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Belarusian beef
Russia to remove restrictions on beef supplies from Belarus February 5 On February 5, Russia will remove restrictions on the supply of beef from nine Belarusian companies which products were suspected of containing the genome of African swine fever, said Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister Leonid Zatyats following talks in Moscow with the head of the Russian sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor Sergei Dankvert. Rosselkhoznadzor said the State Veterinary Service of Belarus has been warned about the inadmissibility of further violations.


Leonid Zayats
Head of Belarusian Agriculture Ministry: We are honest with Russia Belarus did not allow transit of goods that fell under embargo through its territory to Russia. This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Food of Belarus Leonid Zayats who commented on the Russian side's statement that Belarus let forbidden fruit and vegetables pass through its territory. The claims relate to the facts when products were transported to Kazakhstan rather than the Russian Federation.
Otar Danelia
Belarus set to increase meat, dairy supplies to Georgia On February 2, in Minsk, the Agriculture Ministers of Belarus and Georgia signed a protocol in which they expressed their intention to increase the supply of meat and dairy products to Georgia.  In addition to exporting products, Belarus wants to trade with Georgia in Belarusian tractors, too. Our agricultural machinery will fit local farmers. According to experts, there is a real opportunity to increase the current turnover of $62 million. The Georgian agriculture minister noted that further cooperation with Belarus will be fruitful.


Alexander Kalinin, chairman of the NGO "Belarusian Union of Entrepreneurs"
Business community makes proposals to improve business environment in Belarus The business community has made proposals to improve the business environment in Belarus. Businessmen focused on improving the investment climate, pricing issues, compliance with assortment list and many other matters. Taking part in the drafting of the document was attended by representatives of business associations and business experts.
Sanaka Samarasinha
UN: Belarus occupies top spot in the list of countries with average income Belarus occupies the top spot in the list of countries with an average income. These are the findings of the UN. Belarus, moreover, is not going to stop there. Belarus is now developing a national strategy for sustainable social and economic development until 2030 and the national development plan for the next five years. The United Nations stands ready to support these initiatives.


Mikhail Myasnikovich
Mikhail Myasnikovich: Prices for Belarusian exports have remained almost at the previous level Work with citizens should not be formal and needs to be more active. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the National Assembly Mikhail Myasnikovich in the Borisov district. The head of the upper chamber of the Belarusian parliament got acquainted with the work of local enterprises. He evaluated the modernized enterprise Borisovdrev and stressed that the greatest attention should be paid to the development of the Borisov district economy.
Belarus President thanks China for friendly help in difficult economic environment The socio-economic development of Belarus was one of the main topics of the January 29 discussion. The President noted that Belarus is interested in attracting investments. And the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park in the Smolevichy district is one of the examples of Belarus' cooperation with foreign partners. Its implementation will benefit not only Belarus' central region but also the country.
President Lukashenko says common Eurasian market of 170 million beneficial for Belarus
President Lukashenko says common Eurasian market of 170 million beneficial for Belarus Open dialogue. Alexander Lukashenko is taking part in a press conference during which he answers questions of Belarusian and foreign journalists. The meeting has alerady lasted 6 hours. The President proposed a new format of a dialogue instead of a press conference. Taking part in the event are 250 journalists. Communication takes place in an atmosphere of discussion.  The President sincerely and honestly answered all questions.
Alexander Lukashenko is giving a press conference with Belarusian and foreign media on January 29, 2015
Alexander Lukashenko: I will never give up socially oriented model until the end of my presidency Open dialogue. Alexander Lukashenko continues to communicate with the Belarusian and foreign journalists on January 29. The President for the first time refused from the format of a press conference inviting media representatives who gathered in the Palace of Independence. There are 250 of them. The meeting is taking place in an atmosphere of discussion, recalling the format of a forum or a business conference. The President is sincerely and honestly answering all questions.


