Decree On Development of Digital Economy comes into force in Belarus March 28

Decree On Development of Digital Economy comes into force in Belarus March 28

On March 28, the Decree "On the Development of Digital Economy" comes into force in Belarus.

One of the key aspects of the document is the extension until January 2049 of the special legal regime for the High-Tech Park. From now on, its residents will be able to engage in entirely new areas of activity - such as artificial intelligence, space technology, augmented reality and unmanned vehicles. It will be easier to invite foreign specialists to work, to make deals and introduce new principles of work on the technology of blockchain.

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Dmitry Shedko, First Deputy Minister of Communications and Informatization of Belarus:
With the new decree, companies will find work simpler, more transparent, more natural, and, accordingly, they have more confidence in the environment created in Belarus.

We already see the first effect: 46 new companies recently joined the High Technology Park. These are the companies that still work in the traditional activities of the Park. Because applications for new ones can be accepted only after the decree enters into force.

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We are convinced that in these new conditions, more companies with unique competence will come to Belarus. This is the most important task of the decree - to attract specialists here who will create the necessary development center in Belarus, which will later allow transferring these modern digital technologies to traditional sectors of the economy.

The decree will change the country's economy in the future, help it become a regional leader in high technologies, create favorable conditions for the development of domestic companies and attract world-class professionals to work in Belarus.