Belarus President comments on Alekseev's entry at Eurovision 2018

Belarus President comments on Alekseev's entry at Eurovision 2018

On March 20, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko met with representatives of the cultural sphere and answered their questions.

The discussion involved 270 people - the best students of educational institutions in the field of culture, young creative workers and teachers. Young people asked the President dozens of questions, which touched on both serious and very personal topics.

This year there was an unprecedented stir about Eurovision national selection. Mr Lukashenko, did you watch the selection and what is your attitude to the fact that Belarus will be represented by a Ukrainian?

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I do not see any fear in this, especially if it's a Russian person or a Ukrainian. You see, I'm an internationalist, not a nationalist. Although I'm a patriot not less than you, young people, because I have to be a patriot more than anybody because of my job.

I even see in it some benefit for the state, especially for you, your sphere. So he came and won against Belarusians. Am I right? Let's agree that he is a talented guy. Is his song a Eurovision format? Absolutely. A normal guy, plus he was also promoted.

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But what touched me the most was that some who did not pass started asking their acquaintances and mess things up: "You, Swedes or Germans, call Eurovision. It's wrong, we have an undemocratic competition," they said. This kind of dirt. And sent tons of anonymous letters to European Broadcasting Union. There are 100 or 150 anonymous letters there. Well, we quickly sorted it out: these anonymous letters were from one source, only from different phones. We know who did it. He can already gather clothes tomorrow and go outside the country to sing and perform there, show his creativity.

Because yes, I understand, this is competition. But why spit on your country? I am sure that today these figures will hear me and understand who I'm talking about. I will not mention the names here.

It was my initiative to support the fact that Belarus should continue competing at Eurovision. I supported that idea about 17-20 years ago, when some said it was useless. I said: we must go. We need the world to see us. Yes, art representatives could say we have no chances. Indeed, maybe we cannot win it for now. But a huge layer of Europeans, the whole world is looking. So we benefit from this, the country is seen.

But some Belarusians went there for what? Are they stars if they can't make it to the final? The quality of their songs was dubious. By the way, this guy [Alekseev - note by] did not ask for money. Belarus will of course help him in something, after all, he represents us.

So I am involved in this. But by and large my business is to make sure that everything is fair there.

The strongest must perform there. What are we going there for? Not only show that there is such country as Belarus, but also to sing worthily. This is a lot of money, and I think that objectively, he defeated us without violating any laws. All the others who once again participated in the finals and did not win should meet today with composers, producers, managers, and good musicians. Create a composition, learn vocals. Go to the Academy of Music, study there and you will receive a feedback regarding what you are capable of. Then go and act.

The main thing is that Eurovision be brought to Belarus. Then we will appreciate you, reward like we do with our girls who won the relay at the Olympics, like Domracheva. Like Paralympic athletes, who brought several medals, so I did not hesitate to send congratulations and greetings for each gold. And there will be state awards and money. That's all. We need a result.

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