Alexander Lukashenko makes personnel decisions
Alexander Lukashenko: We will overcome this crisis The Belarusian head of state made a number of personnel decisions today and changed a number of heads of Belarusian districts. The changes concern the Vitebsk and Mogilev regions. Natalia Breus, CTV:Today's nominations are the next link in the chain of big personnel policy in Belarus. On the eve of the new year, almost 50% of the composition of the Government was changed. The President announced that the reshuffle will take place throughout the year.  And now it is time to appoint new officials to certain districts of Belarus.


Andrei Kobyakov summarizes operation of Belarusian economy in 2014 No cabinet work but emphasis on material production and export capacity. Questions on which the Belarus Government is currently focused were discussed on January 22 at the meeting of the President with Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov. Since the end of 2014, meetings on topical issues, which the economic staff of the country discuss together with the head of state, have become a tradition. And, according to Alexander Lukashenko, this form of work should be preserved. 
Alexander Lukashenko and premier Andrei Kobyakov
President Lukashenko says material production, export growth vital for Belarus' economic revival The Belarus President told the government that cabinet work is now over. The emphasis should be placed on material production and increasing export.  Questions on which the updated government is now working were discussed on January 22 at the meeting of the Belarus President with Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov. Since the end of 2014, meetings on topical issues, which the economic staff of the country discuss together with the head of state, have become a tradition. And, according to Alexander Lukashenko, this form of work should be preserved.
Alexander Lukashenko and Leonid Anfimov
Alexander Lukashenko: When the whole world is in crisis, our businesses must control their appetite On January 22, the Belarus President met with the Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus. Leonid Anfimov reported on the work of the Committee during 2014. In addition, attention was paid to the issues which are now under the special control of the department. They are connected and distressed residential buildings, land use, and hydropower.
Alexander Lukashenko does not rule out state support to Geely carmaker At the meeting of Alexander Lukashenko with premier Andrei Kobyakov on January 22, the officials touched upon the measures to stimulate sales of Geely cars.  The people's car has been produced for several years at the joint Belarusian-Chinese venture. This project has been implemented in Belarus since 2011. In Borisov, up to 10,000 cars a year will be produced. The cars are popular in Russia and Kazakhstan. And, according to the President, the state may even stimulate sales of these cars if it gives effect to the budget and the state.


World Economic Forum in Davos
Ukraine issue on agenda during World Economic Forum The World Economic Forum is underway in Davos. The theme of the 45th meeting is "The new global context". The meeting will focus on a wide range of issues: lack of resources, infrastructure, anti-corruption and the future of the Internet, as well as geopolitical conflicts, in particular, the situation in the east of Ukraine.


Alexander Lukashenko speaking in the Belarus Parliament
Alexander Lukashenko says economic instability is the main danger Belarus faces The President of Belarus expects from the updated government fresh ideas aiming to balance the economic development and improve people's welfare. At a meeting of the sixth extraordinary session of the House of Representatives on January 15, the President, according to the Constitution, presented the new Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov.  The lower house of the Belarus Parliament today agreed on the appointment of the head of government.


Alexander Lukashenko sends message to heads of state of Eurasian Economic Union President Alexander Lukashenko has sent a message to the heads of state of the Eurasian Economic Union. On January 1, Belarus assumed the chairmanship of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, the Intergovernmental Council of the Eurasian and the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission. The work of the Belarusian side in this period will be aimed at promoting the four fundamental economic freedoms of the Union. Namely: the freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and labor. Belarus advocates for the complete abolition of exceptions and limitations.
Alexander Lukashenko sends draft of decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens" for revision
Alexander Lukashenko sends draft of decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens" for revision There should not be social dependency in Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko on January 13 held a meeting on the draft decree "On the promotion of employment of citizens." In fact, it is about to make to pay for the social benefit those who do not pay taxes but receives salary illegally or engaged in the informal sector of the economy. Back in October 2014, the President instructed to develop measures against such citizens. There are about 500,000 of them in Belarus.


