 2015, the country expects to earn more than Br156 trillion.
Belarus President presents state awards The President of Belarus presented state awards on December 17. The ceremony in the Palace of Independence brought together those who were named best of the best in their fields. These are doctors and teachers, artists and the arts, servicemen and athletes.  Overall, the list of awardees includes 40 people. The President said that Belarusians are thankful to those who work hard and constantly makes our life better. 


Belarus at Eurovision 2015. MILKI: close-up Back in the early autumn 2014, Alexander Rybak announced that he was going to create a girl band for taking part in Eurovision Song Contest 2015. The famous Norwegian with Belarusian roots has long dreamed of sending a Belarusian representative to Eurovision. And his dream came true: Rybak and his team scouted all regional centers of Belarus and finally Alexander delivered his verdict. The group is called MILKI.


Eurovision 2015. Belarus chooses 15 Eurofest finalists On December 26, Belarus will name its Eurovision 2015 entry. All in all, 15 finalists of the Belarusian national selection, called Eurofest, have been chosen by the professional jury after two days of auditions.
New drug dispensing rules in Belarus cause public discontent A resolution on the new rules of dispensing drugs was discussed at the December 9 meeting of the Belarus President with the Health Minister Vasily Zharko. The President drew attention to the supply of drugs to pharmacies and hospitals, adding that Belarusian medicines must be of a high quality. The officials also discussed the quality of the provision of medical services.


John Rosman: The quality of Belarusian products is great in all respects! The greatest part of Belarusian food export goes to Russia. However, Russians are not the only people who taste Belarusian food. Today we are going to tell you about food preferences of foreigners living in Belarus. Daniel Chiara is an Italian chef. He works at a 5 star hotel in Belarus and visits Belarusian markets very frequently.