President warns young artists against easy glory and thoughtless imitation

President warns young artists against easy glory and thoughtless imitation

President Alexander Lukashenko met with youth on March 20. In the theater, the head of state, together with representatives of the cultural sphere, discussed the most pressing problems. How to discover talents? How not to get lost in the big world of art? What is the role of creative professions in the life of Belarus?

270 people took part in the discussion. They are the best students of educational institutions in the sphere of culture, young creative workers and teachers. Among the participants of the meeting are the winners of the Presidential Special Fund for the Support of Talented Youth, winners of national and international festivals and competitions.

The state seeks to support those who have chosen the creative path for themselves. As our President emphasizes, all conditions for development and self-realization in the field of art have been created in Belarus. But the responsibility on these people is great. Alexander Lukashenko expects that thanks to the youth Belarus should cease to be terra incognita in modern culture.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Your role in the life of the country is high. Maybe even higher than you think. Meetings with young people are very valuable for me. They give an opportunity to see the future of our state. It's you who will create, improve and protect it. The life of Belarus tomorrow is determined by your aspirations, dreams and, I'm sure, good deeds. Wherever you show yourself - in literature, academic art, cinema, on television, stage, in dance - you will give people good mood, emotionally enrich them and, most importantly, form the spiritual framework of the nation.

It is a worthy and responsible way - to lead the world for yourself, raising souls and bringing up a sense of beauty in people. It is important not to turn to the road of easy glory and thoughtless imitation. This is the topic which I must touch with you - young, promising, and thinking. I just need to share these thoughts. Today's presentation of talents showed us beautiful, aesthetic aspects of art, but there are different ones. Unfortunately, a person perceives negative information easier. This is how some mediocre people achieve glory. After all, this is the fastest and easiest way to attract attention. Therefore, it is so tempting and dangerous. So for me your work is very valuable - it's not like that. Your creativity is classical, traditional, with a certain novelty, which is woven into this classic work. This is very valuable. Therefore, I start a series of meetings with young people from your level, from your talent, from your universities.

According to the head of state, today's event is unique. Today, there is an opportunity to frankly discuss at the highest level issues that excite the people of art. The first requirement of the President to state structures, is "not to stay away from the search and promotion of young talents". Stars need to be found in Belarus and then made popular outside the country.