National Bank of Belarus
Belarusian ruble tied closer to Russian On January 9, Belarus cancelled a fee individuals had to pay when buying foreign currency. The relevant decision of the National Bank seeks to bring closer rates of purchase and sale of foreign currency in exchange points to the official exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble. The National Bank resumes the use of the mechanism of pegging the ruble to a basket of foreign currencies. In the structure of the basket, the Russian ruble's share will increase to 40% while the shares of the euro and the U.S. dollar will fall to 30% each.


Belarus ranking 13th European country with lowest salary According to experts' data, the average salary in Belarus amounted to 426 euros last year. It's 11.5 times less than in Liechtenstein. Citizens of that country received the highest average salary (4896 euros) per month last year.  But it should be noted that the situation in Belarus isn't so deplorable. For example, some of our neighbors - Ukrainians - topped the list of countries with the lowest salaries.  In Ukraine the average salary amounted to 178 euros in 2014. It turns out that Belarusians were 2.3 times richer than Ukrainians.


Belarus scraps tax on exchange trade in foreign currency On January 8, Belarus cancels tax on operations on the stock exchange involving currency purchase. The corresponding decree of the Council of Ministers has been published at the National Internet Portal of Legal Information and has already entered into force. On December 19, 2014, Belarus had to impose a temporary 30-percent fee for foreign currency purchase by legal entities and individuals. This decision was taken in view of the increased demand for U.S. dollars and euros.


Belarus to pay creditors over $4 bn in 2015 In 2015, Belarus needs to repay more than $4 billion in internal and external public liabilities. According to Belarusian media, Belarus will need about $3.1 billion to transfer to the repayment and servicing of the external public debt. Repayment and service of debt formed in connection with the issue of five-year Eurobonds by Belarus in 2010 accounts for the largest volume of foreign currency payments. The country will need almost $1.2 billion for repayments on these obligations.


Argentina interested in buying MAZ trucks Argentina is interested in trucks of Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ). Businessmen from the province of Buenos Aires expressed interest to the project for organization of assembly production of trucks of Minsk Automobile Plant during the performances of the Belarusian team MAZ-SPORTavto in the city 25 May (25 de Mayo) on December 31. The team MAZ-SPORTavtol arrived in Argentina in late December to participate in the international rally raid Dakar-2015. 


Belarus to develop three technical regulations for nascent Eurasian Economic Union The Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) will develop 22 new technical regulations for different types of products in addition to the technical regulations adopted in the framework of the Customs Union. Belarus will be responsible for the development of two technical regulations, Kazakhstan for three, Russia for 14 and the Eurasian Economic Commission (the EEU government) for three more.


Alexander Lukashenko: Belarus will strive to normalize relations with the West To preserve peace and order in the country, to ensure economic growth and decent standard of living. Such priorities were outlined by President Alexander Lukashenko on December 30 while introducing the new head of the Presidential Administration of Belarus Alexander Kosinets.  The new official is expected to come up with effective solutions in the field of human resources, in ideological work and work with citizens.


President: I cannot allow another destabilization of Belarus' financial system On December 30, the President of Belarus presented to the staff the new head of the National Bank giving him a certificate of employment. Pavel Kallaur is an experienced financier and a candidate of economic sciences.  He worked in the National Bank for 17 years, and during the last four years he led the regional structure of one of the leading commercial banks. The regulator faces important tasks at present. First, it needs to ensure the stability of the national currency. Belarus has managed to normalize the situation. 
Alexander Lukashenko: Money, power and property is key to stability of any state The Administration of the Belarus President is the political headquarters of the country. Alexander Lukashenko said this on December 30 introducing a new Head of Administration Alexander Kosinets. The President stressed that Mr Kosinets is a strong and energetic man, and much will depend on him. Work with the staff is an important duty of the Presidential Administration.  Professionalism, dedication and results are the main things for a person in this position, stressed Alexander Lukashenko.
Belarus President says no mass privatization in sight The President of Belarus demands a good start from the renewed Government from the first days. The Head of State said this on December 29, presenting to the government new Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov. Mr Lukashenko said he expects the Government will ensure the normal operation of enterprises, increase export and seek new trading partners. Special attention should be paid to the Belarusian consumer market.


