President Lukashenko: Strong Presidential authority saved Belarus from going bankrupt


President Lukashenko: Strong Presidential authority saved Belarus from going bankrupt

Before returning back to Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko gave a small interview to a Georgian TV channel, where he spoke the brand of Belarus, about his role in governing the state.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Belarus has strong presidential governance. It saved the country from going bankrupt. I don’t want to be too modest. But don’t mistake it for indiscretion. Of course, the role of President Lukashenko as a leader is objectively, I think, important. But you shouldn’t think that only President Lukashenko works and the rest are sleeping and doing nothing that they don’t govern and produce. The sovereign independent state has a certain governing system and a certain authority system. Life changes and everything must improve.

Not so long ago I was saying that there will be a time when we will have to amend the Constitution. Maybe, to change some norms. Naturally, to give some functions of the President to the executive authorities, the government, the parliament and so on. This is what we are moving towards. Yes, today we don’t have this time. But this time may be tomorrow. And we must be ready. Therefore, we will be working on the main law, so that it doesn’t look like a street campaign, after which the authorities start acting. I understand it perfectly well. And you know, besides President Lukashenko, there are plenty of clever and strong politicians, who, may be not on their own, can solve issues in a team. The main thing is not in the authority of President Lukashenko, but in the ability of a nation to create and follow these or that forms. To follow a particular vector. Belarusians already have that.

Our nation has been drawn a circle of immunity to shocks and revolutions.

Our people will never do something like that, we left it after the collapse of the USSR in mid-1990’s. Therefore, if you and other states decided to build relations with Belarus, don’t feel worried about stability. It is sacred for us. It is our brand. And we are not going to throw it away somewhere.