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Why are tourists attracted to Belovezhskaya Pushcha?
Why are tourists attracted to Belovezhskaya Pushcha? Belarus is often called the lungs of Europe due to its territory which is by a third covered by forests. For instance, the Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park is probably the only existing old-growth forest in Europe. It is exotics for tourists from France or Germany. Besides being famous for its old-growing trees, Belovezhskaya Pushcha is known to tourists for the diversity of wild animals. From autumn and throughout the year the animals of the forest are in need of extra food and what is more, all the animals have their own menu.


Belarusian wildlife: unique facts about extinct animals
Belarusian wildlife: unique facts about extinct animals Belarus has always been renowned for its beautiful nature and rich wildlife. At the end of October of the current year unexpected news shocked everyone. A wild forest cat was seen in the Polesie State Radioecological Reserve. SEE: Animals in Belarus


Osveysky reserve: a place to rest and enjoy nature Belarus has always been famous for its beautiful nature, green forests, blue lakes and rivers, picturesque landscapes. The Osveysky reserve is a place where all of this can be seen. In the northern part of the Verkhnedvinsk district, which is in the Vitebsk region, Osveysky reserve is located. People from all over Belarus and even foreign countries come here to do some finishing, rest and spend a relaxing time.


Magic oak that grows in Belarus
Magic trees that grow in Belarus Let’s return to the tree topic raised earlier in the program. Once there were Druids, the ancient sages of forest. They worshiped natural forces and even created a horoscope correlating the date of birth with tree species. However, people still believe in the power of trees. Alena Syrova has some curious facts about magic trees.   All people tell that somewhere in Polesie There is an oak, so glorious in the woods


Writers' Park will appear in Minsk
Writers' Park will appear in Minsk The writers' park may appear in Minsk. There are plans to name the nameless green zone near the National Library in honor of famous writers of Belarus. The concept of the park is still being developed. But it is possible that the first trees here will appear in autumn.


National Park Narochansky develops virtual maps for tourists
National Park Narochansky develops virtual maps for tourists National Park Narochansky made it easier for tourists to get acquainted with the main Belarusian resort. Special virtual maps have been developed that will help the guests of the region not to get lost. The maximum of information is the motto of the project. The implementation of the idea began two years ago. There was a single map for all tourists, which contained a full list of useful and interesting objects. In 2017, the resort presented thematic maps - for fishermen, motorists, and cyclists.


Why can’t nightingale warbles season be missed?
Why can’t nightingale warbles season be missed? Why can’t nightingale warbles season be missed? Starling houses are made in spring. People wait for the starling to return from southern countries. When the birds settle down in their new houses, the mating season begins and they sing wonderful songs. However, it unlikely that they will beat the singing of nightingales. The season of nightingale warbles lasts for a few weeks and at the moment it is in full spate. The warbles of nightingales today can be heard in Minsk’s parks, special excursions are organized.


Belarusian bison relocation
Belarusian bison relocation Belarus will continue bison relocation. As many as two bison pairs migrated from the south to the north of Belarus in 2017 (Belarusian bison are purchased also in Russia for Smolensk Lakeland and for Kazakhstan steppes). These measures ensure species conservation and population growth, according to experts. Bison’s preparation for relocation starts in typical enclosures for temporary keeping.


Belarusian bison: How they are resettled
How does Belarus develop its bison population? Mighty bison were on the verge of going extinct in the early 20th century. However, scientists managed to revive the species. Poland gave 10 bison to Białowieża Forest in 1946. The bison population has increased with the course of time. Belarus has nine bison populations in Volozhinsky experimental timber enterprise, Osipovichesky experimental forest holding, Pripyat National Park, and Polesye state Radiation-ecological Reserve.


How bison overcome winter in Belarus' part of Bialowieza Forest
How bison overcome winter in Belarus' part of Bialowieza Forest The largest herd of adult male bison was registered in Bialowieza Forest. In the herd of over 150 head scientists counted 19 wild bulls. Previously, this figure did not exceed 13. It is known that adult males prefer to live separately during the rutting season. Bison experts were surprised to see that the forest giants prefer agribusiness fields to numerous feeders, especially if these fields are sown with winter rapeseed. Unfortunately, it was not without losses this winter: two young bison did not survive the cold season.


