Georgia to test Belarusian electric bus

Georgia to test Belarusian electric bus

A test drive of the Belarusian electric bus will be conducted in Tbilisi.

Experts will assess the possibilities of the transport in mountainous terrain. Interest in environmentally friendly vehicles is shown not only in the Georgian capital, but also in three other large cities of that country. They all need a serious renovation of the urban transport fleet. For more than 10 years, tramcars and trolleybuses have not been used in the public transport system of the Georgian capital.

Minsk's first electric bus tested in city conditions

Minsk and Tbilisi are considering joint production of electric buses on the territory of Georgia. Such cooperation is beneficial to both parties. This will not just be the assembly and supply of the environmentally friendly transport, but a complex project.

Nikolai Rogashchuk, Chairman of the Economy Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
For now we will sell only one electric bus, but I think all the nuances will be resolved in the next two weeks. Everyone wants to touch it live, to travel on it, so that it goes a certain number of kilometers. According to the results of its operation in Minsk, we saw positive points: this is a reduction of energy costs, the cost of one kilometer of transportation is cheaper than that of a trolleybus.

In addition, the two capitals will continue to develop partnerships in culture, education and housing, exchange investment proposals and conduct business forums between the business communities.

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