Belarus President presents awards to winners of Olympics 2018


Belarus President presents awards to winners of Olympics 2018

Preparation of skiers in Belarus will be raised to a new level. A decisive step will be taken in the near future.

This was announced on March 29 by Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with participants of the Games in Pyeongchang. The head of state awarded orders and medals for high professional skills, outstanding sporting achievements and great personal contribution to the successful performance of national teams.

The meeting participants spoke much about the training of Belarusian athletes, their interaction with coaches, various suggestions were sounded to improve the conditions for the preparation of athletes for competitions. So, for example, Alexander Lukashenko instructed us to start production in Belarus of skirollers and ski boots. The necessary conditions for training will be created in regions outside of Minsk. This is no less important issue.

As the head of state emphasizes, all these issues will be considered in detail very soon - a meeting is being prepared on the development of winter sports.

The President also drew attention to the fact that it is not worth counting on big money in the matter of financing the sports industry. Money will be paid only for the result.

The meeting also analyzed the performances of Belarus' athletes at the Winter Olympics.

Sviatlana Sakhanenka, three-time Paralympic biathlon champion:
Each athlete must start their event with huge and passionate desire to win. Only then can they get a good result. For this, of course, there is a lot to do. This is hard work, training and all that stuff.