Mogilev-made elevators to be exported to Georgia. What do they look like?

Mogilev-made elevators to be exported to Georgia. What do they look like?

Entering new markets today is almost always a breakthrough. Competition in the world is prohibitively high. If Belarusian goods are in demand, it is first of all evidence of its quality. Secondly, this means high quality of management at the enterprise.

It is not enough to produce, it is necessary to sell. Mogilev elevators lift the positions of Belarus not only in Georgia or Russia. Gradually they penetrate into European markets and even into Latin America. The Mogilevliftmash company is among the four largest in the CIS. Not long ago, a record was set here, as the factory produced 12,560 elevators of different models.

For Mogilevliftmash Georgia is now not just a state on the world map, but a strategically important partner. 

This is now the fourth country after Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where the enterprise is going to open a production branch. In Tbilisi alone, about 7,000 elevators are subject to replacement. About 15,000 all over Georgia. 

Mogilev elevator builders are getting down to business.

Sergey Chertkov, Deputy General Director of OAO Mogilevliftmash:
We are getting closer to the consumer. A number of operations can be performed there and in terms of logistics it will be more profitable to produce on site. Therefore, these are economic interests and political interests. 

Mogilevliftmash is an export-oriented enterprise. Almost 90% of all elevators are exported abroad. They are used by residents of most of Eurasia - from the Far East to Germany and Belgium. In terms of production volumes, the Belarusian company is already ahead of its competitors in the post-Soviet space. And this despite the fact that about 200 elevator companies operate on the Russian market alone.

Alexey Domrachev, Head of Advanced Development Department, Mogilevliftmash:
This is where we get ideas, where we conduct production, research and development work.

This floor houses a scientific and technical center - the brain of the enterprise. A hundred designers are conjuring up new models and improving the old ones. The work is monotonous, but creative. Especially in the department of advanced development. Here workers "look into the future."

Alexey Domrachev:
For several years our factory has been producing elevators without an engine room - a promising direction in construction.These are energy-efficient elevators and they occupy less space.

But the main requirement is security. Mogilev elevators are famous for their reliability. This is what Georgia needs, since the country is located in an earthquake-prone area. To exclude the slightest force majeure is the task of the whole scientific bureau.

Viktor Klochkov, Head of the Mogilevliftmash reliability bureau:
There are more than 200 electrical safety systems, which are installed on almost all elements. The main are mechanical. Their main task is to catch and limit speed, which will save passengers even if the ropes break.

The company's elevators operate in all CIS countries, including the Baikonur rocket and space complex, the Bolshoi Theater, the Central Clinical Hospital of Moscow, the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg, and the Administration of the Belarusian President. 

Every three years the company comes up with a new design and new technical tasks.

Yuri Prokopenko, CTV Channel:
Lifting platform for the disabled is a new development of the company. The maximum height can reach 15 meters. Here everything is stuffed with electronics for maximum safety. Such lifts are designed for the underground and large shopping centers.

This escalator, made in Mogilev, has already received positive feedback from buyers. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Bryansk, and Anapa. An escalator for administrative buildings is becoming a new export position for the enterprise.

In general, 140 basic models of elevators are produced in Mogilev. These are cargo elevators, capable of lifting up to 6 tons, for example a minibus with passengers. Or such usual passenger elevators, for apartment houses. The factory even offers panoramic elevators for large and reputable shopping centers.

Vadim Yevstratov, head of the advertising bureau of OAO Mogilevliftmash:
We have developed a whole line of panoramic elevators. Here is this model with a machine room, with a semicircular cabin. Next we see models without machinery space.

The whole result is thanks to permanent, never-ending modernization. This equipment reduces costs and is quite flexible. 

Denis Danilin, operator of machine tools with program control, Mogilevliftmash:
When I came to the plant, there were presses at this place. There was a big noise here. It was impossible to work, we always had plugs in ears. After work, my head was buzzing. Now there is an automated line that replaces many operations.

Vadim Yevstratov:
If earlier training to manufacture a new elevator model required several years, from the beginning of development to the release of finished products, now this route takes only a few months.This allows us to react quickly to the demands of the market and customers.

Mogilevliftmash is actively working to diversify exports. The assembly production in Georgia, which has free trade regimes with countries in different regions, is one more step on the way to new markets. Including the European Union.

Around the world today, there are dozens of assembly plants of Belarusian industry leaders. Belarusian tractors, trucks, combines and elevators are assembled overseas. Almost on all continents. These are examples of how, under conditions of severe competition, one can successfully work in foreign markets and bring foreign currency into the country.