Belarus to mark 75th anniversary of Khatyn tragedy

Belarus to mark 75th anniversary of Khatyn tragedy

The memorial complex Khatyn near Minsk is preparing for mourning. March 22 will mark the 75th anniversary of the Khatyn tragedy.

Hundreds of people make a pilgrimage to the memorable place. In 2017, almost 230,000 people from 30 countries visited the complex, dedicated to Belarusian villages destroyed and people killed by Nazis during WWII. The small village Khatyn, in the Logoisk district of the Minsk region, became a symbol of the tragedy.

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Artur Zelsky, director of the memorial complex Khatyn:
The tragedy of Khatyn was repeated not just in the hundreds of villages that are immortalized at the memorial complex Khatyn. But in thousands of other Belarusian villages that were perpetuated in books of memory, in regional museums. Some have still not been immortalized to this day. Unfortunately, this is true.

Almost 60 people - volunteers of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union BRSM are now working on the site to beautify the memorial on the eve of the mourning events. The have to break the ice and clear paths from the snow. The work is easy and simple, but no less significant.

By the way, the Khatyn beautification became the first stage of the campaign "80 good deeds of the Minsk region", dedicated to the anniversary of the region. During the campaign, BRSM activists will take care of veterans of WWII (the Great Patriotic War), and will put other memorable places in order.