Kakha Kaladze: I visited Minsk several times and I really like this city

Kakha Kaladze: I visited Minsk several times and I really like this city

Tbilisi hosted Days of Minsk on March 21-23. On the very first day the Mayor of the Belarusian capital Andrei Shorets met with his Georgian counterpart, former footballer Kakha Kaladze.

The mayors signed a program of cooperation between Tbilisi and Minsk until 2020.

The document provides for the development of partnership in economy, tourism, culture, education, transport and in housing and communal services.

Our cities will exchange experience in the field of providing various services, in high technology and innovations. They will also share investment proposals, conduct business forums between the business communities.

Andrei Shorets, Minsk Mayor:
Our cooperation has been very actively, dynamically developing since September 2015. I am sure that residents of both Minsk and Tbilisi see this both at the level of cultural projects and at the level of the economy. Today the delegation of Minsk, which came here, is very versatile.

I am sure that this document will become a starting point in the cooperation of the two capitals.    

The Georgian side welcomed our Belarusian delegation with real Caucasian hospitality and scope. Guests from Belarus also brought bread and salt and other treats.

Kakha Kaladze, Mayor of Tbilisi:
When I was Minister of Energy, I was in Minsk several times and I really like it. I really like the city, because it is very clean, quiet. People are very kind.

This is a beautiful city.

I am glad that we have such a level of relations today. But the potential to deepen these relations is enormous. It did not begin yesterday or the day before yesterday, but we've been building it for years. And we will work further.

Every year more and more Belarusian tourists visit the capital of Georgia - which, as the mayor admitted, Georgians are very happy with:

Kakha Kaladze:
Tbilisi is a very beautiful city. There are a lot of good places here. Of course, we are very happy, because every year the number of tourists is growing. Therefore, we, too, on our part, want you to be ready for this. It is necessary to create infrastructure, it is necessary that the services be good.

When people come it's important to make sure they feel like home.

And the two capitals do here some areas to cooperate in. In particular, cooperation in the transport sector will be actively developed. Minsk and Tbilisi intend to exchange experience in the development of urban public transport and traffic management.

The Georgian side was interested in deliveries of Minsk's electric buses for Tbilisi and Batumi.

Vladimir Korol, director general of Belkommunmash:
They plan serious work to update their fleet. And so we agreed: in the next 2-3 months we will send a hybrid here on trial and one electric bus.

The plans are really very good.    

The tourism partnership of the two cities provides for the participation of both sides in tourist exhibitions, presentations, forums, seminars, press tours, round tables on the promotion of the tourist potential of Minsk and Tbilisi.

Elena Plis, director of the tourist and information center Minsk:
Health tourism and ecotourism are very popular among Georgians.

But we would like to also advance in terms of medical tourism and the MICE direction.

Our city has something to be proud of, there are very good grounds for conducting serious events, designed for a large number of visitors. Therefore, we plan to work very seriously in this direction.

It is pleasant to recall that since 2015, Tbilisi and Minsk have been twin cities. The Days of Culture of Georgia (Tbilisoba) are loved by Minsk citizens. They are usually held in the Upper Town and have already become traditional in Minsk.

Days of Minsk in the capital of Georgia completed with both sides looking into the future with optimism.