Belarus to take part in EXPO-2020 in Dubai


Belarus to take part in EXPO-2020 in Dubai

1,200 square meters and seven floors in height - this is the area of ​​the exhibition pavilion of Belarus at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai. Our country is continuing preparations for this large-scale event.

The engineering company which will design the layout has already been determined. Now the developer is being searched. The interactive stand assumes the concept of three I's: "Innovations", "Investments" and "Individuality". With the help of it, the achievements of Belarus will be demonstrated.

Yevgeny Lazarev, Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus:
Taking into account that the United Arab Emirates is a dynamically developing country actively investing around the world, the tourism center, we expect that a large number of visitors will come to the exhibition, which creates opportunities for us to actively promote our products, our services and, of course, to tell them personally about our country.

180 countries confirmed their participation in the EXPO-2020 exhibition. The forum will last six months. It is expected that about 30 million people will visit it.