Unique ecological trail to open near Minsk Zoo in July


Unique ecological trail to open near Minsk Zoo in July

Head of the Zavodskoi district administration of Minsk told the CTV Channel about new things that will appear on the previously abandoned territory behind the Minsk zoo.

Alexander Dorokhovich, head of the Zavodskoi district administration of Minsk:
Territory behind the Minsk zoo has long been untouched by people. This is a difficult situation. We have cleared up those territories recently.

Today there is a natural environment there and a lot of animals from the Red Book live there. And also beavers. We hope that by July 3 (Belarus Independence Day) we will open there an ecological path. 

It should be the best in the country. There are no analogues to it. People will be able to walk in the natural environment. The length of it will be about 700 meters.

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In that natural environment it will be possible to observe our nature: how beavers and animals from the Red Book live.

This is a joint project with our residents. They repeatedly offered to beautify this territory. We heard people. Many think problems can be solved in one day. But that's not true. Some problems require a project, examinations and funding. But the main thing is that we hear our district's people and, if possible, try to implement certain projects.

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