Athlete: 2018 Olympics successful for Belarusian figure skaters


Athlete: 2018 Olympics successful for Belarusian figure skaters

The main skating stadium of Belarus will once again be at the epicentre of world events. From March 17 to 18, 2018, the final stage of the World Cup will be held on the ice of the ultramodern and multifunctional skating stadium Minsk Arena which will complete the Olympic speed skating season.

Karina Stetskevich, representative of the Organizing Committee of the Finals of the World Cup in speed skating together with Vitali Mikhailov and his wife Tatiana, participants of the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, world-class masters of sports in speed skating, shared interesting information about the upcoming event.

Vitali, you took 7th place, Tatiana occupied 11th in the final mass start at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. Are you satisfied with the results and the Olympic Games themselves?

Vitali Mikhailov, participant of the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, world-class master of sports in speed skating:
Yes, our way was long and thorny. In total, five Belarusian sportsmen participated in the Olympic Games: Tatiana and I, Marina Zueva, Ksenia Sadovskaya and Ignat Golovatyuk. All of us have shown what we were capable of. Both the leadership and the athletes, you can say, almost completely reached their full potential. And of course, there was an understatement, because you always want to have better results. But the Olympics was quite successful for Belarusian speed skating.

You said you have travelled a long road to this. For how long?

Vitali Mikhailov:
The path of each athlete begins from childhood. As soon as you came and made it to the Olympics it is the highest achievement, not to mention the medals, of course, everyone dreams about it from childhood.

At what age did you get into speed skating?

Vitali Mikhailov:
Officially, one can practice this kind of sport from 9-10 years. Now there is such a tendency that you can start skating a bit earlier, and especially if your parents are close to this kind of sport or related sports such as roller skating.

I am 31 years old. I devoted half my life to sports.

At what age can you compete at a good level?

Vitali Mikhailov:
Well, when you are 25 years old is such a golden mean, the most optimal age. Your body is strong enough and you can show your best results.

Tatiana, did you know that you will also find your destiny when you came to a speed skating sport?

Tatiana Mikhailova, participant of the Winter Olympic Games 2018 in Pyeongchang, master of sports in speed skating:
Probably not, I did not know.

Did your parents bring you to this sport or it was your decision?

Tatiana Mikhailova:
Perhaps it was my choice. But originally, my parents brought me to this sport when I was 3 years old. I went to figure skating, and then one thing led to another. I have been in sports since my childhood. At the age of 12, there was a period when I came to a speed skating sport and then never left it for a day.

How old were you when you first noticed a nice guy?

Tatiana Mikhailova:
We met 11-12 years ago on the ice, at a competition.

Who will represent Belarus at the World Cup stage?

Karina Stetskevich:
Marina Zueva and Ignat Golovatyuk will represent Belarus.

Who is the main competitor for Belarusian athletes?

Tatiana Mikhailova:
All athletes are very strong. It will be very interesting, because there will be reigning Olympic champions and prize winners.

How many countries participate?

Karina Stetskevich:
More than 15 countries.

How many athletes are involved?

Vitali Mikhailov:
There will be more than 100 participants, including athletes from the top powers, such as Holland, Norway, Germany. And the most interesting is that there will be participants from Russia who did not participate in the Olympic Games.