Visiting Belarus in winter: what to see?
Visiting Belarus in winter: What to see? Look at the snow-covered forests in the solar glare. Winter trip around Belarus may turn into an unforgettable fairy tale. There is no such a flow of tourists like in summer, so you can completely relax. It is better to buy a tourist map of Minsk and explore its attractions in advance. Lovers of history will certainly be delighted by Grodno and its open-air architecture.


Svisloch waterfront’s reconstruction: 19 months of repairs
Svisloch waterfront’s reconstruction: 19 months of repairs The reconstruction of the left bank of Svisloch has started in Minsk. Metal constructions are being installed to enclose the territory and paving flagstone is being dismantled. The reconstruction plan includes 100 steps. It includes replacement of a parapet, installment of new stairs and rampant, expanding bike paths. Besides the ongoing repairs of the river’s waterfront, it is planned to tidy a water area. During the reconstruction, the barge next to the Trinity Suburb will be taken away.


Pet waste bags to appear in Minsk parks
Pet waste bags to appear in Minsk parks Bright signs reminding dog owners about basic rules of dog-walking will be installed in Minsk's Park of the 50th Anniversary of the October Revolution. The rules are the necessary conditions for visiting recreational areas with pets. Such mini-stands will be then installed in all parks in Minsk. The next step will be the installation of specially designed boxes with waste bags and poo shovels.


Minsk rides complete 2016 warm season
Minsk rides complete 2016 warm season Amusement parks in Minsk are preparing for "hibernation". Experts are dismantling equipment and cover seats. The rides "danced their last waltz" last week. Every year, a decision to close the season is taken due to weather conditions. It is simply dangerous to use carousels during low temperatures. The largest Ferris wheel in Belarus - 56 meters in height - will also be stopped on October 17 until the next season. The conservation will complete on October 28.


Two parks to appear in Minsk
Two parks to appear in Minsk Minsk residents have been invited to participate in a public discussion regarding the new urban development project in the Frunzensky district. The city authorities are mulling creating two new parks. One will be located in a wooded area of the Medvezhino neighborhood. There will be a platform for games and recreation, sports areas, gazebos as well as hiking and biking trails. A sports and recreation complex may appear on Goretskogo Street.


Bison in Vitebsk region of Belarus
Bison in Belarus' Vitebsk region: history and present-day life These days Belarus can produce and present to foreigners real bison because their DNA samples are now stored in the refrigerator. So the big animal is not under the threat of disappearance anymore. Ilona Volynets has details. Ilona Volynets, correspondent:If a bison then in the Bialowieza Forest? Not anymore! We went to the north of Belarus in order to see here in the Vitebsk region the real forest heroes. Our video hunting starts right now!


Fox finds ancient settlement near Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park
Fox finds ancient settlement near Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park Arrows, ceramics, and human remains were found by a fox near Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park. Actually, this place is an archaeological object. Here, Mesolithic, Neolithic, the Bronze Age, and the Middle Ages combine together. Some years ago, excavations were carried out there, though archaeologists have never expected such a surprise.


Young Caspian gull
What birds winter in Minsk? About 60 species of birds will stay in Minsk for winter. Just put a bird feeder in the yard, and you can watch sparrows, tits and greenfinches. The river Svisloch is their most favorite place in Minsk. By the way, even rare visitors fly to our country for winter. Semen Levyi, ornithologist, specialist in environmental issues of the public organization APB-BirdLife Belarus:This winter, you can see about 60 species in Minsk. The rarest of them is the bean goose, which remained on the Svisloch and Nemiga.


Loshitsa estate in Minsk
Renovated Loshitsa estate in Minsk welcomes its visitors A picturesque Loshitsa park is a famous recreation place in Minsk with its luxuriant flora, unique architecture and striking chronicle. The fertile land on the river Svisloch's banks was first mentioned as far back as 11th century. That was also when the first settlements appeared here, as excavations prove.
Slepyanskaya water system
Slepyanskaya water system in Minsk In the late 1980s, Belarus acquired Slepyanskaya water system, which became one of the most beautiful objects of landcape and park architecture in the country.   However, designing of this place begun a long before that. It was decided to create 14 artificial ponds on the basis of the stream. A huge number of people worked on the project, including leader of the group Dmitry Geraschenko and chief architect Nikolai Zhlobo.


