The most unusual hotels in Belarus


The most unusual hotels in Belarus

It is now considered boring to spend the night in an ordinary hotel with a standard room. Here, in a picturesque corner of Belarus, on the banks of the Neman River, there is an interesting place to stay overnight. This is not just an overnight stay, but a sea of ​​impressions and positive emotions. 

This small but cozy house has been receiving guests not only from all corners of Belarus but from some neighboring countries. Separate pride is a big fireplace, although it takes up a lot of space. However, it does give warmth even in the frostiest weather.

Oksana Salkovskaya, owner of the estate:
Each stone was picked separately to match each other. In fact, nothing was cut off, we just took natural stones. 

Everything in the house is made of natural wood and when you get here, there is a feeling that every detail of the interior has its own interesting history. That's why you feel at home here.

Oksana Salkovskaya:
All the chandeliers are made from old trees, from an old garden, from apple trees. Especially guests like this one, from tree stumps. Of course, guests hold photo sessions here.

What if we say that this house is located... underground? This mini-hotel has heated floor, a bathroom, a mini bar and panoramic windows, through which you have a stunning view of the Neman River. How did this wonderful building appear here?

Oksana Salkovskaya:
In our first house, there was a ground floor for guests. Two couples came, our first tourists. But then they asked whether they could come with friends. We needed to build something else. We decided to build a small house, the musician's house. More tourists started to come, we had to expand our buildings even more. Valera saw green Norwegian roofs and we decided to do something like this, because we wanted to have something special. 

They built a Belarusian chalet. In translation from French, this is a small rural house in the Swiss style in the Alps. There are no mountains in Belarus, but there is a beautiful river, sunsets, singing of nightingales and squirrels, who are by the way fed by all holidaymakers. 

Oksana Salkovskaya:
This is a house for a couple. People of art are very fond of it, too, writers and musicians also come to us.

The "chalet" is loved for privacy and isolation. The chalet is a separate world where you are left alone with nature.

If you want a true mansion, then go to Mir or Nesvizh.

There you can spend the night like a real nobleman. In addition to modern rooms, tourists can rent bedrooms, which are very similar to the boudoir of the Middle Ages. 

For lovers of sea travel and water in general, a floating hotel is offered. This is the only place in Belarus which will offer you different landscapes outside the window several times a day. 

Lovers of heights are advised to go to Zarechany. Here tourists can rent rural huts and even a cozy small house on a tree. It's difficult to imagine that this construction is a real house with a kitchen and a bathroom.