Belarus, Georgia open to any topics in their relations, Alexander Lukashenko says in Tbilisi


Belarus, Georgia open to any topics in their relations, Alexander Lukashenko says in Tbilisi

On March 22, Tbilisi hosts negotiations between the heads of state of Belarus and Georgia.

The summit was preceded by the official welcoming ceremony of Alexander Lukashenko in the Palace of the President of Georgia. After the solemn ceremony, Alexander Lukashenko and Giorgi Margvelashvili went to the negotiation room.

The main emphasis is placed on the economy. During the conversation, the President of Belarus expressed confidence that the countries will be able to increase mutual trade. As early as in 2018, the partners are to overcome the $200 million mark.

Today, on March 22, the parties intend to sign an agreement that will define relations for many decades ahead. By now, the heads of state had already met in a narrow format. Now the participants of delegations joined the discussion of the Belarusian and Georgian leaders.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I am a longtime President. I visited different countries many times, I almost traveled the whole world. When you go to some kind of trips, you know that this is hard work. But when I go to Georgia, I understand that despite this is work, I feel great trepidation. Firstly, because I am in Tbilisi only for the second time, unfortunately. I also was in Sukhumi in Soviet times and that's it.

We see very good-natured, decent people here, just like in Belarus - hospitable people. And you very correctly noticed, Giorgi, what we do for people. Correctly: from food products to complex equipment that we can produce in Belarus, to the goods that you produce and we import from you to Belarus. I think that as a result of our two-day meetings we will find other ways of supplying goods to Belarus and vice versa, so that the exchange of goods is more active.

So I'm here for the second time, but it feels like home, because our people are close. We learned a lot from you, so we have such kind feelings to you. I want to assure you that Belarus has no closed topics in cooperation with Georgia. All that we are capable of (you see it from our intergovernmental commission), everything that Georgia sees in us and wants to develop here - we are always ready to meet your interests. Be it now or later, but we will solve all the issues anyway. And we will eventually reach that level of trade turnover - $200 million. Who would have thought we would reach such high figures? Earlier it was almost zero.