VC Minchanka reach CEV Cup final first time in history


VC Minchanka reach CEV Cup final first time in history

After the away victory in Stuttgart, the fans of the Belarusian club Minchanka had the right to hope that the home game would be simpler, but the vice-champion of Germany had nothing to lose in Minsk. And they began very confidently - 25:19 in their favor.

Equally sure was the start of the second game, but Viktor Goncharov's charges put in a lot of effort to save the situation. Nevertheless, that set was also lost 20:25.

Oksana Kovalchuk, captain of Minchanka:
The opponent did not show at home everything they are capable of. They lost at home, so there was absolutely nothing to lose. They risked in every point.

Then the Minsk club turned the game around. They won two sets 25:23 and the final set was to decide the winner of the two-legged tie. 

In the short set the Germans were better and won thus making things even more interesting. 

But the golden set, which determined the finalist of the European Cup, was won by the Minsk girls. This set showed the high class of VC Minchanka.

Anna Grishkevich, VC Minchanka:
In this game I experienced absolutely all emotions: both anger and happiness, and joy. This game is probably the best in our season. With this game we proved that we are really a team and that we are able to win and are ready to fight for the Cup.

Minchanka's rival in the final will be the Turkish club Eczacıbaşı, against which Minchanka already played.

Viktor Goncharov, head coach of VC Minchanka:
The opposition is very strong - this is Turkish Eczacıbaşı. We played against them last year and lost 0:3, 0:3. We showed a good. It will be very difficult now too. The fact that we reached the final is a historic volleyball achievement.

Волейболистки «Минчанки» вышли в финал Кубка ЕКВ, обыграв немецкий «Штутгарт»

Волейболистки «Минчанки» вышли в финал Кубка ЕКВ, обыграв немецкий «Штутгарт»