Beauty and comfort: Galanteya presents collection of women's bags

Beauty and comfort: Galanteya presents collection of women's bags

Nature awakens at first light and life begins anew. This spring, the designers of the company Galanteya were inspired by the clear sky, bird tunes, fragrance of gentle lilacs and bright tulips. Therefore, the new collection of bags turned out to be incredibly poetic and beautiful. You will smile more often and charm everyone with such accessories! All the models are in line with trends of 2018 and will become a real gift for girls. Waist pack is a new street fashion trend for those who are used to being stylish and travel light.

Natalia Zenevich, stylist:
Waist packs of Galanteya are made with the help of different techniques. For example, a strap can be in the form of a chain which will make your image more festive, there can also be a leather strap. You can change your strap whenever you want. You can also change a bag and combine it with completely different colour elements of your wardrobe.

Both huge bags, resembling sacks, and small ones, similar to the boxes, are relevant in the spring wardrobe. It all depends on your lifestyle, character, case and mood. Miniature accessories will perfectly complement your '70s style clothes.

Comfortable backpacks will never go out of fashion in a big city. Young ladies should pay attention to small backpacks of delicate shades, as they will enhance youth and are perfect for cultural visits and walks with friends.

Natalia Zenevich:
Geometry is still relevant. Round shaped handbags as well as trapezoid and rectangular are welcomed. Round shaped bags of Galanteya are a combination of leather and suede. Fringe trend is also embodied in brushes.

Metallized leather will still be relevant in summer. It can be silver, gold or pink gold colour.

Fashion for designers of Galanteya trademark is a combination of beauty and comfort. Therefore, they like to create transforming models which can be used as a bag in the office, and as a backpack on a date. Add a cap, wide chequered pants, socks to the colour of a backpack, and you are a girl of Sherlock Holmes!

The novelty of the season are bags with wide belts, with ethnic patterns remotely resembling Belarusian belts.

Natalia Zenevich:
There's absolutely no need to include such bags in boho, ethnic or other style directions. The main thing is that a drawing has something in common with your image.

The technique of colour blocking, when several pleasant colours are combined in one model, has long been liked by fashionistas. And it is not surprising, because you can pick up any outfit to such a bag and look original! This spring, the brand Galanteya is betting on blue and grey shades which will be well combined with a striped outfit on the seashore, and with a chequered one for every day. Your look will turn out to be complete and very stylish! Designers filled the collection with gentle pastel tones and bright juicy colours.

Natalia Zenevich:
Soft green, soft blue colour, all beige shades, pink shades from bleached to deep, as well as pale lilac, deep lilac and ultraviolet colours will be incredibly popular. If your image is bright, then a handbag can be chosen in pastel shades. If your image is in pastel shades and very elegant, then you can finish the note of elegance by adding a handbag also in pastel shades. But if you want to have a more dynamic look, then you can choose a brighter handbag.