Belarus President instructs to check public places after Kemerovo fire in Russia

Belarus President instructs to check public places after Kemerovo fire in Russia

Conduct large-scale checks of public places and in the presence of defects that could affect safety, punish owners. This is the task set by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko on March 27 during a working meeting with Interior Minister Igor Shunevich.

The fire in a shopping mall in Kemerovo forced once again to pay close attention to security in entertainment facilities. The order of the head of state is broader than it was sounded the day before: not only shopping centers will be checked, but literally all facilities and places where a lot of people gather: cinemas, exhibition complexes and living quarters.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Returning to the events in Russia, I would like to ask you (yesterday I instructed the Minister for Emergency Situations) to seriously check not the shopping centers, but the places of mass gathering of people: not only shopping centers, but also cinemas... and so on and so forth. There is quite a big mess there.

Why does it bother me? Because last year we gave a lot of freedom to entrepreneurship. Please do, act, benefit the state. I warned at the level of laws that they will be held accountable and that there would be no forgiveness for explosions or fires. If people perish, they will answer. But, you know, we can't punish them enough. What will you take from them when dozens were lost? It's still unknown, maybe hundreds of people died in this center on a day off in Russia, in Kemerovo. Therefore, this must not happen here. The Ministry of Emergency Situations will not be able to cope with it in a short time, so please help them. I have a request and an order for you: punish in the most severe way, if only you see some shortcomings that could lead to serious consequences, especially if people, if children may be hurt.

No wonder the Russian president went there and flew to Kemerovo. But children died. Are these children to blame for how that businessman built that mall? They came to see cartoons, but those poor people burned in the fire. It is unacceptable. So you and Mr. Vashchenko, please do this. Look into residential houses. People have relaxed and lost vigilance. They can't even shut cellars in the houses. This is recklessness! Check so that no one is hurt. Connect to the Emergencies Ministry and help them, so that by April 1 we already have a complete picture (although this is continuous work and they are doing it). But now we need to pay special attention to this topic.