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Healthcare and medicine


Belarusian surgeons perform unique surgery to remove a tumor in newborn's heart Belarusian surgeons performed a unique operation to remove a tumor in the newborn. The boy was diagnosed with pathology when he was still in the womb. The tumor struck the child's heart. The boy was successfully operated on the second day of life. The difficulty was that the tumor had penetrated into the very tissue and its amount almost equaled to that of the organ. The surgery took 3.5 hours. Small Makar is already preparing for the transfer from the ICU to the hospital.


Cigarette packs now hidden from Belarusian shop counters, cafes
Cigarette packs now hidden from Belarusian shop counters, cafes Cigarettes have disappeared from shelves of Belarusian shops. It is now forbidden to display tobacco products on shop shelves as well as in cafes and restaurants.  Cigarette packs will be replaced with price lists containing the brand, price and country of origin of the goods.  Shops that violate this requirement, which came into effect on July 1, will be punished with a fine of up to 9 million rubles. This measure is in force in many countries, including Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and Russia.  


Deputy Premier: Belarus' social security system up and running
Deputy Premier: Belarus' social security system up and running The government has provided the stable functioning of social services. This was announced on June 30 by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Natalia Kachanova. In particular, she stated that the state fully complies with all its social obligations: payment of pensions, allowances, stipends and salaries to state employees. Belarus earlier adopted a program of targeted social assistance. Over the past three months, about 70 thousand people have received it. In August and November, the minimum social pensions will increase. 


International cardiology conference held in Minsk
International cardiology conference held in Minsk Doctors and scientists from Belarus, Russia and Canada gathered in Minsk on May 19 to exchange experience. Cardiologists, general practitioners and internists met to share practical experience. The main topic for discussion was the possibility of increasing the length and quality of life of patients with cardiovascular disease.


Belarus named the most favorable country for maternity in CIS
Belarus named the most favorable country for maternity in CIS Belarus is ranked the best country in the CIS in the ranking of countries that are favorable for maternity. In the world ranking, Belarus is 25th, ahead of Russia and the United States. The annual ranking is published by the international humanitarian organization "Save Children". It takes into account indicators such as maternal mortality and mortality of young children, schooling duration as well as women's income.


How Minsk acquired medical status in 19th century: first pharmacies and hospitals
How Minsk acquired medical status in 19th century: first pharmacies and hospitals In the medieval Minsk, as in all European cities, barbers were chief physicians. Besides haircuts they made bloodletting, gave medicines out, rendered assistance at home and on the streets. In 1635, barber shops were the first kind of health care organization.


Vasily Zharko, health minister of Belarus
Electronic prescriptions in Belarus by 2016 Electronic prescriptions will be introduced In Belarus in 2016. The innovation will solve the problem of queues at polyclinics. Doctors plan to create hospital records in digital format, too. They will replace paper documents and collect facts about human health throughout his life. It is assumed that in addition to doctors, patients will also have access to their medical cards, though limited. They will be able to see, for example, test results or diagnoses and, if necessary, print them at home.
Belarusian doctors perform unique operation preventing chronic otitis
Belarusian doctors perform unique operation preventing chronic otitis For the first time in the CIS. Belarusian doctors performed a unique operation that prevents chronic otitis. The new method gives a chance for people suffering from obstruction of the auditory tube. Belarusian physicians are expanding the use of German technologies, which allows curing chronic diseases. This means that now they can cure hearing loss. In the future, experts plan to teach foreign colleagues this method, reports the CTV program News 24.


What can make Belarusian medicines more popular?
What can make Belarusian medicines more popular? President Lukashenko on Friday dedicated a meeting to the topic of Belarusian medicines. Belarus started to produce its own drugs in large quantities to replace imports and earn currency in neighboring markets. How does this happen and what can come of it? Anastasia Ivannikova found out. What is "Today and Tomorrow" of Belarusian pharmaceuticals? Belarus supplies about 40% of domestic drugs to foreign markets. Our main customers are the countries of the former Soviet Union and even the United States.


Belarus to create eye bank by end of 2015 There are plans to open an eye bank in Belarus in 2015. It will allow doing planned surgeries to the patients with cornea diseases. We are talking about a medical institution, which will search, prepare, store and distribute tissues for transplantation. At present, Belarusian doctors widely use surgical techniques in plastic cornea surgeries.


Minsk Oncology Center promises new methods of tumor removal by May 2015 World Cancer Day 2015 is being marked on February 4. According to leading oncologists, every effort is made to reduce the number of patients. New treatments and special equipment are being developed. In Belarus, not only because of early diagnosis, but also new methods of treatment, the death rate from cancer is reducing. Minsk Cancer Center staff believes that the equipment of the past cannot fight against the challenges of the future. And now they are installing unique equipment. It allows carrying out high-precision radiation therapy.


Belarus' pharmaceutical market estimated at about $1 billion The pharmaceutical market in Belarus is now estimated at about one billion U.S. dollars. Half of this money should be earned by Belarusian producers. Such plans were voiced at the December 19 international pharmaceutical forum held in Minsk. Development and production of foreign analogues requires huge costs.  To attract investors, Belarus needs to modernize the existing production facilities and create new businesses. 


Belarus President presents state awards The President of Belarus presented state awards on December 17. The ceremony in the Palace of Independence brought together those who were named best of the best in their fields. These are doctors and teachers, artists and the arts, servicemen and athletes.  Overall, the list of awardees includes 40 people. The President said that Belarusians are thankful to those who work hard and constantly makes our life better. 


Belarus-Russia breeding transgenic goats as part of interstate project Last week, the Union State of Russia and Belarus turned 15. The treaty was signed on December 8, 1999. Since then, the integration has gone much further.  Now the two countries are implementing a number of joint projects. One of them is the breeding of transgenic goats. Here it is - goat number 1. It is the first transgenic goat in the world. This goat was born seven years ago. Natalia, a researcher at the laboratory of reproduction and genetic engineering at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, says the kid's birth was a sensation for the scientific community.


New drug dispensing rules in Belarus cause public discontent A resolution on the new rules of dispensing drugs was discussed at the December 9 meeting of the Belarus President with the Health Minister Vasily Zharko. The President drew attention to the supply of drugs to pharmacies and hospitals, adding that Belarusian medicines must be of a high quality. The officials also discussed the quality of the provision of medical services.