Belarus President explains why he doesn't have Instagram account

Belarus President explains why he doesn't have Instagram account

On March 20, the Belarusian President held a meeting with young artists in a theater. According to Alexander Lukashenko, today's event is unique.

Today, there is an opportunity to frankly discuss at the highest level issues that the people of art would like to raise. The first requirement voiced by the President was to state structures: "Do not stay away from the search and promotion of young talents."

Stars need to be found in Belarus and then made popular outside the country. The meeting participants took the opportunity to ask the head of the state some questions personally. The topics touched were very different: personal preferences of the President in art, problems of digital economy development and school education. The head of state also revealed when he would get a personal Instagram page.

Participant of the meeting:
Dear Alexander Grigoryevich! Can we expect you to get a page on Instagram? After all, for us, for the youth, this would be a very good opportunity for direct communication with you.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
You know, this is a big responsibility. There may be lots of applications, views and comments. You will write with the expectation of communicating with the President, right? And if I opened this page, if I created it, so I will have to communicate with you. Do you think I can do this? Yes, you can say: "There are assistants."

But these will be assistants who will communicate, not me. But you want me to communicate with you, at least in this format as today. But will I have enough time for this? No. Everyone who has such pages do resort to the help of assistants. It's not fair. Therefore, I abstain from this knowing that I will not handle it. I will not be able to answer all your questions. Well, I could pick some and answer. But those to whose questions I will not answer may get offended.

The head of state noted the special importance of creative professions. In particular classical creativity. Creating a new state, Belarus tried to preserve the best cultural heritage of the era, so that future generations can be brought up based on examples of true art, the President summed up.