Fathers in Belarus may be granted two-week paternity leave. Who is already using this opportunity?

Fathers in Belarus may be granted two-week paternity leave. Who is already using this opportunity?

A paternity leave may become obligatory for the employer in Belarus.

It is planed to be given for two weeks in the first six months after the birth of the child. The rule on giving a father additional leave was included in the bill about Amendments to the Labor Code of the Republic of Belarus. The decision is based on the demographic issue, which is now acute in all European states.

Research has shown that even a short-term paternity leave makes mothers’ life easier. Now the legislation does not provide such an opportunity for men. But if the amendments will be accepted, the employer can not refuse.

Anatoly Shirvel is a father of six children. The experienced parent did not have to stop working for a long period. But he would gladly make his debut in a new role. When the first twins were born, the chief did not let him take a leave. So his colleagues joked that he would take a leave, when children were born.

Anatoly Shirvel, father of large family:
Some will say: how am I going to take a woman's leave? Some people take a parental leave. I think that this is normal. It would be correct that father is obliged to take a leave. It is important. The employer must provide a paid leave. Well, how will I take a leave if I need to feed the children? Not only to feed, but to buy diapers. Expenses are increasing.

Another Belarusian father, Pavel, spent all three years of parental leave with little Ratmir. It was a family decision for economic reasons, because his wife's salary is higher. The case is not the only one in Belarus, but this is not a trend, like, for example, in Scandinavia.

Pavel Kasperovich:
To be on parental leave is awesome. I put on 6 kilograms. I tried different kinds of pap. I had to eat up all that the child did not eat.

In the UK you can split the annual parental leave twice between mother and father. In Sweden and Portugal, a man is obliged to take at least a minimal paternity leave at birth of a baby. But the legislative framework in Belarus is different.

Olga Shtin, press secretary of Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Belarus:
The Labor Code stipulates the possibility of taking social leave for family reasons. Any employee could write such application, specifying the reason. And the employer himself decides whether to let go on such vacation or not. Now, according to the employee's application, the employer will have to let them go.

We are talking about an unpaid paternity leave for men, which can last up to two weeks. It is mandatory for the employer, but voluntary for the employee. New amendments are going to be added to the Labor Code. Step-by-step strategy is one of the planks of the electoral program of deputy Shevtsov.

Dmitry Shevtsov, deputy of House of Representatives of National Assembly of Belarus:
You should understand: if we make it necessarily paid, then there will be an additional cost loading on the budget. We will have to calculate some sums in order to put them in the republican budget so that we can use these things without hindrance.

The Director-General Avrutin worked faster than the law and included a two-week leave into the collective employment agreement a few years ago. And last summer they added the most important thing - a parental leave with a full pay.

Oleg Avrutin, director of Minskvodokanal:
For 2.5 months of 2018, 10 young fathers have already took a paternity leave. This is popular. In our country, maternity leave is given for three years. Maybe we should make it shorter and give two weeks of leave to a father.

Nikolay Babich, Deputy Chief of Production and Technical Department of Minskvodoprovod:
I have found out about the existence of such leave several weeks before the birth of the child. The decision was made immediately. You can spend time with your family and get money for it.

Kirill Antonov, Deputy Chief of Production of Minskochistvod:
My daughter was born in summer. I seized the opportunity and took a two-week leave. My wife was very happy and was encouraging me every day.

Victoria Khodosok, CTV channel:
For many men to take a maternity leave is like to go down the high slide. It is scary. What about the work, what people will say, it's not a man's business ... But how much adrenaline is in all this.