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Didier Canesse


Belarus plans to build hazardous waste processing plant
Belarus plans to build hazardous waste processing plant A plant for hazardous waste processing may be built in Belarus. The implementation of this project was discussed today by the ecologists of Belarus and France, where such enterprises are already successfully operating. Previously, hazardous wastes collected in Belarus, had to be exported for disposal. Therefore, the question is relevant for Belarus. In addition to handling waste Belarus focuses on air quality, greenhouse gases volumes and the preservation of the natural and animal life.


Francophonie days underway in Minsk
Francophonie days underway in Minsk Francophone Days in Minsk have brought together more than 150 participants from all over the country. The main platform of the event was the Minsk linguistic university. Didier Canesse, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France to Belarus:Pupils and students of secondary schools that teach French are involved. It is such a friendly event! It usually concludes the month of Francophonie in Belarus.


Chef: Belarusian products suitable for cooking French dishes
Chef: Belarusian products suitable for cooking French dishes Belarusian products were used for French culinary masterpieces, which were prepared on March 21 in Minsk. Participants of the international gastronomic festival, 10 Belarusian restaurants and a cooking school, masterly prepared unique dishes from Belarusian potatoes, meat and dairy products. It is noteworthy that the festival brought together more than 2,000 chefs in 150 countries on five continents.


Days of Francophonie start in Minsk
Days of Francophonie start in Minsk The month of Francophonie in Minsk started March 8th with a concert of a Paris music band. During March, Belarusians can get acquainted with French culture, cinema and, of course, cuisine. Traditionally Belarusians show great interest in the French language and not only.


How foreign languages promote Belarusian economy Your tongue will get you anywhere: to Kiev, London, New York or Beijing. Belarusian managers have to keep up with Belarusian foreign policy achievements because they need to agree on sales of Belarusian tractors, cheeses and sausages in English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish and Arab. The English language is a must for Belarusian specialists. Andrei has learned about it from his personal experience. He speaks German fluently and actively uses it at work. Nevertheless, any language should be constantly practiced.