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Education in Belarus


Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Belarusians on Day of Knowledge
Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Belarusians on Day of Knowledge September 1 Belarus marks Day of Knowledge. A new academic year began for 965,000 students, of which over 100,000 are first-graders. In general, it is nearly 20,000 students more than last year. The September 1 day traditionally starts with thematic lessons teaching them patriotism. Today Belarusian universities welcome freshmen for first lectures. Celebrations are held in all the universities of the country. President Alexander Lukashenko wished pupils, students, teachers, researchers and teachers happy Knowledge Day.


Mikhail Myasnikovich visits new school in nuclear engineers' town Ostrovets Today, August 31, the new academic year began in gymnasium No.1 in Ostrovets. The school was built at the beginning of the year in a newly built town of nuclear scientists and engineers. Every classroom in school has an interactive board. It operates its own gym. Particular attention is paid to specialized education. In high school, students will be able to decide what special subjects they will be learning.
Alexander Lukashenko visits new school in Minsk to mark beginning of school year
Alexander Lukashenko visits new school in Minsk to mark beginning of school year September 1 Belarus will mark Knowledge Day. On August 31, schools all over Belarus held solemn "First Bell" ceremonies for first-graders and other schoolchildren to mark the beginning of the new school year. This is a true holiday not only for students, but also for their parents and teachers. There are about 965,000 schoolchildren in Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko today went to the Kamennaya Gorka neighborhood of Minsk to partake in a ceremony to mark the start of school year in school No.56. 


Belarusian children from low-income families to receive support ahead of new academic year On August 28 Minsk children from low-income families will be given school items as part of the nation-wide project promoting social equality among school children. The charity event designed to prepare kids for school started in Minsk in mid-July.  Anyone could join it. Minsk residents could donate any school items to collection points. In 2015, Belarusian activists collected thousands of office supplies: pens, notebooks, rulers, and other necessary attributes of school life. These gifts were enough to collect 260 bags for first-graders.


Entire Belarus to be connected to e-school system
Entire Belarus to be connected to e-school system The entire Belarus will be connected to a single e-school system. On August 25, the Belarus Ministry of Education said that the project will be introduced in 2015 in several regions. A year later, almost all schools of Belarus will take part in the experiment. The project "Electronic School" is an online platform that provides access to various information services. These are e-zines, blogs and curriculum. In addition, each student receives a personal card. It combines the functions of bank payment cards and a universal electronic document.


Belarus to buy about 100 school buses prior to new academic year
Belarus to buy about 100 school buses prior to new academic year By September 1, about a hundred school buses will be bought in Belarus. Of these, 10 will be given to each region by the Development Bank in line with a special action program. In turn, the Belarusian traffic police are conducting a survey of all organizations providing transportation services to schoolchildren. The police check condition of school buses and their routes as well as instruct drivers on peculiarities of transporting children.


Experts urge to cancel home tasks in Belarusian schools
Experts urge to cancel home tasks in Belarusian schools In school without stress. Education experts urge Belarusian education authorities to allow school students to spend more time on physical education. To this end, they offer to cancel home tasks at school in the future. This will enhance the effectiveness of school education and reduce the burden that often does not correspond to norms. Not every child spends less than two and a half hours to do homework.
Belarus and China to jointly train journalists
Belarus and China to jointly train journalists Belarus and China will work together to train journalists. This was discussed in the main university of Belarus, the Belarusian State University. High school students from China got familiar with Belarus' education on August 19. Over ten days almost fifty students from China have visited Belarus for recuperation. The BSU today trains more than 2.5 thousand foreign students. A third of them are young people from China. The majority after graduating continue to study for higher degrees.


Alexander Lukashenko hearing out report from education minister Mikhail Zhuravkov
State to help Belarusian children from poor families prior to new school year The education system of Belarus is ready for the new academic year, education minister Mikhail Zhuravkov told the Belarusian President. All repairs planned prior to September 1, the beginning of school year in Belarus, will be completed and all children will get full sets of textbooks. Special equipment has been installed in some physics and chemistry classrooms. Moreover, the increasing number of Belarusian towns purchase buses to transport kids to and from school.


Mutual visits of Belarusian and Chinese kids strengthen bilateral ties
Mutual visits of Belarusian and Chinese kids strengthen bilateral ties Mutual visits of children from Belarus and China will strengthen cooperation between the two countries, said August 12 Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus at a meeting with students from China. Natalia Kochanova hopes that such exchanges will become a good tradition. 


Pakistani Prime Minister awarded honorary professor of the Belarusian State University title
Nawaz Sharif awarded title of honorary professor of Belarusian State University Belarus and Pakistan are planning to carry out joint research projects and exchange students. The Belarusian State University (BSU) and educational institutions of the Islamic Republic signed the relevant Memorandum of Understanding.  The documents will contribute to the implementation of exchange programs, as well as the creation of scientific and educational projects and the holding of seminars and conferences.