Belarus President demands immediate, good start from new government The President of Belarus demands a good start from the renewed Government from the first days. The head of state said this on December 29, presenting new Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov. Alexander Lukashenko gave him a service certificate. In general, by staff rotation, the President wants to strengthen the economic block in the central apparatus. The Head of State wants the Government to ensure the normal operation of enterprises. The expansion of export and the search for new trading partners remains the main objective.
Belarus parliament to convene for extraordinary session January 15 The Council of the Republic and the House of Representatives, both chambers of the Belarusian parliament, will meet in an extraordinary session on January 15. The relevant decrees were signed by the Belarus President. The seventh extraordinary session of the upper chamber is convened to consent to the appointment by the President of Belarus of the Chairman of the National Bank as well as to consider other issues.


Andrei Kobyakov nominated new Belarus' prime minister On December 27, Alexander Lukashenko fulfilled his long-standing promise and almost completely renewed the government. However, a lot of new appointees are in fact familiar faces. Andrei Kobyakov, former head of the Presidential Administration, was appointed new prime minister. Governor of the Vitebsk region Alexander Kosinets replaced Mr Kobyakov. Two well-known bankers returned to power. Head of BPS-Bank Vasily Matyushevsky became first deputy prime minister.


Alexander Lukashenko sees progress in combating Belarusian economy's problems Problems in the Belarusian economy are being gradually resolved, including recent financial and foreign currency issues, said the Belarus Head of State at a meeting on the country's economic development. On December 26, the government reported on its work to resolve the current problems of the Belarusian economy. A week ago, a similar government meeting was held. It took a number of decisions to resolve problems with the lack of foreign currency in exchange points and people's expectations of coming devaluation of the Belarusian ruble.
MTZ ordered to 'restore reputation' in China in 2015 Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ) has been tasked to restore reputation in China in early 2015, according to the December 23 resolution of the Belarus Government on increasing capacity and diversification of export. MTZ is instructed to restore reputation in the Chinese market and conclude a contract to supply tractor sets in 2015, reads the document.


Russia may provide Belarus with financial support in 2015 Today, on December 25, during a telephone conversation, Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev discussed joint projects and options for providing financial support for Belarus, BelTA news agency reports. The Prime Ministers of the two countries agreed to take concerted action on the functioning of the system of national economies, taking into account the adverse external conditions. 


Russia banned Belarus' foodstuffs without Putin's consent Investigating authorities of Belarus and Russia will look for those who were responsible for ban on the supply of Belarusian products to Russia in December. 
Common financial market in Eurasian Economic Union by 2025? At the meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council at the level of Heads of State in Moscow on December 23, the presidents of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia signed a package of documents aimed at the development of integration and improvement of the activities of the nascent union.  According to the press service of the President of Belarus, services for which a single market within the EEU will take effect already on January 1, 2015, has been determined. 


World Bank grants Ukraine $380 million in next tranche of loan The World Bank has granted Ukraine the next tranche of the loan. The tranche of almost $380 million is designed to help develop Ukraine's energy industry.  Some $50 million are allocated for the creation of a system of green energy. These are primarily solar and wind generators. Another $2.5 million will be directed to the reform of the Ministry of Energy. The project is part of a program of the World Bank designed to support Ukraine, which was announced in March 2014. The loan is allocated for 18 years.


President: Belarus will not restrict import Belarus will not restrict import in connection with the difficult situation on the financial and currency markets. This was said by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on December 22. The head of state took reports from the president's aides in the Vitebsk and Grodno regions. The President asked about the situation in the region after the decision of the government and the National Bank to restrict introduce a 30% fee on foreign currency purchases.


