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Agrotourism and ecotourism


British ambassador travelling to ancient town of Turov
How British ambassador to Belarus travelled to ancient town of Turov Many high-ranking foreigners open countries anew thanks to a diplomatic mission to a certain state. Fiona Gibb, the British Ambassador to Belarus, admired the beauties of the Pripyat together with her mother. The high guests from the Foggy Albion chose probably the most "British" weather to feel the unique atmosphere of Polesie. You walked a lot in the woods today, how do you like the weather? It seems to me that it is already quite cold!


Alexander Lukashenko signs decree on craftsmanship development
Alexander Lukashenko signs decree on craftsmanship development Even less barriers in development of agroecotourism. The popular business in villages is receiving new possibilities. Now presentations, anniversaries and banquets are allowed to be held at farmsteads. Guest houses can also be built without changing the juridical status of the land. The novelties are introduced by the President’s decree. On October 9, 2017 Alexander Lukashenko signed a document which expands the list of craft activities.


Lithuanian family inspired by Belarusian farmsteads
Lithuanian family inspired by Belarusian farmsteads A family from neighboring Lithuania got interested in Belarus’ experience of conducting agro business. After visiting the Grodno region, Gražina Augvene got inspired by the example of handling agricultural tourism in Belarus. At her native village near Druskininkai she set up an farmstead, where she made a bid on a sure variant-cheese.


Cyprus company buys old property by Minsk Sea
Cyprus company buys old property by Minsk Sea The Minsk Sea, which is also known as Zaslawskaye Reservoir, near Minsk, is to turn into a real resort in the coming years. Some 20 abandoned properties by the Zaslawskaye Reservoir are even now getting a new lease of life, thanks to an investor from Cyprus. Some of the objects are being renovated, while the other ones are only to be owned.


Small farmsteads in Belarus: why do they attract tourists?
Small farmsteads in Belarus: why do they attract tourists? The Minsk region retains its first place in farm tourism. The farmers of the farmsteads have an opportunity to not only show their hospitality, but also run a business in the village thanks to this. One of the largest farmers of the Minsk region has already decided to make his yard a place for tourists from the former Soviet republics and other countries. 17 years of work on several acres of farm fields have produced their effect.


Visiting Belarus in winter: what to see?
Visiting Belarus in winter: What to see? Look at the snow-covered forests in the solar glare. Winter trip around Belarus may turn into an unforgettable fairy tale. There is no such a flow of tourists like in summer, so you can completely relax. It is better to buy a tourist map of Minsk and explore its attractions in advance. Lovers of history will certainly be delighted by Grodno and its open-air architecture.


National Geographic Traveler: Belarus is the best country for agro-tourism
National Geographic Traveler: Belarus is the best country for agro-tourism Belarus has won in the nomination Agrotourism in a ranking of the National Geographic Traveler Awards 2016. Belarus got 24% of votes. In second place is Italy (22%), while France was third (20%). Russia won 18% in this category and Georgia 9%. Belarus has also entered the top 5 countries for health improvement. Israel topped the ranking, followed by the Czech Republic, Hungary and Russia.
Sergey Rukshta, hunter
Fur animal hunting season opens in Belarus On November 5, fur animal hunting season started in Belarus. What animals can you hunt and how much does it cost? Correspondent Olga Petrashevskaya has details. Vitaly Mikulenok, hound dog expert:A hare can lead you anywhere trying to run away: to a farm, down the road or to another village. From November 5, hunters will take with them their favorite dogs that have already passed the so-called hare search exam.


Embroidery on wood in Belarus (photos) Students and teachers of one of local schools in the Brest district have begun reviving an unusual craft. In the village of Vialikija Radvaničy, schoolchildren make embroideries on... wood. The central theme of the patterns is Belarusian ornament. Everything is made of wood without any fabric. Among wooden items are spoons, plates, boxes, and even clocks. This craft was once considered the pinnacle of needlework. Craftsmen handed down secrets of their skills from generation to generation.


Treatment with bees' biomagnetic field: unusual "bee house" appears in Grodno
Treatment with bees' biomagnetic field in Belarus: unusual 'bee house' appears in Grodno In any case, doctors agree on one thing: you should first of all think well and then go to the pharmacy. The design of the hives resembles a village bathhouse. Made from a frame, it has two benches and a table inside. Its function is the same - healing relaxation. The healing substance is the biomagnetic field of bees. Six hives are installed under sunbeds. Above them is netting with wooden planks - so the bees will not disturb the visitor with personal contact. They will give you pleasant buzz and slight vibration of the bench.


Belarus may liberalize agricultural farmsteads legislation
Belarus may liberalize agricultural farmsteads legislation Vitebsk region is often called "paradise for tourists." The Braslav area is rightfully called the pearl of tourism in Belarus. It is in this area where a record number of farmsteads are located. Not surprisingly, during the President's working trip to that region, there was a lot of talk about the development of rural tourism. Alexander Lukashenko visited one of the tourist enterprises of the northern region. A serious investment project started as a small family business, but today on the shores of Lake Snudy is a full-fledged tourist complex.