Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Nebojša Stefanović visits Belarus


Serbian Minister of Internal Affairs Nebojša Stefanović visits Belarus

On March 29, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with the special representative of the Serbian president, deputy prime minister and minister of internal affairs of that Balkan state Nebojša Stefanović.

The sides considered in detail the topical issues of cooperation between the countries.

By the end of 2017, Belarusian export to Serbia increased by more than 3.5 times compared to 2016. Assembly plants of Belarusian tractors and buses are now open in Serbia.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We do not need some introductory words, because we have a brilliant relationship with your country, it cannot be otherwise. We know each other well, I mean Serbia and Belarus. Our peoples are very friendly, we always had very good relations, they developed very dynamically. We are immersed in all the problems that your country is living in. I think you also know well the issues that we have to deal with. It is difficult for you, it's not easy for us, but we lived and we will live, because we are Slavs, we are ancient peoples and we are able to overcome difficulties, if they exist, and overcome them together.

I think that while here in Minsk, you once again saw that we have very cordial relations with our fellow Serbs. I hope that you will give me a detailed description of everything that the president wanted to convey to me. We will discuss and take a decision on the issues on which we must take a decision.

Nebojša Stefanović, Special Representative of the President of Serbia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Internal Affairs of Serbia:
I am so grateful for your words, because we also feel this for your people, our brotherly people. We are very grateful to you.

On March 28, the President of Belarus had a telephone conversation with the President of Serbia, Alexander Vucic. The heads of state discussed the state and prospects of the development of relations between Belarus and Serbia. Today, the positions of the countries in politics and on the regional and international agenda coincide. The countries have to work hard to increase mutual trade.

Alexander Vucic invited Alexander Lukashenko to make an official visit to Serbia. The President of Belarus accepted this invitation.