HC Dinamo Minsk wants fewer international players


HC Dinamo Minsk wants fewer international players

HC Dinamo Minsk will be reducing the number of international players.

Belarus President on March 27 met with Interior Minister of Belarus and chairman of Dinamo Minsk's supervisory board Igor Shunevich. The Minister informed the head of state about the tactics of the ice hockey club Dinamo next season. Mr. Shunevich and Alexander Lukashenko discussed the formation of the coaching staff, international players and the team as a whole.

Igor Shunevich suggested keeping the current coaching staff of the club. It has been announced that the number of international players at Dinamo will be reduced.

The main topic of the meeting, however, was safety of Belarusian citizens in view of recent tragic events in Russia's Kemerovo, where a shopping mall fire killed several dozen people. The President instructed the Interior Ministry, together with the Emergencies Ministry, to check all public places to ensure the necessary safery measures are taken.

Not only shopping centers will be checked, but literally all facilities and places where a lot of people gather: cinemas, exhibition complexes and living quarters.

The President once again drew attention to the fact that entrepreneurs in Belarus had recently been given much freedom and opportunities to develop their business. Nevertheless, the state retains the function of monitoring people's safety.

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Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus:
With all the liberalization of commercial activity processes, trade and so on, we should not forget about public security.

Any freedom then only makes sense, only has meaning and value when it is backed by some very serious duties, obligations, which in fact guarantees this freedom. 

From this point of view, we will carry out the instructions of the head of state in the near future.