Reflections and fate of Ukrainian students in Belarus
Reflections and fate of Ukrainian students in Belarus The protagonists of our next report arrived in Belarus for seemingly trivial things, like peace of mind, the opportunity to learn and work. The true value of these things in all colors opens only when they disappear. Alisa is going to the university for the first time. The college student at the University of Luhansk had not planned to change the university but in the spring of 2014 mines began to explode in the streets of her hometown.


Deputy Premier: Belarus' social security system up and running
Deputy Premier: Belarus' social security system up and running The government has provided the stable functioning of social services. This was announced on June 30 by Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Natalia Kachanova. In particular, she stated that the state fully complies with all its social obligations: payment of pensions, allowances, stipends and salaries to state employees. Belarus earlier adopted a program of targeted social assistance. Over the past three months, about 70 thousand people have received it. In August and November, the minimum social pensions will increase. 


Belarus President takes part in solemn ball of graduates in Minsk
Belarus President takes part in solemn ball of graduates in Minsk The cherished invitation to the main ball of graduates was sent to 253 students. They are the best students around the country. This is their finest hour. Daria Trigubova, a graduate of the Minsk State Linguistic University:This is a wonderful way to say thank you to the students for good grades. And first of all, it is a great joy, a new achievement, new discoveries!


Belarus, Lithuania agree on mutual recognition of education certificates
Belarus, Lithuania agree on mutual recognition of education certificates The first meeting of Belarusian and Lithuanian experts on the finalization of the draft intergovernmental agreement on mutual recognition and equivalence of documents on education was held in Minsk on Monday, the press center of the Ministry of Education of Belarus.


Belarus joins Bologna process
Belarus joins Bologna process Belarus has joined the Bologna Process. Such a decision was made on May 14, 2015 by the ministers of education of the European space during the summit of heads of the relevant departments in Armenia. The Bologna Committee acknowledged achievements in the development of the Belarusian education system. This allows Belarusian students to study in the leading universities of Europe.


Who is developing robots in Belarus?
Who is developing robots in Belarus? Will we live to see those fantastic times when robots replace people? And maybe they will even elect presidents! The latest tools and artificial intelligence quickly burst into our lives, progress cannot be stopped, and "only those who create new technologies, have a future." This is what President Lukashenko said when visiting the Belarusian company Peleng this week. Ilona Volynets has the report about the highest technologies, including at the household level.


Sergei Rudyi
World Bank allocates $340,000 grant to Belarus' Education Ministry The World Bank has allocated to the Ministry of Education of Belarus a grant for $340,000.  The investment project should help the regions to strengthen the material and technical base, carry out the capital repair of schools, purchase of educational and laboratory equipment. At the moment, we are talking about 150 schools in small towns and rural areas, which is expected to increase the number of trainees. The first 22 schools will be able to begin repair works from January 1, 2016.


President: Youth policy has always been one of Belarus' priorities On January 20, all roads of Belarus led the youth in Minsk where the 42th Congress of the Belarusian National Youth Union (BRSM) was held. A large-scale forum was held in the Palace of the Republic. It gathered thousands of participants from across the country and abroad. The event was attended by the President of Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko always treats young people with attention and trust.  The President supported all the proposals and noted that the current Year of Youth should be remembered for many generations.


New education minister: Belarus will join Bologna process in 2015 On December 27, First Vice-Rector of the Belarusian State University Mikhail Zhuravkov became Minister of Education.


Alexander Lukashenko: Children and the elderly are our major concern On December 29, the Belarusian head of state designated the state's priorities in the social sphere during a visit to the capital's home for seniors and the disabled. The President got acquainted with the living conditions, visited the dining room and auditorium of the Minsk rest home. This orphanage is now home to 391 people. Most of them live only on state support. Minsk rest home


President: Belarusians will take care of peace and prosperity in their own land Belarusians will take care of peace and prosperity in their own land. Alexander Lukashenko said this during the December 24 New Year charity festival for children held as part of the ongoing nationwide campaign "Our Children". Addressing the young audience, the President stressed that each of them can do something good for their country. Especially considering that the coming year has been declared the Year of Youth.
Alexander Lukashenko, his son Nikolai attend New Year charity festival It is necessary to discover talent and ability in children as early as possible, said Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko during a New Year charity festival which was held as part of the ongoing annual nationwide campaign "Our Children". The head of state touched on the reformation of the Belarusian education system. In particular, the introduction of the five-day school week. According to the President, school children need the sixth day to do their favorite useful things - sports and industrial arts.


Belarus President presents state awards The President of Belarus presented state awards on December 17. The ceremony in the Palace of Independence brought together those who were named best of the best in their fields. These are doctors and teachers, artists and the arts, servicemen and athletes.  Overall, the list of awardees includes 40 people. The President said that Belarusians are thankful to those who work hard and constantly makes our life better. 


Alexander Lukashenko appoints head of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park Alexander Lukashenko made a number of appointments on 15 December.  MP Marat Zhilinsky was nominated rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President.