3D-printed heart presented at scientific forum in Vitebsk

3D-printed heart presented at scientific forum in Vitebsk

A fair of innovative medical developments has taken place in Vitebsk. Scientists from all over Belarus presented their medical projects.

Both unrealized and those which have already made a name out of themselves. A 3D printer, which has already saved lives of dozens of patients, was of special interest. A whole program complex is planned to be created in the future. It is a possibility to print organs even using plastic materials. The product may receive additional financing to make it to the world markets.

Vladimir Kazbanov, academic secretary of The Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Surgery:
Exact copies of children’s hearts, who are to have an operation, are made on the printers. Such hearts allow the surgeons to see all the information. They plan the operation better then. It allows to shorten the time of the operation and improve the results after the operation itself.

The development of Brest scientists is impossible to see, but the results of it are vivid. A unified donor register of the region is a pilot project which will be implemented into practice all over Belarus soon.

Andrei Sytko, deputy director of Brest Science and Technology Park:
We understood that if we systemize it, there would be logistics and understanding, where blood is taken and what are the volumes of it. We already know that we will save the funds of the Healthcare Ministry, I am talking about the Brest region.

Test-systems to determine sensitivity to antibiotics, new-generation chemotherapy medications, choice of medications based on a person’s DNA. Everything that seemed impossible yesterday, is becoming a norm today.