Belarus may establish Digital Economy Ministry in 2018

Belarus may establish Digital Economy Ministry in 2018

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko stands for a balanced approach when reforming the Tax Code. This was discussed on March 27 at a meeting with the chairman of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship, head of the Council of Ministers Office Alexander Turchin.

As the President emphasized, the Code needs simple, convenient and understandable for people. The tax system as a whole should not be burdensome.

In addition, during the working meeting, the prospects for the establishment of the Ministry of Digital Economy were discussed. The activities of the Council for the Development of Entrepreneurship were also touched on. Back in October 2017, the President signed a decree which provides for an increase in the council's role. The Council can review and harmonize the drafts of normative legal acts, as well as make suggestions for improving legislation.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I want to know in general terms what is going on in the sphere that you are supervising - the so-called business sphere.

The second issue is the Council on Entrepreneurship. We agreed that we will bring it into senses, reform it, if necessary, update the staff. In this regard, I would like to know when we will hold a meeting of this Council at the level of the President? I would like to know how things are in general and what is generally needed for the business environment? How are those problems resolved about which we talked about at the end of last year?

You are an experienced person, you know what issues we should consider in the presence of the President. Although I do not want to say that it does not matter to me how this or that enterprise works. Some enterprises feed hundreds of people, so it is very important.

The third question - a very important question is the Tax Code. This is the number one issue, and here I am absolutely in agreement with the whole society: we should have a tax system that is not burdensome. But the state must function at the same time. And secondly, we need the convenient, simple Tax Code, so that people understand it. But, reforming it we should not switch directions, that is, do not make our tax system superfluous, so that it does not put pressure on entrepreneurship. On the other hand the state must receive taxes.

I wanted to consult with you about the digital economy and the so-called digital ministry, which was proposed (entrepreneurs have made this proposal) - I think you know about the matter. How do you see it? Should we create a new Ministry of Digital Economy, although they offered me to finance it completely, even more than necessary? Or should we conduct some kind of reform in existing ministries, which have something to do with digital stuff? Should we make a powerful ministry - the ministry of the future - out of them?

The Ministry of Digital Economy may be created already in 2018, Alexander Turchin told media at the end of the meeting. Certain developments already exist: a Council for Digital Economy has been created. In the near future, its participants intend to meet on the issue of creating a new ministry.