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Cryptocurrencies and electronic money in Belarus


First apartment in Belarus on sale for bitcoins
First apartment in Belarus on sale for bitcoins An unusual proposal appeared on a popular Internet site: an apartment in Minsk is sold for crypto currency! Two prices were named: BYN 399,999 Belarusian rubles or 30 bitcoins. Although on Tuesday one bitcoin cost more than $10,000. "Bitcoin grew, but I advertised the announcement a couple of weeks ago when it cost $7,000." In any case, even when I am paid Belarusian money I will buy lightcoin, etherium and bitcoin," explains Konstantin, the owner of the apartment.


Belarus gets its own cryptocurrency
Belarus gets its own cryptocurrency It is not a secret for anyone that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular today. At the moment as many as nine units are listed among the most popular cryptocurrencies. The leader of the “rating” is Bitcoin. The popularity of cryptocurrencies did not pass by Belarus, the first ever transaction using Biticon was made in Belarus in June of the current year. What is more, Belarus can now say that it has its own cryptocurrency Smart Taler.


Are Bitcoins allowed in Belarus? National Bank
Are cryptocurrencies allowed in Belarus? At the moment, crypto-currencies, including bitcoin, are not regulated in Belarus. They are not considered to be money, services, the object of exclusive rights or any other object of civil rights. Although there is no judicial practice regarding the use of crypto-currencies in Belarus, one can state with a high degree of certainty that crypto-currencies do not actually exist for the Belarusian state for the time being.