Paralympic champion Yury Holub on his way to success


Paralympic champion Yury Holub on his way to success

Last week Belarusian Paralympians returned to their homeland from South Korean Pyeongchang.

The performance of our athletes at the Winter Paralympics without exaggeration can be called triumphal. 12 medals and 8th place in the overall standings - this is our best result in the whole history.

Our reporter Yevgeny Pustovoi talked with the gold medalist of Pyeongchang - Yury Holub.

Yury, hello! Congratulations on the victories! How does the Paralympic champion feel?

Yury Holub, Paralympic champion of the XII Winter Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang:
Thank you, I feel good, very good. We rest a little. This is active leisure.

Is this what you call rest?


So, for you, skis are a hobby, a profession, or all together?

All together.

When did this love for sports arise?

My father put me on skis at the age of 5-6 and somehow I immediately fell in love with skis - and began racing.

Your father, if I'm not mistaken, said in an interview that it's your musical ear that helped you win.

Partly yes, because we shoot based on sounds in biathlon and catch the tone. And the higher the tone, the closer we are to the center of the target. One needs to get used to this feature and practice.

Do you remember the first competition?

Yes, I had a sprint back then. I had nine misses and nine penalty circles. I finished tenth.

And now first.

Now first, yes.

Was it a difficult journey to the Olympus?

This is huge. You train constantly. Every day you get up for training. You work, you suffer. There is a difficulty in this. But in this I also feel pleasure. In any sport, first of all you need to defeat yourself. If a person can overcome themselves, then there will be some result.

From the town of Glusk to the podium of the Olympics. Even the name of the district center does not imply fame, as it's translated from Russian as "wilderness." You came to the world arena from a small regional center.

So, maybe this was my destiny. I met my coach and I dreamed about it for a long time - to represent the country at competitions, to compete in serious competitions. There was not a particular decision, I just went and did everything I was offered.

I dreamed of raising my flag at an award ceremony. Now we will come up with the next dream.

What did you feel then?

This is pride for the country. Still, when the Belarusian flag is in the center, it's inexpressible. Plus our anthem sounds, which we with Dmitry sang with great pleasure.