President Lukashenko calls Russia's food sanctions against Belarus stupid The media asked Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on December 19 about Russia's sanctions against Belarusian dairy and meat companies.
Belarus' pharmaceutical market estimated at about $1 billion The pharmaceutical market in Belarus is now estimated at about one billion U.S. dollars. Half of this money should be earned by Belarusian producers. Such plans were voiced at the December 19 international pharmaceutical forum held in Minsk. Development and production of foreign analogues requires huge costs.  To attract investors, Belarus needs to modernize the existing production facilities and create new businesses. 
Belarus introduces temporary 30% fee for buying foreign currency Belarus has introduced a temporary 30-percent fee for those who wish to buy foreign currency. This was reported by the Belarus National Bank on December 19. This decision is due to the increased demand for foreign money and concerns of both legal and natural persons. Companies and banks will pay the fee when buying currency at the exchange, while the citizens will be charged a fee for buying currency in banks. These funds will be transferred to the budget.
Belarus President promises economic stabilization in H1 2015 After a visit to the State Committee of Forensic Examinations, Alexander Lukashenko answered questions from the media. The journalists wanted to know about reforms in the judicial system, the upcoming trilateral meeting of the contact group on Ukraine and the problem with restrictions on Belarusian food exports to Russia.


President: Exchange rate of Belarusian ruble depends on people Increase in export and boosting sales of Belarusian products. These are the main topics of the meeting on economic issues hosted by the Belarus President. In general, the situation in the Russian financial market, the main export market of Belarus, remains unpredictable. According to the President, Belarus will not rush to devalue its ruble after Russia. The stability in the currency market is the task of the Government and the entire banking system. However, people's behavior plays an important role.
Putin blames sinking Russian ruble on oil and gas prices The President of Russia considers a sharp decline in world prices for oil and gas the main factors of the fall of the Russian ruble. Vladimir Putin said this in Moscow at the press conference on December 18.  The President acknowledged that the Western sanctions also played their role in the current economic situation. But Putin believes the damage from them has been strongly exaggerated.
Alexander Lukashenko: We're not going to devalue the Belarusian ruble after Russia Belarus will not follow Russia in devaluing its national currency. This was stated by the Belarus President at a meeting on economic issues. The meeting discussed the situation in the real economy as well as the curbing of unreasonable increases in prices for goods and services in the domestic market.  According to the President, the stability of the currency market is the task of the government and the banking system led by the National Bank.


Belarusian MPs adopt draft budget 2015 in second reading A draft law on the national budget for 2015 has been adopted by Belarusian MPs in the second reading. Traditionally, the main financial document of the country retains social orientation.  It aims to reduce external debt and increase the salaries of state employees. Other priorities include the financing of individual sectors of the economy, its modernization and increase in export.


Belarus PM calls for ramping up export to non-Customs Union states Belarus needs to take the most decisive steps to increase export to countries outside the Customs Union. This was stated by the Belarus Government on December 16. The majority of Belarusian goods is sold in the Russian market. The situation with oil prices and the devaluation of the Russian ruble poses a potential economic threat to Belarus' security. Revenue from sales to Russia have declined by more than $700 million. However, even against this background, Belarus economy has grown in January-November 2014 by 1.7%.
Russia questions quality of Belarusian salt Russia is again displeased with the quality of Belarusian products. This time violations were found in salt by the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Protection and Welfare of Russia (Rospotrebnadzor).  According to the Russian side, products of the Belarusian companies Mozyrsol and Belaruskali allegedly contains various impurities. Supplies have not been banned but sanitary inspection rules at checkpoints have been toughened.


