How to call to Belarus from abroad


How to call to Belarus from abroad

To call to Belarus from abroad you need to know your country's IDD (International Direct Dial code).

For example, the United States' code is 011. After 011 you need to dial 375 (Belarus' country code), 17 (indicates that you call to a landline in Minsk) and then six digits indicating the telephone number.

Sample call from the USA to a landline in Minsk: 011 375 17 XXX XX XX

Instead of 17 (Minsk's landline code) there can be digits like 25, 29, 33 or 44 indicating a call to a cell phone.

If you are not from the United States, please visit this website to see a detailed instructions on how to call to Belarus from any country. Choose your country from the list and follow the instructions.

Many organizations in Belarus have e-mails that are checked on a daily basis. If you are not sure you will be understood by phone, please write in English rather than call. Thus you will get your idea accross better (note that not all Belarusians know English). Organizations you write to will translate the text and do their best to answer you as quickly and as possible.