International youth theatrical forum Mart Kontakt 2018 underway in Mogilev

International youth theatrical forum Mart Kontakt 2018 underway in Mogilev

Twenty-two performances in seven days. International youth theater forum Mart Kontakt (March Contact) is being held in Mogilev.

Organizers selected the best samples of stage works and really bright productions. Teams of eight countries are performing at the forum's venues. Many performances are experiments in this form of art.

This scenic experiment is about how people achieve their goals at any cost. Four young people are applying for a prestigious position in a large firm. But to get a position with an impressive salary, you need to give up all human qualities you have. The selection turns into a real psychological torture.

Sergei Artyomenko, actor, Gomel City Youth Theater:
There are parallels with us, with me, with any other person. This is beyond norm.

The mission of the theater is to make the viewer think, to show themselves from the outside. This is what the famous theater director Gennady Trostyanetsky always tells novice actors. Daily master classes are traditionally part of the festival.

Gennady Trostyanetsky, theater director (Russia):
I have before my eyes the film Vdovy (Widows) by Mikaelyan, where female Belarusian actresses showed brilliant acting, because they reveal to me my own soul.

Moscow Provincial Theater as a property brought to Mogilev 20 boxes of apples. The play Harvest is a comedy with meaning. In the characters, the director sees the heroes of our time - people who are not accustomed to physical labor and do not know how to breathe without the help of nasal drops.

Yuri Prokopenko, CTV Channel:
The main words in the lexicon of the characters are "Gosh" and "Uh oh". They need to take care of the apple orchard, but work in the fresh air causes agoraphobia and depression.

Ilya Sobolev, viewer:
There are people who live in their own world, hiding behind their parents, do not put any values in life, not knowing elementary things: what is happening in their own country and what is happening today.If such issues are raised, this means that the festival is for the young.

Mart Kontakt is the main cultural event of spring in Mogilev. In 2018, the event brought together theaters from eight countries.  Actresses from Kazakhstan are in Belarus for the first time. They will take home a lot of selfies and even more impressions.

Elmira Yerimbayeva, actress of the Mangystau regional musical-drama theatre (Kazakhstan):
All our guys, our whole troupe are very grateful to the Belarusian viewer, because we felt the energy that the audience sent us.They supported us, lived with us. That was incredible.

In the era of gadgets and the Internet, interest in the theater has not disappeared at all. Tickets for many performances of the festival were sold out in the early days of the sale. Each performance without exception was a sell-out.

Pavel Artemiev, director of the Moscow Provincial Theater (Russia)
The theater needs to be seen live. The modern theater. Such festivals, such forms are simply vital.

At the closing of the festival, the organizers will name the performances that claimed the title Forum Event. The winner of the Grand Prix will be selected by common efforts - professional critics and spectators.