President Lukashenko hopes for positive course of Belarusian-Russian relations after Putin re-election


President Lukashenko hopes for positive course of Belarusian-Russian relations after Putin re-election

The official visit of Alexander Lukashenko to Georgia has completed. March 23, like the previous day, was full of meetings and negotiations.

Talking with Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili, the President noted that he considers it important to develop localization when creating joint ventures.

After completing the official program of the visit, Alexander Lukashenko gave an interview to a Georgian television channel.

The journalist asked about the prospects for the development of the Belarusian-Russian relations after the re-election of Vladimir Putin for a new presidential term.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We have good relations with the president. If issues arose and questions accumulated somewhere, we always managed to resolve any situation. Unfortunately, ministers accumulate questions, they accumulate in the government from two sides. Then we have to connect. I say unfortunately. That should not be the case. We often say at our joint events and Belarusian-Russian forums that ministers and the government should solve all the same questions and not push them to the upper level. This is life, and you cannot get anywhere from it. This is the first thing.

Second. I understand your question which you asked. I would not like to answer it formally. I must say that President Putin (I noticed this), my colleague and friend - he seemed to have acquired a new breath.

I am sure that he is determined to solve the issues that exist in Russia - not only with Belarus, but for example with Georgia.

You see, he is ready and will solve them, not to mention Belarus, because I would not say we have some very 'painful' problems. Questions do arise: competition, market economy, and economic problems. But as for politics, we do not have such acute problems.

Владимир Путин набрал 76,5 % голосов. ЦИК России озвучил официальные результаты президентских выборов
Russian Izvestiya newspaper: Putin thanks Russians for support

On March 23, the Central Election Commission of Russia announced official results of the presidential elections.

The victory was won by the incumbent head of state Vladimir Putin, gaining 76.5% of the vote. The second was the candidate from the Communist Party Pavel Grudinin. He received 11.7% of voters. 5.5% went to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, while from Ksenia Sobchak got 1.6%. The remaining candidates did not overcome the 1% threshold.

The Election Commission recognized the elections as valid. The date of the inauguration in the Kremlin will be announced later.