President: God forbid we in Belarus allow the same situation as in Western countries


President: God forbid we in Belarus allow the same situation as in Western countries

Large-scale inspections of public places will be held in Belarus on the instruction of the President.

Another aspect of state security is the responsibility of the citizens themselves. Unauthorized events, according to the President, must be stopped. Alexander Lukashenko recommended paying attention to the situation that has developed in some European countries amidst massive riots. This should be a lesson for Belarus.

Igor Shunevich, Minister of Internal Affairs of Belarus:
Any freedom is good, but it is good when backed by certain obligations, including compliance with security requirements at sites.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Mr. Shunevich, still very important: after these celebrations, when they celebrated 100th or 200th anniversary of something... We do what we want... Everyone should understand that mess begins with this. So do not look around. Do not watch at what statement the European Union or the State Department will make. It's up to them to make statements. But God forbid we create the situation in which Western countries live today.

Take France. Why do people die? Let us have an imperfect, unfinished state system, but we must ensure the safety of people. Therefore, any unauthorized activities that prevent people from living normally must be stopped immediately. They must understand this and hear that this is not a fiction of the police. We have enough freedoms, do not seek trouble. But if you do seek troubles and want to show yourself, well (these are generally men) let them get what they deserve.