Belarusians continue to carry flowers and toys to Russian Embassy in Minsk

Belarusians continue to carry flowers and toys to Russian Embassy in Minsk

Russia today mourns for the victims of a fire in a Kemerovo mall. Memorial rallies are held in many cities.

Belarus also responded to the tragedy. As a sign of sorrow and solidarity, on the instructions of President Alexander Lukashenko, national flags are flying at half mast in our country today. People continue to carry flowers and lamps to the Russian Embassy in Minsk. Today, the Condolence Book is available here.

Alena Syrova, CTV:
A makeshift memorial, which appeared here on March 25, continues to grow. Belarusians carry an endless stream of flowers, candles and toys here.

Politicians, cultural figures, diplomats, representatives of law enforcement agencies, the Ministry of Health, and residents of Minsk are paying tribute to the memory of those killed.

Boleslav Pirshtuk, Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives:
We are a single state, we are practically a single nation. Of course, we cannot stand aside. Therefore, of course, we express the words of sincere condolences, sorrow. We wish those who got to hospitals the fastest recovery.

Igor Yurkevich, Deputy Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
Undoubtedly, the tragedy shocked the Belarusian capital. It is impossible to remain indifferent to the deaths of children, the deaths of people who came just to relax.

Disorganization, negligence in terms of fire safety, irresponsibility cross out the lives of people. This is unacceptable, and there are no small things about the safety of people.

Residents of the city:

We feel pain, it's terrible. I have not been able to come to my senses for several days. I learned about it from the Internet. Awful, scary news, it hurts.

People were just playing, and the fire began. I feel very sorry for people. Those children had lives ahead of them, they just came to play.

A father lost three daughters.

It's next to us. We are ourselves from Siberia, from Krasnoyarsk. In Kemerovo, we also have friends and acquaintances. My little boy and I came to express our condolences to what happened. It's very hard. I cannot even imagine myself in the place of mothers and families who have experienced these losses.