Plant protection company implementing $100m project in Belarus

Plant protection company implementing $100m project in Belarus

An investment project with a capital of $100 million will be realized in Belarus by an international company producing plant protection products.

Plans are to build modern enterprises and create new jobs.

ZemlyakoFF Crop Protection is a company with a worldwide reputation. A recognized leader among manufacturers of plant protection products. Today it offers 50 modern drugs which do not have direct analogs in terms of the combination of active substances.

Anton Zemlyakov, CEO of ZemlyakoFF Crop Protection:
We want to take leading positions on the Belarusian market within five years. In this regard, we have big plans. We will organize production here in the Mogilev region and in the Grodno region, where all products will be produced and supplied to the local market, as well as to the Baltic countries, Poland and Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

This is a unique technology and it means new jobs. And also the products that are so necessary in the Belarusian market. At the same time all conditions are created for the implementation of such a large-scale and promising project. The opportunity for the company to work successfully. Both for the domestic consumer and for export.

Igor Kobzev, Director of ZemlyakoFF Crop Protection in Belarus:
All conditions have been created for investors in Belarus, and we decided to use them. Plans are to implement four production projects: a project for the production of micro-fertilizers, a project for the refinement of seeds and a project for the production of new agricultural machinery.

Professionals of the agricultural market have already tested the quality of the products by ZemlyakoFF Crop Protection. After all, their future profit depends on this. And most importantly the ability to harvest not only in terms of volumes but also in terms of ecology.

Nikolai Ivanchenko:
In addition to traditional plant protection products, there is also a line of products that are used in an environmentally friendly farm. This is now very important for Belarus.

Every year the company has new developments due to the newest high-precision equipment and highly qualified specialists. This is the key to success in promoting and selling both products and services.