Belarus badminton national team preparing for 2019 European Games


Belarus badminton national team preparing for 2019 European Games

The speed of the shuttlecock after a shot of a professional badminton player can reach 400 kilometers per hour.

Many at least once in their lives played an exciting game called badminton. Seemingly a children's game, in fact this is a real professional sport.

Anastasia Chernyavskaya came to this sport consciously. Her mother works as a senior coach of the Belarus national badminton team. Anastasia's mother Vlada instills love to badminton not only in her daughter, but also in all students. By the way, Belarus national team in this sport is very small - only four female athletes. Anastasia and her partner Alesya are the brightest. Girls often defend the honor of Belarus in the international arena.

Alesya Zaitseva, master of sport of international class, champion of the Republic of Belarus in badminton doubles:
I am a multiple champion of the Republic of Belarus and I participated in the Olympic Games in London. Now I want to qualify for Tokyo.

But before you get to the Olympics in Tokyo, which will be held in 2020, Alesya and Anastasia need to perform well at the upcoming 2019 European Games.

Vlada Chernyavskaya, senior coach of the national badminton team:
There are 5 categories in badminton. Women's singles, men's singles, both doubles and a mixed. Since we are the country hosting the European Games, all the five categories will be represented. Representatives in these categories are determined by the world and European ranking. Personal invitations are made by the European Federation based on those rankings. Naturally, for this we need to perform well at international competitions and earn rating points.

It is expected that the badminton competition at the European Games will bring together 160 athletes, among which 5 sets of medals will be contested.

Already today our athletes are actively preparing for the upcoming Games. They hone technique at least 5 times a week. Two two-hour training sessions per day is not easy to endure, but the desire to reach their goal is much larger.

Anastasia Chernyavskaya, master of sport of the Republic of Belarus, badminton champion of the Republic of Belarus in doubles and mixed doubles:
Of course, playing in Minsk, at home is a big responsibility, but on the other hand, they say, your native stands help you. We hope for the support of fans and relatives.

Badminton is a difficult but beautiful sport. It develops flexibility and endurance, strengthens the muscles of the back, shoulders, and improves posture. Therefore it is not surprising that interest in badminton is growing.

Vlada Chernyavskaya:
We now have more sports grounds, there are more children coming to this sport. Badminton began to develop more rapidly. At the moment, even the Children's League is underway, where children play in a series of tournaments, and the strongest will be determined at the end of the year. Earlier we didn't have this. Children is the hope for the future; it's they who will represent Belarus in the international arena.