Street art trends in Belarusian cities

Street art trends in Belarusian cities

From hooliganism to a special kind of art. Graffiti is becoming increasingly popular in Belarusian cities.

Street art is becoming a landmark and its brightness and beauty pleases passers-by. Culturologists say that over time, street canvases will become a historical value.

The Truskovsky brothers, Danila and Ilya, learned the power of art about 5 years ago when they took aerosol paints. Street artists periodically turn these fences into a canvas. For an ordinary person those may seem soulless inscriptions, but for them this is true art.

Danila and Ilya Truskovsky, street art artists:
These are the aliases of artists. This is a sketch, this is how the artist expressed himself. He did not draw a nonsense on this house. The drawing should complement the architecture, not destroy it.

This smiling Marilyn Monroe is located in Vitebsk. This was done by the famous art team HoodGraff. They also drew writer Vasil Bykov, John Lennon and Marc Chagall.

The most popular with youth, Oktyabrskaya Street in Minsk, is now also home to many graffiti masterpieces. Bright pictures quickly became a local landmark.

Elina Usovskaya, head of the Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Socio-Cultural Communications of the Belarusian State University:
Through these murals we can see what interested people yesterday, today and, of course, what will become part of our cultural and historical memory. This is very important. Street-art and graffiti in Belarus is developing very intensively in this respect.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV:
True, one thing is to portray such a masterpiece, an interesting and informative drawing. This must be done only in permitted places. But to draw some scum is a different thing. This will be treated as hooliganism. With its consequences.

Ekaterina Vershitskaya, official representative of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Minsk City Executive Committee:
For illegal street art one may face consequences. I mean the administrative and criminal responsibility, with punishment in the form of a fine or, worse, imprisonment.

In Belarus, street art became popular about ten years ago. From simple writing of letters in Latin, today this has evolved into real monumental painting, which pleases many townspeople. Even the President last week noted city paintings at a meeting with the youth.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You drive along the main avenue and you see the end of a building without windows. Yes, take it and ask graffiti artists to paint it. Or take the ring road, they built those ugly houses. I instructed to light this place, so now it would be fine to paint those houses near the road. They are already painted along the route where I go every day. And they did this really creatively. Something is patriotic, something resembles a crocodile, but this is creativity.

In some countries street art becomes part of tourist routes. In some countries pieces of walls with especially interesting drawings are sold at auctions for millions of dollars.