Discovery channel shoots Bialowieza Forest documentary
Discovery channel shoots Bialowieza Forest documentary Belarus attracts the attention of the world community not only thanks to the upcoming presidential elections. The Minsk agreements on Ukraine have entered into the history of diplomacy - the presidents of various countries will certainly mention them at the UN General Assembly meeting, due in a couple of days. The President of Belarus has also gone to the USA.


Chapsky family forest in Minsk: over 480 species of plants, Murray pine and oak with unique shape
Chapsky family forest in Minsk: over 480 species of plants, Murray pine and oak with unique shape Birdsong does not subside, branches of old trees intertwine and the fragrance of unique plants captivates. Incredible harmony and magical atmosphere. You seem to find yourself in the middle of the play on a mystical massive green alley, with soft light and fanciful trees surrounding you.


First public garden opens in Belarus capital Not far from the capital's gallery in Independence Avenue, there opened the first public garden. Six months ago, this place was a heaven for weeds. But volunteers and environmental activists have managed to create an agro-miracle - a public garden, which is a kind of cottage area for townspeople. After all, not everyone has dachas! There, you can grow juicy vegetables, fragrant flowers, improve the environment, and also get useful tips on gardening. Urban vegetable gardens in Europe is a real trend.


Sendai Garden in Minsk. Where is it situated and where does its name derive from? There are a great number of parks, paths and boulevards in Minsk. You can go for a walk along the Svisloch river bank, spend a weekend in Gorky Park, make an appointment on Lenina Street boulevard and have a rest in Mikhailovsky Garden. One more interesting place appeared in Minsk in 2002 – Sendai Park. Let’ s check whether Minsk residents know where this park is situated. Minsk residents:No, I don’t know. I have no idea. We don’t know.


Loshitsky Park and museum complex
Loshitsky park and museum The picturesque Loshitsa estate was first mentioned in the 16th century. It was famous for its fertile land, excellent meadows, and beautiful mansion. All the owners of the estate were members of noble Belarusian families. The last owner of the estate was Evstafiy Lyubanskiy. Thanks to his progressive thinking and talented ruling Loshitsa became one of the best households. Lyubanskiy changed the estate completely. The mansion was restored in the Art Nouveau style.


State landscape reserve Selyava
State landscape reserve Selyava Selyava Lake is one of the largest water reservoirs in the northeast of Belarus. It is located on the territory of the Krupki district. As much as 1.5 thousand hectares of mirror-like water surface are under the state protection. The national landscape reserve Selyava was established here in 1993. Ecologists and environmental services are watching over the safety of the unique natural complex with populations of rare and endangered species of plants and animals in the natural state.


Antonovsky Park in Minsk Antonovsky Park is located between zavulak Klumova (Klumova Side Street), Partyzanski praspekt (Partyzanski Avenue) and Planiornaja vulica (Planiornaja Street). It's not far from the city center, but these are quite wild places with waterfalls on the Slepyanskaya water system, where citizens often bathe. In the middle of the 19th century, Archbishop Antony Zubko created a model farm on the right bank. Soon the area was named Antonovka, and in 1928 Antonovsky park was opened. After WWII, its territory was built up, with the park being revived nearby.


Park of 40th Anniversary of October Revolution in Minsk Once the area where the present-day Park of the 40th Anniversary of the October Revolution is located was called Koshary. This is where a city racetrack was located and a famous Victory Day parade held. Moreover, Nazis were executed there. Now this cozy corner has lost half of its trees because of the construction of the hotel Beijing. Nearest metro station: Pieršamajskaja  


Minsk Sea (Minskoye More Lake) HOW TO GET TO MINSK SEA From the center of Minsk, take the highway Minsk - Molodechno (journey time is about 25 minutes).  Another option is a train service from the Minsk railway station in the direction of Molodechno to the stop "Minskoye More". ***


Forgotten castles and sights of Belarus Since Belarusian "must visit" places list includes top-notch castles in Mir, Nesvizh and Navahrudak, the country is primarily known as a land of castles with their names ringing a bell in foreign countries. Independence Avenue in Minsk Every day a bevy of buildings of historical significance don’t draw close attention of passers-by, even though most of them have plaques attached to their walls stating that they are included in the list of Cultural Properties of Belarus. A sight can be added to the list only by agreement with the city authorities.