Russia lifts restrictions on Belarus' meat, dairy supplies Russia is gradually lifting the ban on the supply of Belarusian foodstuffs. It is important to note that Belarusian companies have not changed the production technology. It means that sausage is stuffed with the same meat and the same cows give milk but the harmful substances that Russia mentioned are gradually disappearing somewhere. Regardless of the trade disputes, Moscow residents and other Russians have not changed their tastes and regularly buy Belarusian goods.  
Belarus-Russia breeding transgenic goats as part of interstate project Last week, the Union State of Russia and Belarus turned 15. The treaty was signed on December 8, 1999. Since then, the integration has gone much further.  Now the two countries are implementing a number of joint projects. One of them is the breeding of transgenic goats. Here it is - goat number 1. It is the first transgenic goat in the world. This goat was born seven years ago. Natalia, a researcher at the laboratory of reproduction and genetic engineering at the Belarusian Academy of Sciences, says the kid's birth was a sensation for the scientific community.
Will Russia's economic crisis hit Belarus in 2015? The end of 2014 was not at all easy for Belarus and Russia. The countries have recently resolved the food dispute connected with Russia's ban on Belarus' dairy and meet supplies due to some dangerous substances. Going into 2015 Belarus needs to take into account the economic problems in the Russian market, which the country greatly depends on. 
Alexander Lukashenko appoints head of Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park Alexander Lukashenko made a number of appointments on 15 December.  MP Marat Zhilinsky was nominated rector of the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President.


Belarus needs to diversify export amid neighbors' economic problems, Alexander Lukashenko says On December 12, the Belarusian President met with the country's Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei to discuss Belarus' multi-vector foreign policy. The head of state touched on issues related to foreign policy and economy. He underlined the importance of increasing export. This is Mr Lukashenko's second such statement in as many days. Russia, Belarus' main trading partner, is experiencing one of its worst economic crises in recent years.


Export diversification among Belarus' top priorities in 2015 Causes of the recent Belarus-Russia food dispute do not lie in Belarus, said Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on December 11. The head of state held a meeting on Belarus' topical economic issues. The meeting, held amid turmoil on the market of Russia, Belarus' key trading partner, aimed to discuss Belarus' performance in foreign markets.
Income tax in Belarus may increase to 13% Belarus continues to support families with children: in 2015, record amounts of money will be allocated for these purposes from the country's budget. The House of Representatives, the lower house of the Belarus parliament, adopted the 2015 budget of Belarus in the first reading on December 11.  Next year's budget will focus on decreasing the national debt, maintaining the achieved level of funding for health and education and increased support for families with children. Great Patriotic War veterans will get a total of Br300 billion.
Belarus budget for 2015: Social welfare state amid tiny growth The lower house of the Belarusian Parliament, the House of Representatives, adopted the country's budget for 2015 in the first reading on December 11. The main financial document has a surplus of 15 trillion rubles. National budget revenues for 2015 will amount to about 157 trillion rubles. Budget priorities in 2015 will be the reduction of public debt, maintaining the achieved level of health and education funding and more support for families with children. Social orientation has been maintained in the budget.
Alexander Lukashenko wants Belarus' economy to grow quicker The Belarusian head of state instructed the government to achieve higher figures in 2015 than it was initially planned. It is projected that the growth would be less than 1%. According to Alexander Lukashenko, the country should take every opportunity to improve its macroeconomic figures.
President says Belarus not to blame for food dispute with Russia One should not look for causes of the recent Belarus-Russia food dispute in Belarus. This statement was made by Alexander Lukashenko on December 11. The President held a meeting on Belarus' topical economic issues. Alexander Lukashenko wanted to hear about the current situation in foreign markets. In particular, he asked to describe the situation in Russia, whose rouble has been weakening.


