Results of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Georgia


Results of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Georgia

Alexander Lukashenko’s official visit to Georgia ended on March 23, 2018. The day, just as the previous one, was filled with meetings and negotiations concerning economic cooperation. The two sides discussed the establishment of mutual plants and expansion of ties between the business circles. The agreements made determine cooperation of Belarus and Georgia for the years to come.

The President of Belarus met with met with the Primate of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II. The spoke about the relations of the two countries, the role of church in the unity of the Georgian nation, about the multi-confessional world.

A lot is being said about Belarus in Tbilisi these days. Even the Belarusian flags in the streets of Georgia’s capital gave became something usual. The pans of establishing a mutual commodity circulation of 200 million dollars and the hopes for cooperation are not even worth mentioning. The Georgian mass media broadcasted and told the public about everything.

Georgia is an important partner for Belarus in the Caucasus. The dialogue in industry, agriculture, pharmaceutics, petrochemistry and tourism – these are the usual directions of cooperation. However, new possibilities can be spoken of as well. Georgia is planning to build an ice palace, a biathlon stadium and a trampoline jumping center. Belarus has experience in this sector. Belarusian sports facilities are known all over the world.

The humanitarian and healthcare spheres are worth mentioning as well. Alexander Lukashenko emphasized that preparation of specialists is no less important. Georgia has begun realizing a program directing at reviving industry, improving transport infrastructure and increasing tourism potential. And Belarus is ready to help.

The Prime Minister of Georgia is for an active dialogue with Belarus. Giorgi Kvirikashvili became the head of the Georgian government in 2015. He is an experienced politician, was a member of the parliament for many years, led the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable development, and held the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia:
I want to recollect one of the stories which is very touching and dear to me. When we were extinguishing the fire in the Borjomi region, I had to take control over the situation myself. A priest from a local church came up to me and he had an icon of Virgin Mary in his hands. He said, “Could you help finding Belarusian pilots”? “What happened”, I asked. He replied that the chief pilot wanted to buy an icon, but at that time the priest was away. He said that wanted to give this icon to the pilot as a present. I told the priest where to find them. When the crew wasn’t able to but the icon, the poured some holy water into a bottle and said that when they would be flying over a burning forest, they would be pouring this water over the area. For me personally, this story will stay a golden page in the history of Belarusian-Georgian relations.

The basis of Belarusian export today is high-tech products, including Stadler trains, agricultural equipment, petrochemical and medical goods. What is more, the infrastructure of Belarusian and Georgian High Tech parks can be used for promotion. This was agreed on during the visit.

Vladimir Davidovich, director of the Minsk City Technopark:
A clever mug like this one, which can make coffee itself and tell its owner that he has an important meeting coming. The idea was born in Georgia, but it was brought to life in Belarus.

This meeting is a sign of special respect. The President of Belarus met with the Primate of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Ilia II. By the way, the Georgian Orthodox church is one of the most ancient in the world. The majority of people living in Georgia belong to it. Ilia II is highly respected here.

Alexander Lukashenko will then add that a lot has been done for the development of bilateral relations lately. Agreements cooperation, a doubled commodity circulation. He also added that it is the church that plays an important role in this country and contributes to the unity of Georgian people – who value peace.

After a warm meeting the President lit a candle and the sides exchanged with some presents. The Belarusian side prepared a musical one – Shubert Serenade.

Before leaving Georgia, Alexander Lukashenko and the Georgian Premier visited Mtskheta, the ancient capital and the main shrine of the country. And most importantly, President Lukashenko laid a wreath at the memorial to the heroes who fell for the unity of Georgia. The monument is located in the center of Tbilisi and is dedicated to the memory of soldiers who died during the conflict in the early 1990s. Their names are engraved in golden letters on the walls from white marble. The length of the memorial is 25 meters, the height is 3 meters.

The visit to Georgia turned out to be very efficient, and what is more, it was very friendly. And these are not just words. The Georgian President himself came to the airport in Tbilisi to wish President Lukashenko a good journey back to Belarus. It may mean that the meeting of the two leaders is not far away.