President Lukashenko: The EU should understand the value of Belarus today


President Lukashenko: The EU should understand the value of Belarus today

After completing the official program of the visit, Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to a Georgian television channel.

The Belarusian leader expressed his opinion on the prospects of regulating relations between Russia and Georgia. The journalist asked Alexander Lukashenko in governing a state. The interview will be broadcasted in an international program; therefore, the third question concerned the international agenda. Alexander Lukashenko was asked about the relations of Belarus with Europe.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
The European Union should understand the value of Belarus today. Today they have a problem, the EU does, with Ukraine-not only Russia has this problem, but the EU does as well. There are problems to the north of Belarus, where there are practically no roads. And Belarus – about one thousand kilometers – it’s a corridor with no problems for the EU, Russia and China – and on the other hand, for Georgia. From both sides there are no problems. And we want the EU to see and appreciate it.

For instance, so that there are no unilateral measures in economy of torpedoing Belarusian products in the EU. When they surround it with duties and so on. Nevertheless, there is some movement in this direction – concerning textile and so on and so forth. So if our attitude to you is good, please, respond in the same manner to us. Don’t teach us democracy. We know how to read books and we see democratic Georgia – and without humor, democratic Europe. We all see: advantages and disadvantages. And we have our own national traits. And you must understand them. And don’t push us into the back. It is not a demand, these are my wishes, and I tell Europe about it. Most importantly, don’t make us choose: either you are with the EU or you are with Russia or China. We don’t even want to talk and negotiate concerning this issue.

We are an independent state with our own external politics. The essence of our external politics is a multi-vectoral focus. And secondly – not to create problems for our neighbors.