Russia to lift ban on Belarusian meat and dairy products Belarus will resume shipments of meat and dairy products to Russia after Russian sanitary watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor's restrictions. First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov of Russia is going to give an order to lift the ban on the delivery of Belarus' products. This was reported by member of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission Sergei Rumas at the end of the meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) board in Moscow December 10.
Belarus, Latvia point out importance of improved border infrastructure The issue of diversification of supply and choice of supply chains is very important for Belarus. This topic topped the agenda of the December 10 meeting of the Belarusian-Latvian intergovernmental commission on economic and R&D cooperation, which was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus. The sides discussed prospects for cooperation in almost all key sectors of the economy. Projects in agriculture, construction, education and science are in the center of attention.


Russian sanitary watchdog checking Belarusian food companies amid dispute over food quality A large-scale monitoring of Belarusian food processing enterprises began on December 9. Rosselkhoznadzor, Russia's sanitary watchdog, in tandem with the Belarusian Veterinary Service and experts from the Eurasian Economic Commission, started to check the plants that have come under restrictions.   Rosselkhoznadzor blacklisted 23 Belarusian enterprises. Deliveries of meat and some dairy products have been temporarily suspended. After government talks in Moscow in early December, the sides agreed an inspection to check Belarusian processing plants.


Belarus President warns Minsk mayor against price hikes ahead of Christmas Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko supported the idea to establish a municipal trade network in Minsk during the meeting with Minsk mayor Andrei Shorets. Mr President also asked the recently appointed mayor to make sure that prices don’t go up in stores in the run-up to New Year, one of the main public holidays in Belarus [December 31 - January 1].
Belarus waiting for 2015 budget to be adopted Belarus' budget for 2015 has been planned with a surplus. As expected, revenues will exceed expenses by almost 16 trillion Belarusian rubles [about $1.5 billion]. On December 8 the draft budget was considered by members of the House of Representatives [lower chamber of Belarus' parliament] and heads of ministries. The budget will still be socially oriented. State support will be granted to priority sectors of the economy.
President Lukashenko calls Shakutin exemplary businessman Alexander Lukashenko met with Chairman of the Board of Directors of OAO Amkodor Alexander Shakutin to discuss how investment projects in the field of engineering are being implemented. The President praised the work of the successful businessman, senator and head of the Belarusian Tennis Federation. Today Alexander Shakutin is implementing 15 major projects in Belarus alone. Other 10 are in the pipeline. He has plans to develop travel services and create an agricultural holding company.


What attracts Polish businessmen in Belarus? What interesting do Polish businessmen find in Belarus today? How do Poles, who visited Minsk many years ago, discover Belarus' market again? Witold Wieteska, director of a Polish firm cooperating with Orsha Linen Mill:Our client from France has always said that this is the most beautiful flax in the world. This is Belarusian flax. Witold began to work in Belarus fourteen years ago. He literally fell in love with Belarusian flax. His company supplies this white gold to both Polish market and that of the EU.


Decree: $10,000 for third child in Belarus Young families with two minor children will be able to build housing using preferential loans with an interest of only 5%.  Such a measure is provided by a draft decree which Alexander Lukashenko discussed on December 5 with Minister of Labor and Social Protection Marianna Shchetkina. Long-term support of fertility and family capital were on the agenda.  DEMOGRAPHIC STATS Birth rate in Belarus has recently been pleasing. While in 2010, 109,000 kids were born per year, in 2014 the figure has increased by almost 9,000.
PM on food dispute with Russia: Belarus against any trade wars Belarus has fulfilled all the conditions of the Board of the Eurasian Economic Commission to resolve the situation with the supply of Belarus-made products to Russia, said December 5, said Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich. According to the head of the government, laboratory control was tightened at a number of processing plants: each batch of products is checked for compliance.


Brazil coast
Belarus-Brazil: Potash, tires and clothing dominate bilateral trade In a few days, the UN conference Rio+20 opens in Brazil. The Belarusian delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs will bring to Rio their principle offers. But Belarus is still interested in Brazil as in a promising market for Belarusian goods: today it is among the top ten major foreign economic partners of this country. Until 1960, Rio de Janeiro was the capital of Brazil. The population of the metropolis is now around 13 million.