II European Games symbols to reflect Belarusian motifs

II European Games symbols to reflect Belarusian motifs

The II European Games will be held in Minsk from June 21 to June 30, 2019. The symbols of the sporting event are already seen in the streets of Minsk.

Irina Petysh, CTV:
"Bright year, bright you!" This is the slogan of the II European Games. The organizers decided to follow the motto in everything, and therefore every day there is more and more bright advertising in the streets of Minsk. Where can you see it?

The first banners dedicated to the II European Games appeared in Minsk in October 2017, and since then their number has been constantly growing. At the moment the most "informative" streets are prospekt Pobediteley, prospekt Dzerzhinsky and prospekt Nezavisimosti. For now all the advertisement of the EuroGames contains three mandatory elements: a symbol, a slogan and the dates. However, soon, the organizers promise, the accent will be made on the national color.

Maksim Koshkalda, Marketing, Commercial and Advertising Manager:
Our new communication strategy is Belarusian motifs. One of them has not yet been touched by anyone - this is vytinanka. Vytinanka is a very complex pattern thanks to which we try to reveal not only the Belarusian leitmotif, but also the brightness of all that will happen during the II European Games.

This week, unusual buses began to ply the streets of Minsk: instead of the traditional yellow color, some buses are now decorated with the symbols of the Euro Games.

The first buses to have been "painted" were the ones traveling through the main streets of Minsk: No.1 and No.100. This format of advertising is really noticeable.

Irina Petysh:
The most interesting is left for the evening time. Thousands of lights of the National Library remind Belarusians that II European Games are already close.

Almost 2,000 square meters of multicolor screen are all dedicated to the European Games. At the moment this is the largest reminder of the upcoming competitions. But the organizers do not intend to stop at this.

Maksim Koshkalda:
In the near future, we also plan to expand our media network, our media plan. Among other things, we plan to introduce a new communication line with our national color, explaining to our fans, our citizens what the European Games and their format.

The II European Games start in more than 450 days, which is more than a year. Yet the feeling of the upcoming holiday is already felt. Minsk streets do prove this!